Who am I?

My friend Ellen and I were the same age. Her mother passed away when she was a baby. Her father raised her alone. He was old fashioned and I think, did not know what to do with a daughter. Ellen was a pistol too. Her father was polish and had certain ideas about what a young lady should be and do. Ellen’s ideas were totally different.   She did what she wanted as long as she was home before her dad. Dad sent her to catholic school . Going to keep her in check. Those sisters were tough!  Not tough enough.

Ellen’s dad was working late, so we got on the El train and rode. I was getting nervous by now, but it was too late. When we got off the train in a neighborhood that was, to put it nicely, “run down”. I asked how she knew about this neighborhood. She smiled at me and didn’t answer. There were bars up and down the street. We walked into a bar and one of the men at the bar said,  “oh good, Ellen, bringing us fresh meat”. I almost turned around and ran, but I didn’t want to look like a coward, even though I felt like one. Ellen introduced me to the bartender. She looked pretty young, but I knew she couldn’t be

We sat at the bar and Ellen had a drink that looked like milk, but sure didn’t smell like it. I had a coke. Ellen introduced me to Ruby and Ruby said “no jokes about my name now”, with a big smile and the huskiest voice I ever heard on a woman.  She didn’t look very young up close, but she had a nice, kind smile. I must have looked like a silly, scared kid, because that’s what I was. Before I knew it, Ellen was telling me she had to get home before her dad. She told me not to worry, Ruby would take care of me and she would be back tomorrow.

Ruby took me to a restaurant and I had the worst hamburger and fries in all of Chicago! I ate it because I was starving. We went to Ruby’s apartment, and I had never seen any place like this one. The only furniture was an ironing board, and a narrow bed in one of   the bedrooms. There were mounds of clothes all over the apartment. I mean piles and piles of clothes every where. Looked like mountains. Must be all she spent her money on. The door opened and a tall thin young man walked in and Ruby ran over and threw her self in his arms!  Oh boy! They acted like they had been apart for years. Kissing, groping, moaning all in the middle of the floor. I was forgotten! Thank God!

I went into the bedroom and lay down on one of the piles of clothes. They smelled clean, at least I hoped they were. The two love birds moved their passion into the other bedroom. I tried not to listen, but it got so loud it was hard. I finally fell asleep after crying and telling my self how stupid I was. I planned on telling Ellen I wanted to go home with her. When I woke up, Ruby was ironing and her boyfriend, Jerry had made coffee.  It was pretty bad. Tasted like acid water. We all went out to a different restaurant, where I had the worst plate of eggs and bacon in all of Chicago! Good grief, couldn’t anyone in these restaurants cook!  A voice behind me said, “is it that bad?”

I turned around and saw a gorgeous young man smiling at me. he had dimples, dark brown eyes, black curly hair, and perfectly tan skin.  He smiled that beautiful smile again and said, “I’m Joe , and you are the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen!”.  My mouth was hanging open, and I’m pretty sure I was drooling! Darn those hormones!  Suddenly I wasn’t in a hurry to get home.  Ellen picked that time to show up. She wanted to know if I was ready to go home, She said I could tell my mom I spent the night with her.  What to do, what to do!

Joe said, ” why don’t you come home with me, and I’ll  cook you a decent breakfast!”. Ellen pulled me aside and said, “I’ve been down here a hundred times, and never met anyone like him!”  “How did you do it?”  I said, “yeah, what you get after you pawned me off on horny Ruby and the kid”. I went home with Joe, and Ellen went home angry! I should have paid attention to that little fact. All I could see was Joe’s smile, his dimples, his muscles. Yeah! Darn those hormones!

Joe took me to a nice little one bedroom apartment in another neighborhood. A nice neighborhood. We rode a bus and then the El. I had never been to this neighborhood either. Joe’s grandmother owned the building and she made the best breakfast I ever had. bacon, eggs, pancakes, real butter, orange juice and delicious coffee with thick cream. When I complained about my weight, she told me nice Italian boys liked their women with a little “heft”.  Joe smiled and finished his third plate of food.

Grandma went off to the market, and Joe and I went up to his apartment. We spent the day talking. He told me he worked mostly for his dad. I asked him what his dad did, and he said his dad ran the mafia in Cicero, Ill,  Said his uncle Sal was the head of the mafia in Chicago.  I laughed.  He seemed upset and wanted to know what I was laughing about, told me his family was Sicilian Italian.  I said, “you mean you are serious?”  Joe took me downstairs where grandma was putting away groceries. He asked her to tell me about the family. She told me exactly what he did, plus he had three younger sisters, and two brothers.

Guess grandma thought since I was with Joe it was ok to tell me. I never did learn that woman’s name. She made spaghetti with sausage and a salad for dinner. Grandma went to bed early, and Joe and I watched t.v.  we watched for a while and Joe made pop corn. He handed me a tall frosted glass with my popcorn. I sniffed it and it smelled like fruit, he said “oh babe, don’t be so suspicious, there is just some pineapple, banana,  and guava.”  I asked him is that all, he said maybe a little splash of rum.  “It’s delicious, try it and you will love it, and if you don’t I’ll get you a coke.”  I tried it, and I loved it. Yum!!

I could taste all the fruit, but the rum not so much. I had another, and downed it like it was a soda. Joe would not give me another drink after the 3rd one. I was a little bit tipsy. Yeah, just a little.  I asked Joe what it was called and he said “monster mash”!  I believed that.

Joe led me to the bedroom. All this time I was wearing that pink sweater and pants set. Joe gave me one of his shirts to sleep in. He told me there is only one bed, but he would sleep on the couch . I was in bed with my head spinning. Joe came back in wearing his boxers and a sleeveless t-shirt he called a diego T.  That made me giggle. I looked up at him standing over me grinning at me. those gorgeous eyes, curly hair. The muscles on his arms, and chest, he even had chest hair. I just reached up and pulled him down on top of me. Whoa baby! What am I doing?

I can’t give you any real details, since this is a family blog, but Joe made love to me. He took it slowly, kissing me until my head was spinning and it wasn’t the alcohol. Sensuously, slowly, and sweetly.  He loved me and I couldn’t breathe, I tingled in places where I didn’t know I could tingle. We made love to each other all night long, he was my lover, my teacher and he made me scream for more and he made me beg to stop. 

This where I’d better stop before family blog turns into x-rated.  These memories are coming back and I think of all the loves and lovers in my life and I am pretty sure none compare to these memories I have of Joe. Sweet Sicilian son of a mafia boss. Oh boy! 

We stayed in his apartment for 3 days. It was like I was under a spell. The first time when I lost my virginity didn’t count. It was short painful and shameful. This was totally different. This was loving and Joe was very skillful. 

We went back to where I was with Ellen. I wanted to ask her if my mother was alright. We went to Ruby’s bar and she told me some people had been there looking for me. I panicked and told Joe we should go back to his place.  We were on our way to the bus stop when a car pulled up next to us on the street. My mother and sister jumped out of the car and grabbed me and dragged me back to the car. My sister was yelling at Joe, she is only 16, get away from her. Joe was trying to get to the car and me, and I was trying to get away, No use, my mother had a death grip on my arm, and before I knew it my sister was driving away. I could see Joe running trying to catch the car.   My mother said, “Patsy, what am I going to do with you!”

Joe, where are you?


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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