He’s a hippie, but who am I?

Frank seemed like a nice guy, in spite of his appearance. Frankly, no pun intended, he struck me as a haunted soul.  He slid down from the top of the machine and removed his clothes from the machine, so I could put mine in. The apartment on the first floor was empty, and that was where he was living.  It was 3 bedrooms, pretty decent.

I put my clothes in the washer and went back upstairs. My little family was waiting for me. I fed the ones them and made myself some tea, we all sat on the couch and watched t.v.

Anu whispered to me, “This man is part of your destiny!”  I almost yelled at her, “what, are you crazy!”  “That hippie!”  “never in a million years!”  Anu laughed at me.  I fell asleep on the couch!  Oh no!!

I was dreaming!  I was standing in a kitchen, not the one in my apartment. This kitchen was big. I was at the stove stirring beef stew.  A little girl with long blonde hair came running into the kitchen, grabbed me around the legs and said, ” Mommy, we’re hungry, and daddy is asleep again!”  I sighed and went into the living room where Frank was passed out on the couch. I gathered the children for dinner.

I woke up! I jumped up off the couch and stomped around the apartment yelling as loud as I could, “listen to me, no way, no dreams, no destiny!” I’m tired of these dreams, telling me what to do, what about what I want to do!!”.  “why can’t I ever have what I want?”

After this little rant, I fell face down on my bed. No dreams this time. Grateful for this.  I woke up the next day with my family all around me.

Isis was beautiful! Well fed and cared for with lots of love worked wonders for this little bit of fur. Agnes looked amazing also.

I went back to work, and my boss had held my job for me. She told me that a man had come looking for me. Sounded like Bill.  I had a time working thinking Bill had changed his mind. Maybe he wanted to marry me instead of Sherry!

This, my friends, is called wishful thinking!  Tra, la, la!  Oh boy!!

It took until the next day, but I finally got through to Bill!  You will never guess what he wanted!  Oh no you won’t.

He told me that his new wife was having a lot of morning sickness, and was really lonely, he was asking me to befriend his wife. Yes, he did ask that!  Seriously!  I started to laugh and couldn’t stop! I slammed the phone down and still laughing hysterically  I started to roll around on the floor. magic, Anu, Agnes and Isis all jumped on me and started licking me until I stopped laughing.  Tickle party over with I got up and fed my little brood.

There was a knock on the door and when I opened it, Frank stood there with my laundry basket of clothes. I had forgotten all about them!  He had folded them neatly. I asked him in and thanked him profusely.  Frank looked different. He had trimmed his hair and mustache.  He was clean and wore clean clothes, although his bell bottoms were still a bit short.

I made some coffee and introduced him to my visible brood. He told me he liked cats and he had a lisp that was kind of cute. No! no! no!.  We talked and he told me had arrived from West Virginia this past week. He had been living in a hippie commune for almost 5 years. When the commune broke up he came here to be near his father and his children

He and his wife had been through a nasty divorce. She got everything he had.   He also discovered she was sleeping with his lawyer during the divorce proceedings.  He tried to file a complaint, but found out he had to prove it. His children were young and Jean, his ex wife, got full custody and wouldn’t let him see them.

A friend of Frank’s was heading for a hippie commune in West Virginia, so he packed up and went with him.  Frank said he was very happy in the commune.  They grew their own food, as well as their own pot. I’m not talking about cooking pots here. Oh no!  I mean the weedy kind you roll up in papers and smoke.  He also just happened to have a “joint”, as he called it with him. I smoked my very first joint.

I can’t say I had any visions or anything like that. I had plenty of those on my own, awake even.  I got sleepy, and hungry, so I picked up the phone and ordered a huge gooey Chicago style pizza!

Oh whoo! You haven’t lived until you have had a deep dish Chicago style pizza with everything. No fish though! Ick!  Every city in the U.S.A has tried to duplicate it and have failed!  Oh yes, they failed!    Frank also ordered hot chicken wings!

Yep, we had a food party with Frank bringing up beer.  I hated the taste of beer, so I had pepsi!  We disposed of all the food, and ended up in bed.

I didn’t remember all of it! I fell asleep somewhere in there.Not even sure when.  When I woke up the next morning, Frank was gone and I had a pot headache. worse than an alcohol headache!  I made some coffee which helped a little. No food though! Ugh!  No more pot for me!

I took the trash out to the cans in the alley behind the house. Some preteen boys, maybe 11 or 12 were out there, laughing and joking around. I smiled until I saw what they were doing. They had a rope tied around the neck of a tiny black and white kitten. This kitten was fighting for it’s life, but it’s efforts were getting weaker.

I went crazy, only words for it, I started screaming and grabbed an iron bar and ran towards the boys. I connected with one of them on his shoulders. I was screaming, “let go of that kitten you mangy monsters, or I will kill you all!!” The boy I hit was yelling at the other boys to run before the crazy woman killed all of them.  They dropped the kitten and ran off down the alley.

That was when I saw the rope around the kittens neck was attached to a fence. The kitten wasn’t moving. I was fumbling, but I managed to untie the rope and get it off the kittens neck. I didn’t know what to do. I was rubbing his little body all over, and I ran into the building and knocked on Franks door, he wasn’t working yet, so he was home.

Frank looked at the kitten and got a soft towel to wrap around it. He drove us to the vet’s office. The Dr. took us in right away. He needed to keep the kitten over night. This baby was in bad shape. I couldn’t talk to him, because he seemed to be in the kitty equivalent of a coma. I told the Dr. I would call the next day. Frank drove me home. I was really upset. I still had to go to work.

Frank offered to drive me to work. I told him if we could go early, I’d buy him dinner. The food was actually pretty good.  Magic told me the kitten would live and I was so grateful to hear that. She went to the vets to stay with the kitty.

My boss gave us both a free meal, she said she was glad to see me smile again. She was a very nice person and a good boss. I wasn’t the best waitress and had no experience starting out, but she was a good and patient teacher. Frank left when my shift started. I was distracted all evening thinking about the little black and white kitten.  When my shift was over, Frank was waiting for me. It was after midnight. He said I shouldn’t be taking the subway home.

I showed him my pepper spray. My boss made it up, had it put into canisters and gave it to us. I thanked him for the ride. I didn’t sleep very well that night. I kept seeing the image of a tiny kittens almost lifeless body.  I finally fell asleep, my only dreams were of dancing around in the grass with my little brood of kitties around me.

I called the vet as soon as I woke up. He told me the kitten survived, but the prognosis was not so good. Frank had volunteered the day before to take me to pick up the kitten. We arrived at the office and were shown to an exam room. The Dr. came in carrying the kitten and laid him on the exam table.  He just lay there, not moving.

The Dr. told us he had his throat crushed by the rope and his airway depressed long enough that there was a possibility of brain damage. He was 2 months and really cute. A tuxedo cat, with a brush mustache over his lip. We talked about what to do to get his brain cells working again.

I named him Nicholas, because I knew of a Nicholas who was one of the strongest people in the world and had overcome many obstacles to get that way. His name was Nicholas Strauss Mosier. Nikki for short. He wouldn’t talk to me yet. He was very afraid. I held him close all the way home. I thanked Frank and took him upstairs, where my little ones were waiting. He didn’t want to eat, so I spoon fed him and gave him liquids with a syringe. He had meds to take. Magic was very taken with him and slept with him. I held him in my arms all night, trying to dispel his fears.

Magic said he dreamed of those monsters who hurt him. Going to be a long road ahead to healing.  I would never give up. He purred in his sleep.  Sleep my baby. Sleep is healing for babies.

We are family!








About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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3 Responses to He’s a hippie, but who am I?

  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    So Frank wasn’t going to be part of your destiny huh? Guess the guides knew better!! So glad you got to this baby in time to save his life….and looking forward to next weeks blog!!! Your first real rescue!!

  2. Cary says:

    “Now Patti, you know you could still be my wife’s friend” CLICK!! LOL. And that was that!

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