A talk and then some

Instead of calling a cab from the theater, we took  the El train home, and then walked the last few blocks.   It was bitterly cold. Frank looked upset and troubled.  I needed the time to think and my mind was going a mile a minute!  I couldn’t think of anything!  usually, I could come up with explanations to explain my way out of these situations. I had been doing it all my life to pacify skeptics.

We arrived home frozen, both lost in our own thoughts. I went to my sisters apartment to retrieve Melissa while Frank made tea.  I told my sister it was the wrong night.  I put Melissa to bed. She was sleeping soundly and I checked on little Bandit. He was asleep and all the kitties were circled around him.  Anu lay at the foot of the bed while Magic lay on her back. This was strange to watch. They were both partly transparent.

Frank had steaming hot tea ready and I was grateful.  We drank our tea, and when we were thawed out, Frank switched to beer.   I had wine in the fridge, and sensing I would need it, I took it out and poured a large glass.  Frank watched in silence for a few minutes.   Frank rolled some joints. I watched, but knew it wouldn’t be smart to indulge. Wine was strong enough.  Smoking his first joint, he looked at me and said, ” anytime you’re ready.”

My mind blanked, I couldn’t think of a darn thing to say!  Finally I blurted out,  “I’m psychic!”    Frank’s eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open, but all he said was,  “What!!”   Then, he felt it necessary to  say,  “I always knew you were weird.”   Oh Yes, he did say that!!   It really hit me the wrong way!  I took my wine glass and my wine bottle and retired to my bedroom for the night.  Melissa was still sleeping like a little angel.

Bandit woke up and said, he needed to pee and poo!  Bless his heart!    I laughed!  O.K, well, the apartment upstairs was still vacant. We could move back in if it came to that.  Frank knocked on the door and I told him to go away.   Anu asked me if I wanted her to go and claw him up. I thanked her for the offer but turned her down. I drank my wine and went to sleep with all my babies around me.  Bliss!

I was dreaming!  I was in a field, and it wasn’t my field. It was a strange field, still really beautiful!   There were gorgeous large green cabbage rose all around, and lots of clover. The clover was all 4 leaf.  I heard laughter and I saw  a man and several children of various sizes running, skipping, and playing leapfrog all around the field. They seemed to be moving at high speed.  I watched open mouthed as they all came to a stop right in front of me.

The man was dressed in a loud green suit with a bow tie.  He also wore a green top hat!  I had to look way up to see his face.  He wore a big grin!  I realized that I knew this man!  Oh no!!  It couldn’t be!  It was!  It was my cab driver, and hero!  It was Tip!   Still open mouthed, and staring up at him, I sputtered!!   Nothing came out of my mouth, not a word!  I couldn’t get anything out!    Tip said, ” Lassie, don’t you know me?”   “It’s me, your  friendly cab driver, and saver of kittens!”

I woke up!!  No! No!  I needed some answers from Mr. Tip!   Saver of kittens, indeed!   Little bandit tried to jump off the bed, calling out, “Tip, Tip, you came to see me!”  “I prayed really hard, and here you are!”    Trying to wake up, I looked around.   Sure enough, Tip stood at the foot of the bed holding Bandit in his arms.  Bandit was purring  with a big grin on his furry face.   All the kitties were clustered around Tip, purring and rubbing against him. Even Anu and Magic!

I looked around at all my fur babies clustered around Tip, and I asked suspiciously,  “O.k, who the heck, are you?”   “What the heck are you?”   Melissa woke up and started crying before he could say anything.  I told him to stick around because I wanted answers.   I started my morning routine.  Frank had left for work. Good, because I was in no mood to talk to him.  I finally got all the bottles ready, diaper changed, bath given, and coffee made.  I went to take Bandit to the litter box and found that Tip had taken him. Tip also cleaned the litter boxes and fed my kitties.

Hmmm!  Maybe I wasn’t as mad at him as I thought.  I asked him if he drank coffee, and he said,  ” Ah, yes, Lassie, the staff of life.”  Hmm again!  Who was this guy?  I made toast and set out cups, cream, sugar, jam and butter. I watched as he added it all to his coffee and toast. When I say he added it all, I’m not kidding.  He added cream, sugar, jam and butter to his coffee, and then to his toast. He drank the coffee and ate the toast. Once again I was staring at this strange man!

I picked Melissa up and she held her arms out to Tip laughing. I wasn’t sure I wanted to hand my baby over to this, for lack of a better word, man!   Tip smiled at me, and said “The word you are looking for Lassie, is Angel, guardian.”     Guardian angel?   Who’s, mine, the kitties, Melissa’s?      Tip told me he was sort of a family guardian angel. He was looking out for all of us.  I asked him who the children were in my dream. He told me they were little souls waiting to be born.  There had been at least 5 of them running around, and I fervently hoped they were not my unborn children.

Tip reassured that they were not part of my soul family. Looking thoughtful, he told me there was one more in my future, but he was not to tell at this time.  I asked Tip what his purpose was and he said it was to help and keep us safe when he could. I went about my daily chores. Tip entertained the kitties and Melissa.   He was like a big kid himself.  Sort of. I just wished he would stop reading my mind.

I went into the bedroom to put Melissa down for her nap, and Tip was sitting on the bed with Bandit.  Bandit asked him if he was an angel where were his wings?   Tip stood up, and looking very solemn he made a sweeping gesture with his hands and the green suit disappeared and he was standing there in a bright white suit with a huge pair of wings on his back, and I swear he was glowing!   He picked Bandit up and he tapped the huge cast on Bandit’s leg.  The cast fell off and the leg looked perfectly healed.

He put Bandit down on the floor and he started running around and jumping.  Bandit jumped up into my arms, he said, look at me momma, I can run and jump!    I looked at Tip in amazement!  It had only been a couple of weeks, actually, not even two weeks since Bandit was hit by the car.  Dr. Soloman said Bandit would need the cast for 6 weeks at least.  I felt of bandit’s leg and it was a normal leg, just like the other three.  All I could think was, “Oh boy, Frank’s never going to believe this!”   I wasn’t sure I believed it.

Tip, back in his green suit, told me that angel’s have the power to heal in angel form, but not in human form.   My head was spinning. I told Tip I needed to lie down for awhile. I was getting a headache. It was my first migraine.  Light flashing in front of my eyes, stretched all around until all I could see was light. I was nauseous.   I kind of fell into the bed. Tip took the kitties out to the living room.   I was trying to think of what to tell Frank about Bandit’s leg, when I heard his voice in the living room talking to the cats.

Oh no!  Frank was home already!  There was a knock on the door and he asked if he could come in. I told him I had a migraine. He said he was sorry and to rest he would take care of everything.   He changed Melissa and brought me an ice pack before he fed her.    I felt a gentle cool touch on my forehead and the headache was gone.  I heard a voice in my ear, say, I will be back Lassie, don’t worry.  I felt so much better.

I was thinking about dinner, when Frank told me he had ordered a pizza.   He asked about my migraine, and I told him I was mistaken, it was a plain headache.  He didn’t seem to notice Bandit running around and playing with the other kitties. Whew!

We were sitting at the table eating our pizza.  Frank was drinking beer with wine for me. I didn’t really like beer.   He apologized for calling me weird. He said he had been thinking about it all day.  Uh oh!      “what kind of psychic are you?”  those were the next words out of his mouth. I didn’t even get the chance to think about it, when he said, “are  you a witch, can you read minds?”  “what about the lottery numbers?”  I didn’t like the look in his eyes!


Oh boy!











About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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2 Responses to A talk and then some

  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    Question answered about Tip!! Oh boy is right…..you really had your hands full with all the kittie babies and Melissa…..your “gift” and Frank….and I can see his greed from the comment about the lottery numbers…..so glad that you did (do?) have your guardian angel with you….
    I am really enjoying this blog and can’t wait until the next chapter!! Blessings!

  2. Oh Carole, I wish everyone was like you. Thank you again!

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