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I have been reading some of the blogs on WordPress. I am impressed to say the least. They are well written and informative. You can find any subject you want.

This is my 3rd post.  My little blog here is maybe very simple, funny, I hope, and informative. It’s mostly about my cats, some dogs, spirituality, not religion. It  looks like my childhood or parts of it anyway is making it to these pages. Probably bits and pieces,

I left off in my last post by talking about my bird, Blueboy.

Thank you to everyone who expressed sympathy over the loss of my little friend.  I was really upset and sad about losing Blueboy.

Fortunately children are resilient. That’s not to say I ever forgot about Blueboy. I was sure he found a girl budgey  and had a little family. It comforted me to think about them taking little trips to get worms to feed their family, and maybe visiting friends in other trees. Well, why not?

I was a child in the 50″s and the 60’s.    This was a pretty safe time for kids to be out alone. In the summer, my mother, and I know other kid’s mothers also, sent us outside to play and we had to come home for lunch. I was a really shy kid. Still I managed to make a friend. Her name was Mary Alice, and I saw her sitting on the steps of the house next to me.  We were both extremely shy.  Somehow we managed to get together. We would sit not talking for hours.  One day I said to her, “hey, Mary Alice, I can talk to animals and understand what they say”  She looked at me dead pan, and said, “o.k”.  A friendship was born.

We would play hopscotch, double dutch, which we both sucked at.  For those of you who do not know or remember double dutch, you need two long jump ropes and three people to play.  We recruited Mary Alice’s little sister, Martha to turn the ropes. Mary Alice was a large child and I was a klutz, even at that age, so neither one of us did very well at jumping.

You had to hold the end of the rope, one in each hand, and turn the ropes in a way that created a huge arc in the middle when both ropes were turning.  Mary Alice and I did pretty good with the turning and Martha was tall and had long arms and  was a natural at jumping.   Bummer!

When school started Mary Alice and Martha both went to catholic school.  I wanted to go to catholic school with my friends, but my mother explained that since we were Baptist I had to attend public school.  Public schools were pretty good back then. We actually got an education.  They did have something called catechism, which the catholic kids went to every Wednesday afternoon.

I wanted to attend catechism too for several reasons.  #1, you got out of school three hours early, #2, I wanted to see Mary Alice and Martha, and #3 you got out of school three hours early!  I was persistant with reasons that I should be allowed to attend.  I could convert. My mother didn’t like that one. I would work harder during regular classes. No go on that one either.   My teacher  patiently explained that the kids going to catechism worked very hard, preparing to make their communion.

we had a new girl in class. Her name was Guadalupe, and she was from Mexico city.

My teacher put me and Lupe next to each other in the seating chart. My teacher asked me to help Lupe out because she didn’t speak English well and was new to our school.  After class I heard my teacher say she was putting two “misfits” together and she hoped it would work out.  I think she was trying to distract me from catechism also. It worked out great. We became best friends

I told Lupe that I could talk to and understand animals and she nodded and said, Yes,yes Mami too. I was intrigued,  who was Mami?  I didn’t know it meant mother.  telling kids I could talk to and understand animals became my criteria for friendship. That was why I didn’t have many friends.  Lupe invited me to her apartment after school.

Lupe’s apartment was amazing. It was filled with   treasures from Mexico. Lupe’s mother was beautiful. She wore business suits and high heels. She was a secretary for a Spanish law firm down town.  Lupe’s father was a barber and worked out of their apartment.

I was introduced to exotic and delicious foods. Tacos, enchiladas, refried beans.  I was in heaven. I was raised on corn bread, pinto beans cooked in fat back, greens and biscuits and gravy.  delicious, but it was amazing to me there were different foods that were so good!

Eva, Lupe’s mother had an adorable tiny chihuahua. His name was Jose.  Eva and I talked about Jose and how she rescued  him from what she called an evil man in Mexico.

I loved going to Lupe’s after school and week-ends and even for some sleep overs. My mother was happy that I had found such a good friend.

Eva was the only adult I felt comfortable talking to about being able to talk to and understand animals. I was so happy that she believed me.  According to Eva, God gave me this ability and she called me “blessed” Wow!  “blessed”!  Me, that’s one thing I never felt before.   I spent most of my time and energy either trying to please the adults in my life or hide from them. “Blessed”!

Eva, Lupe, and I talked about Jose. I was able to tell Eva what Jose told me about living with the evil man. The man did not feed Jose much, kicked him and left him outside on a chain often.   Eva’s father was an acquaintance of the evil man and took Eva went with her father to collect a debt the man owed her family.  I wasn’t clear on what exactly happened, but Eva ended up with Jose and her father got his money too.

Jose told me that his stomach hurt a lot and he didn’t want to eat much. Eva took him to a vet and Jose had a hernia that needed to be removed, she was very grateful and continued to call me “blessed”

Patt’s perspective:  “Blessed”!



About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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3 Responses to Patt’s perspective

  1. Hey Patricia,
    Why why didn’t you write more. The story got interesting Wien you spoke about the removal of Jose hernia. I wish you would have written more.

    You stopped it in the middle. At least it feels like that. I wouldn’t like to have heard more.

  2. i would have liked to hve heard more sorry typing with one hand.

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