We are family!

Nikki slept all night, sometimes his little paws would kick me in the side, and he would mewl!  Magic bless her, went into his dreams and soothed him. She said she gave him dreams of running in the grass chasing mice and he loved it.

Early in the morning I took him to the litterbox, he was pretty unsteady, but knew what it was for. I gave him his medicine and fed him canned food mixed with water with added vitamins.  This routine had to be repeated every two to four hours. Frank came up to see how the baby was doing and I told him I was worried because I had to go to work later on.

Frank volunteered to stay and take care of the baby. He seemed to really like my kitties and they liked him too for the most part, Anu was a little standoffish, but then again he couldn’t see her or Magic. I went to work and I worried about Nikki all night. Frank picked me up and he had a little bundled wrapped up and in the seat next to him.

I laughed when I saw little Nikki wrapped up in a baby blanket and another blanket too. He was sound asleep. I asked him where he got the baby blankets, and he said he went out and bought them before he came upstairs. What a thoughtful person. He carried the baby upstairs and he didn’t wake up.

This became a routine for almost a week, until Nikki was finally eating,  drinking and eliminating on his own. The vet said he was doing really well, but it would be a while before we knew if he had brain damage or not. He could function just fine, and play. Nikki would jump on my chest while I was laying down and with a deep rumbling purr he would knead me with a look of bliss on his sweet little face.  I realize this was because he was taken from his kitty mommy too early.

He was just adorable!  Tiny little Tuxedo baby with huge paws. He would run after me and jump on my legs, little razor claws out, squealing mom, mom, wait for me mom!   he loved for me to walk around with him clinging to my pants leg, pretending not to see him. Then he would jump off and on to Magics back where the two of them would play tag and tussel. I’m really not sure how magic managed this, being a spirit cat.  Amazed me because it looked like two solid kitties playing.

I guess it only looked like two solid kitties to me, because when Frank was there they got into their game, and Frank asked me if I saw what he did. I asked him what he saw and he said Nikki running around acting like he was playing with another cat. Looked so real he could actually swear there was another cat.  I said, “Oh sweetie, you’ve been drinking too much beer and smoking too much pot!”    Anu started to laugh her growly loud laugh and I started to laugh and pretty soon we were all laughing and Frank and I ended up in bed again. Oh Boy! Yes, we did!!

One day Mrs. Baker, Bill’s mother, called me. She asked me to come over there and talk with her. Said she missed me. I agreed, because I missed her too. Nikki was well enough to leave with the other kitties watching over him, so I walked the few blocks. She opened the door and her arms, and we hugged each other crying.  In the kitchen she had the coffee pot brewing and a pan of her home made cinnamon rolls piping hot from the oven.  Uh oh!!

In the back of my mind, I knew I was being set up. Yes, I did!  I still stayed, and we talked. She told me she had hoped that Bill and I would get married and give her grandchildren, but that was not to be. She started telling me what a wonderful person Sherry was. Most of her family  was dead, or living far away and she was starved for a friend her own age. Horrible thoughts went through my mind, “Oh yeah, well I’ll starve her and maybe beat her over the head a few times too.”  I was thinking darker thoughts, when I started to silently chant, ” Anu, Anu, Anu, I need you, Anu!”  Mrs. Baker was giving me some wanky looks, and I knew I was about in trouble. Just then I felt a silky head beneath my hand and I looked down into the beautiful calm brown eyes of my spirit panther. I smiled and said I was just a little warm. Mrs. Baker got me a glass of water.

Just then the door opened and Betty, Bill’s sister, and Sherry came in the door laughing. Betty’s eyes widened and she said” Oh ma, what did you do?”   Mrs. Baker said to Sherry that she wanted to introduce us because I was a friend of the family and she thought Sherry and I would get a long.  Sherry was saying how nice it was to meet me, she was about 5 or 6 months pregnant.  I couldn’t say a word because right then the door opened and Bill walked in.  He turned white as a sheet and his wife kissed him on the cheek, and their matching wedding bands gleamed.

I really did feel like I was going to faint. I was hot and cold, and Sherry asked me if I was alright. Their voices seemed to be coming from a distance. Anu whispered in my ear that it was time to go and she would get me out.  I told every one I must have been coming down with a cold. Anu wrapped her sinewy self around me and no one could get close to me. I looked at Bill one last time. Sherry’s gaze followed mine and we both saw the look on Bill’s face. There was longing on his face as he looked at me and embarrassment when Sherry caught the look. She put her arm possessively through his and smiled and said, “It was just so wonderful to meet you.”  I stumbled down the stairs and walked home in a daze. I was almost home and I felt a bird land on my shoulder, I looked over and tears started down my cheeks, “Blueboy!”  “I’m here mom, you need me!”  I whispered, “yes, yes, I need you, my love!”  I got home in one piece.

I slowly made my way up stairs, and lay face down on the bed. I felt numb. I couldn’t get the look on Bill’s face out of my mind.  I slept dreamlessly.  I called into work. I just couldn’t face anyone else right now.

Frank knocked on the door, but I didn’t let him in. I told him through the door that I was sick. I wanted to be alone.

I wasn’t alone, I had my menagerie with me. I was grateful too. Blueboy stayed with me, which made me so happy. I didn’t do anything but lay on the couch, while Anu gave me a pep talk.

I must digress here for a minute. My little black cat, named Tabitha, or Tabby has been bugging me for a few minutes now to write something about her. I always read what I write to my kitties for approval. If they don’t like it, I rewrite it. Truth!! Tabby is almost 17 and she is black, sleek and petite. She likes this so I can go on now!

Anu told me my life would not be an easy one, but it would be a good life. She told me to think about Sherry being married to a man that only married her because she was pregnant. She told me Sherry would have a hard life and would need friends.  I told Anu if she was suggesting that I be Sherry’s friend to forget it. Anu said it’s only a suggestion.

I went to the work the next night. Blueboy went with me, to “protect” me. So sweet, my little spirit parakeet. I was feeling very loved and very lucky.  I was happily waiting on people, getting some nice tips.  I looked at the two men who had just sat down.  I couldn’t believe it!! One of the men was Joe!! Oh no!

He hadn’t seen me yet, so I asked another waitress to cover that table for me. She agreed. Tonya told me he usually came in mornings for breakfast, and was a very big tipper.

I didn’t care what kind of tipper he was, I just couldn’t deal with this right now. I took her section which was in the back. I could still see Joe, but he hadn’t seen me.  He was still good looking, and had filled out nicely. He looked a little world weary.  I stayed near the counter, but when they got up to leave, Joe looked over and saw me. His eyes widened and he started towards me. I went into the ladies room, and stayed there until Tonya came to get me. She said, “Oh honey, that man gave me a $50 tip why don’t you want to see him, he was asking about you when he left! ”

I gave her an abbreviated version of why I didn’t want to see him.  Frank picked me up that night and I saw a black limo parked across the street near the porno theater. The limo pulled out when we did and I asked Frank to drive around for a while. He asked why, but I just told him I felt like riding around.

We rode around down by the lake. It was so beautiful at night. The full moon shining down on the water. The beauty of the water  called to me and I seriously thought about going for a walk into the water. Blueboy whispering into my ear, “No mom, we need you, so many more will need you, you will save so many that would not have a chance with out you.”

I asked Frank to drive me home please. I looked around, no limo in sight. I was so relieved, maybe it was my imagination.


Life goes on.


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to We are family!

  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    Oh Pat honey….that was a damned dirty trick that Bill’s mom played on you…..she had to know that they were coming over and set you up!! People can be so insensitive!!
    I was really glad to see that all of your “real” babies as well as your “spirit” babies came to be with you when you needed the support….that really is enviable and for this I am “jealous” of your gift LOL…but seriously….it must be nice not to be alone….even with your real babies…you always have the support of the spirit ones!! You are blessed!!
    Looking forward as always to the next chapter!!

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