Life is good, and strange!

While my darling girl was astonishing the waiting room at the clinic with her lung power, one of the other mothers came over to speak to me. She had to speak loudly, but I finally was able to hear her. She told me to go to the drug store and purchase a box of an herb called catnip. I was to make a weak tea of it and put it in Melissa’s bottle. She also said to be careful because cats loved it! I called Frank and asked him to pick up supplies on his way home.

That night I mad up a bottle of weak catnip tea and gave it to Melissa. To my astonishment she was asleep before she finished the bottle, and it was only 4 oz. She didn’t wake up even when I put her to bed. While I was fixing Melissa’s bottle there were 4 kitties climbing up my leg. Anu patiently explained to me about catnip being a herb for kitties sort of like pot was for humans. Anu said it was safer though!

I was grateful Melissa was sleeping peacefully. She slept most of the night, waking at 4 a.m for a bottle. Amazing!! I gave some catnip to the kitties. They not only ate it, they rolled in it, and chased each other around the room giggling! While I was laughing at their antics, the phone rang. Wondering who was calling this late at night, it was after 10 p.m, I picked up the phone. The voice on the other end had a hollow quality to it. Turned out to be Deloris from the Sunday actors group. She asked me if I was coming to the play next Sunday to be an extra. I told her I was really looking forward to it.

Deloris said I could bring my friend Frank if I wanted to. I thought he would enjoy it. When I hung up, I was trying to remember where I had heard a voice like that before. The memory eluded me. When Melissa woke up the next morning, she was all smiles and giggles. I suspected we had turned a corner. If it was true, it would be a profound relief. We had a pretty good day. She enjoyed her bath and I gave her the first bottle of soy milk. It seemed to agree with her and the only crying was when she needed changing or was hungry or tired.

My sister babysat Melissa while I went to see my own doctor, and agreed to babysit on Sunday. My blood pressure was normal and I was healing well. I was feeling pretty good on my way home. Life was, in deed, good! I was very happy, and singing to myself as I walked the last few blocks home. Crossing the street I saw a small black and white cat dash out into the busy street! Oh no! A car speeding down the street hit the cat, he went flying through the air and landed almost in front of me! I heard a voice saying, hurry he can be saved! The driver didn’t stop, but a yellow taxi did.

The driver got out and took a blanket out of his trunk and I wrapped the scrap of black and white fur in it and told the driver where my vet was located. The little cat was unconscious. The driver drove as fast as he could, and for a Chicago cab driver that was pretty fast. We made it to the vet in record time. The Doctor took the cat in right away. He examined him and came out and said he would live, but he had a broken front leg. He wasn’t sure about internal injuries yet. He would call me at home. The cab driver took me home. I was in shock. When I tried to pay, he refused to take any money. A hero in my eyes.

My sister gave me some hot tea. We joked that maybe I needed some catnip tea. Melissa had behaved and slept like a little angel. My sister was all smiles and had enjoyed having her niece for a few hours. I took my little girl home and gave her a nice warm bath. Little Nikki played with her batting at her feet gently. Melissa giggled and kicked at Nikki. watching my little ones playing, I couldn’t help thinking about the little one with the broken leg. I prayed that night that he would only have a broken leg. That would be hard enough.

The vet called the next morning and said that he didn’t see any signs of internal injuries, but wanted to keep him another day to be sure. The doctor asked me what the cat’s name was. I thought about the black mask across his white face and Said, “Bandit”. the vet said it fits him. Bandit was about 6 weeks old. Poor little mite should have still been with his mama. When asked if I was taking this one home too. I replied, “of course!” The vet laughed and said he would call me.

I thought a lot about Bandit in that cage at the vet’s office, all alone.
I was dreaming!! Uh huh! Yes, I was. I was standing next to Bandit’s cage. He was shivering, so small laying there with a big white cast encasing his tiny leg. I had a blanket and I wrapped it around his cold body. He looked up at me with clear green eyes and he asked if I was his mama! Tears running down my face, I told him yes, and I will be coming to take you home with me soon. He smiled and I woke up. I was in a good mood when I got up.

I wasn’t surprised when the vet called and said little Bandit was ready to go home. My sister was going to babysit with Melissa, so I called a cab. The cab was there in less than ten minutes. I barely had time to get my boots and coat on. When I got into the cab, it was my. or rather, Bandits savior. I asked him how he happened to be picking me up. He just laughed and said he just happened to be there to intercept the call. When we got to the office the driver went in with me.

We went back to an exam room to wait for bandit, and I asked the driver his name. He said his name was Timothy, but everyone called him Tip. I noticed, for the first time that Tip had an Irish brogue. Doctor Soloman brought Bandit out and my heart melted. He was so tiny and the white cast was so big. The cast had a big red heart on it with two of the nurses names signed inside. He was also sporting the blue blanket I wrapped him up in last night in my dream. He looked up at me with his clear green eyes, and he said “I’m ready to go home mama!” Tip smiled and I looked at him suspiciously. He looked away innocently.

Dr. Soloman said that the blue blanket was wrapped around him that morning and Bandit was sleeping peacefully. He was sure one of the nurse’s had brought it for him. Tip looked at me and winked, with instructions for his care and Bandit wrapped warmly in his blue blanket and a white hospital blanket, we set out for home. Once again Tip refused payment. I wrapped Bandit in my coat and up the stairs we went.

While I got Bandit settled on my bed, my sister brought Melissa upstairs. She thought Bandit was so cute, and that it was amazing how the other cats lay around him in a circle like they were protecting him. I didn’t tell her that was exactly what they were doing.
With two babies to take care of I needed all the help I could get. Bandit was so sweet. I knew he was in a lot of pain, but he never had an accident He would call me and picked him up and carried him to the litter box. I kept a small plastic baggy on the cast to keep it dry.

Sometimes I didn’t get there on time and one of my little helpers would spring in to action. I’d be on my way to the bedroom and I would see Agnes or Isis with tiny Bandit dangling from their mouth on their way to the litter box. My little nurse maids. They were always ready to entertain one or both of the babies.

Sunday finally arrived and I was so excited! I got all dressed up and so did Frank! He even took a bath!! I was amazed at how good he looked! Wow! Melissa delivered to my sister and the kitties set to watch Bandit, I excitedly called a cab! I was all set for my small stage debut as an extra in “Who’s afraid of Viginia Wolf!” I was actually beginning to expect Tip, and so, of course, he showed up. Big smile, so polite. Dropped us right in front of the little Theater. He even took cab fare and a tip from Frank!

Frank opened the front door for me, so gallant! Walking into the theater I expected to see some people, at least the players milling around getting ready to go on stage. Instead there was an empty theater. I looked around astonished! Frank said, “is this the right night?” Yes, I was sure it was. I went looking around and finally found an old man in back working on the electricity. I asked him about the play and he told me, no one had put a play on in this theater for 40 years. He said the last play was “who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf!”

The electrician told me there were rumors of people who could see the actors and they even put on a rehersal for them. The old man looked at me and said he had been caretaker of this theater for more than 40 years and it had been many years since he had seen any one the players had graced with their presence. I turned around to see Frank standing behind me, looking at me strangely. He said that maybe we should have a talk! Uh oh! Yes, he did!!

A talk and then some!!

Gentle reader, I must apologize for computer glitches as well as life that has my blog post coming out late last week and this week. For the skeptic, please remember that I have been followed by, besieged by, and beset by, and even blessed by, spirits my whole life. There are many others like me. We are not possessed or crazy. We are sensitives, physics, and empaths.


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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3 Responses to Life is good, and strange!

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  2. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    Wow…knowing about your gifts…something just made me wonder about your experience in the theater..but still…just WOW!! Glad Melissa got better and that you were able to save Bandit…now I have to wonder about Tip…hmmm..can’t wait for next time!!

  3. Cary says:

    Unbelievable that Bandit was thrown violently right in front of your feet. Someone certainly was guiding that little one.

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