Getting me out to the car was tough. Frank tried carrying me, but I was nine months pregnant  and no light weight. He half carried me and pulled me. I tried to walk, but there was so much ice and snow. Ah yes, Chicago in December!  Beautiful and dangerous too!  Frank had to go back upstairs for my suitcase and then I insisted that he go back and check and be sure my kitties had food, water, and heat.

Finally, we were on our way, and it was slow going.  The main street had been cleared so once we got to it we traveled pretty fast. My pains were about 5 minutes apart, but I noticed that they kept starting and then stopping. Anu and Magic were both with me. When we pulled in  Frank stopped in front and got out to get me a wheelchair.

I asked the girls to please go home and take care of the little ones so they wouldn’t be scared. Anu left, but Magic insisted on staying so she could be sure I was o.k  Frank and a nurse came out with the wheelchair and took me in. Once I got checked in, they wheeled me to a room and helped me to the bed, and started an I.V.   My pain had totally stopped and my water still hadn’t broke.

My doctor finally came in to check me, he said he wanted me to come in early because of my blood pressure being too high. He examined me and broke my water. The pain started back again but  then stopped. It started and stopped so many times that I lost track. My doctor said he was concerned about a dry birth and he wanted to give me something to speed up the pains.  He added some medication to my I.V., and after about 5 minutes the pains were back and it was on.

The pain started and slowly built to a crescendo, and it still kept going and soon I was one big pain. I screamed and the nurse and doctor both ran in and the doctor took my hand and then the nurse helped him loosen my death grip on his hand. I was in a world of pain, but I remember seeing little Magic running around the room and through people  yelling , and  crying out mommy don’t hurt my mommy!   Once the nurse left the room, i called out to Magic to calm down and come and sit with me.

I managed to explain to her that the pain helped our baby be born. She looked skeptical, but calmed down. The nurse came and checked me and declared that I was fully dilated and ready to roll! She then rolled my bed into the delivery room and transferred me to a cold metal table. I didn’t really care!  Let’s get this done!!  Lets get this baby out!!  Magic left because she couldn’t bear my pain. I wanted to go with her!!

Finally at 5:45 p.m on December 26th, my tiny golden haired baby girl was born!  6 lbs 7 0z and screaming her tiny lungs out. She was born crying!  The surprised nurse put her on my chest and she stopped. She looked at me and I saw once again the little blonde, blue eyed long haired girl in my dreams.

I was in love!

The nurses took her to the nursery and I was transferred back to a bed and cleaned up. I was exhausted! I forgot how much work was involved in giving birth. My room was two beds which meant I’d be getting a room mate. The nurse gave me some pills and then left the room. Those were the days where you spent at least 3 and sometimes more days in the hospital to be sure all was well.

I looked over at the other bed by the window wondering when I’d be getting a room mate. The woman in the bed turned over and looked at me and smiled. I shook my head, because I could have sworn that bed was empty. Could I have missed seeing her? She was very frail, but her smile was bright. She told me her name was Erin, and she had just had a baby boy!

I was delighted! Someone to talk to about our shared experience! We chatted away, until a nurse came in the room bringing Melissa to me! I was pretty nervous until the nurse put her in my arms and all I could do was stare at how perfect she was. The nurse brought a bottle for me to give her and then left the room. I looked over at Erin’s bed and she wasn’t there. I didn’t see her leave the room. I was disappointed. I wanted to show my little angel off.

The nurse took Melissa back to the nursery and I got up to walk down the hall. I was beginning to wonder why Frank or my sister had not arrived. Fathers were not allowed in labor or delivery rooms. I walked painfully down the hallway just as Frank was getting off the elevator. He told me he went to my sisters bar to let her know Melissa was born and she jumped up on the bar celebrating and fell off.

My sister broke her wrist. Frank took her to the emergency room. he told me the fur kids were fine. He was feeding them. He walked me back to my room. We talked about me moving downstairs with him. There were 3 bedrooms and I could have my own, if I wanted it, and he would help me take care of Melissa. I knew I would need help, so I agreed. I told him to wait until I was home, because I didn’t want him to scare the kitties.

The nurse brought Melissa in and gave her to Frank to hold. I could see by his face that he felt the same way I did. He was in love! I looked over to see if Erin was in her bed, but she still wasn’t.

Frank left and Melissa went back to the nursery. I was tired. There was Erin in bed. She told me Frank was handsome and Melissa was beautiful. I still hadn’t seen her son. She said I had just missed him. My sister came to visit with her arm in a cast. She said she could still tend bar with her right hand and left fingers. We gushed over my gorgeous girl for a while. I wanted to introduce her to Erin, but she must have taken a walk.

The next day was much the same, and the doctor said I could take Melissa home on the 3rd day. My blood pressure was normal and we were both doing well. I just couldn’t pin Erin down to introduce her to anyone. I was so happy! Erin and I really hit it off, and I gave her my phone number to call me. She came over to my bed to ooh and ahh at Melissa. She didn’t want to hold her, saying it made her nervous.

Time to go home finally arrived. I was so nervous! I got dressed and dressed Melissa in a little pink jumpsuit and a cap. Wrapped her up in 3 blankets and the nurse arrived with my wheel chair. I looked for Erin, but she was gone. I asked the nurse to please tell Erin that I enjoyed talking with her and would miss her. The nurse said, Erin who? I told her about the woman in the other bed who had a baby boy and we had been talking about our babies.

The nurse gave me a strange look and said there had not been anyone in that bed while I was there. She asked didn’t I notice it was always made up? That’s not possible. I was talking to her. I touched her when she came over to look at Melissa. The nurse said the only person that had been in that bed was over a week before and she had passed away from complications from childbirth. She had given birth to a healthy son. She didn’t remember the name.

The nurse told me people had told her there was a woman who came out of this room when it was empty and wandered around the hallways, ending up at the nursery. No one could talk to her. She disappeared when approached. I felt a chill, and was happy to get in the car on my way home.

When we got home I went straight to Franks apartment. I wasn’t up to climbing stairs. I told Frank to bring my kitties down so they wouldn’t be disturbed too much. The crib was all set up in my bedroom, and I undressed Melissa and put her down in her cute little nightie. Frank came in with two carriers full of kitties. I opened the door, and was jumped by 4 excited cats! “Moms home, yay!!” Tiny Tommy jumped on my shoulder and tried to lean over and kiss me. They knocked me down on the bed and I was assaulted with sandpaper tongues, purrs and so much love. I was so happy! My family!!

I took them all over to the crib to see Melissa. Agnes said this is our baby? Tommy said he never knew humans could be so tiny! Nikki said, we will take good care of her mom, and we will love her too. Isis was a little bit shy and hung back. Anu would protect her just like she protected me. Magic said, you should have seen how hard it was to get this tiny human born. I laughed and lay down for a nap while Melissa slept too.

The rest of the day I spent learning how to put pampers on the right end and giving a bottle the right way. I was very nervous. I gave her pacifier to her every time she whimpered. She seemed to be up most of the night and this delicate looking baby had lungs like you wouldn’t believe.

That night I was sitting in the rocking chair trying to get her to sleep, when the phone rang. It was late, so I wondered who it could be. I picked it up, and a voice, sounding a little hollow, said, “This is Erin, thank you for being so nice to me.” Then she hung up. magic sitting next to me, said “Mom, that lady don’t know she is dead!”

Life is good!!




About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Finally

  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    That was quite an experience you had with Erin….obviously the woman who had passed in childbirth and didn’t realize it yet…sounds like she was still going to the nursery looking for her baby boy….how sad but how wonderful that at least you could see and talk to her to give her some comfort….I’m sure at times this “gift” must seem like anything but….at other times it must be good to know that you have the ability to do something most people cannot…
    So happy that things seem to be going well for your after Melissa’s birth! Anxiously waiting for the next chapter!

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