Oh Boy!!

Oh Boy!!  I stared at Frank open mouthed!  I’m sure I had a look of horror on my face, because he stopped his ranting about the lottery and such!    I told him if he calmed down, I would explain it to him.

Patiently I explained to him that every since I could remember  I had been able to understand and talk with animals, and I thought everyone else could do it too.  Turned out that wasn’t the way it worked and how I got into some trouble before I learned to be quiet about it.   He wanted to know how, did they talk just like we do and why didn’t he see their lips move.  Oh Boy!

I had to think about how to explain it.  I couldn’t expect him to understand right away.  It was pretty far out!  I  wasn’t sure I would believe it if I was him.    Just at that time Bandit scampered into the kitchen and said, ” Mama, we are hungry!”  Out loud I told him I would be right there to feed them.  He jumped into my lap, gave me a big kiss, jumped down and ran into the bedroom.   Frank was staring at Bandit!  He said, “wait a minute didn’t he have a big cast on his leg?”  Sighing, I told him that I had a lot to tell him about me.

I fed my fur babies, cleaned the litter boxes and checked on Melissa. She was sleeping soundly and I knew she would always be safe with the little ones around her.  I sat down on the bed and Anu asked if she could help me.  Wistfully, I said, “If only!”  Anu wrapped herself around me, and you might think that a huge black panther enveloping you would be scary, but Anu was a spirit panther. She was special, made out of love, dreams and the stars  from the sky. Her warmth was comforting and calming.

Now, I’m not saying she couldn’t be scary when she wanted to. She could make her presence known. She had scared the pants off many who had wished me harm. Even I had a twitch at times. She was a very large lady!  She  was also my best adviser.    Anu said, “simply tell him the truth which ever way it comes out. If this man cares for you he will accept and try to understand.”  I knew she was right!  Just then I saw a shimmer of green and yes, there he was, Tip the spirit cab driver and Bandit’s hero.

Tip, with his ever present smile and good humor.   “Lassie, he will understand, but it will take some time, and take care he doesn’t turn you into a  circus act!”   Won’t happen to me. I survived all these years knowing how to protect myself.  After all who would believe a crazy person with no evidence?   la de dah!     I asked Tip why he was here?   “Tip, why are you my guardian angel?”  “How does it work, does God appoint angels for different task?”   Tip laughed so hard I thought he would fall over. I also wanted to know why the bright green suit.

Tip waved his hand and the white suit was back. Did I mention he also wore a white top hat?   I looked at him in the blinding white suit and I said,  “Who is a circus act?”   “Can’t you be toned down?”  “Sorry lassie, this is who I am.”  He waved his hand again and he was back in the green suit. Sans top hat.  I realized that I had been in the bedroom a long time and Frank had not come to ask me why.  Frank wasn’t in the kitchen. I checked his bedroom and he was laying across the bed asleep. Good, there were some questions that I wanted to ask Mr. guardian angel.

I got back into the bedroom Tip was gone. I checked the doors and Melissa and went to bed. I asked the kitties if Tip said anything before he left.  Magic told me Tip said that I would find answers to all my questions in my dreams.  Oh boy!  Oh no!   I stayed awake as long as I could. I made coffee, watched t.v. I didn’t want to dream. I never knew what I would find in my dreams, or who I would meet.  Did everybody  dream this way?  Surely not. I would have to remember to ask Frank about his dreams.

I tried to stay awake, really.   I was dreaming!  I was back in my own field sitting on a flower covered chair. Hey why not, it’s my dream!  It was so beautiful and peaceful here. The sky was a deep pure blue. No clouds in the sky. The grass was greener and the flowers more colorful than could be imagined. Magic was playing with butterflies with silver wings. Anu lay by my feet. Her fur shinning indigo in  the sun. I was watching the man walk toward me.  He was far away, then he was kneeling in front of me.

He sat in front of me on the grass, and he took my hand.  His touch sent waves of love through me, and I was comforted. Magic jumped on his lap, laughing and he smiled down at her, his deep brown eyes crinkling at the corners. I watched this with amazement. Who was this man, anyway!   He was in so many of my dreams.

He looked at me with laughter in his amazing eyes, then he said,  “Daughter, surely you know me.”   I realized, that I did know him.  “I understand you have some questions for me?”   “Why me, why do I have these, so called,  gifts?”  “Doesn’t seem a lot like gifts to me!”   “Daughter have you not asked this of me before?”  “You were one of the ones chosen!”  I felt a sort of panic rising in me!  “I am sorry, father, I did not mean to displease you!”   “You could never displease me!”  He smiled and the day was brighter.”father, may I ask one more question?”  He nodded, and I formed my words carefully.

“Why has my life been so hard in so many ways, and will it ever get easier?”   “Child, you chose your life, before you were born.”   “You  sat with me and you picked out  every event of your life.”   “You were also chosen to help and protect the innocents!”   “I sent many helpers for you.”  “You are not alone.”  “I am always with you, never doubt or forget this, I love you.”    He was gone.  Magic sat on my lap, smiling her sweet smile.  I woke up.

I was on the couch. Melissa was crying and it was time to start my day.  Frank had left for work.  He made coffee and left me a half a pot. Bless his heart.  He also left me a note. It said that we would finish our conversation when he got home.  I had to do a lot of thinking about what to say to him.  It was mid morning before I was caught up enough to sit down and have a cup of coffee and think.  Drinking my coffee, I almost choked when Tip appeared right in front of me. Geesh!  I would never get used to that!

I asked him, please do not do that.”What, should I knock on the door?”  I didn’t think it was funny. I also wanted to know if he was an angel, how could he be my cab driver too?  He was pretty solid and appeared human at least. He patiently explained that angels could take the form of human at least for short periods of time. usually no more than a day. Tip had made an effort to tone down the neon green of his suit and lose the top hat. Lime green was easier on the eyes than neon.

Tip sat down with me at the table and once more he added cream, sugar, butter and jam to his coffee.  I would never get used to that either. He was unusual to say the least. Except for his loud taste in clothes, he was pretty likable. Bandit was crazy about him. He had certainly been wonderful to us. I asked if he had ever been a human being. “No. some angels  have been human, but many of us have not.”  “I am with the band of angels that were made by our creator to help the human race exclusively.”

I was going to have to do a lot of thinking about that.  The phone rang and when I picked it up I heard Mrs. Bakers sweet southern accent.  I had sent her a birth announcement, and a picture. She said that they would all just love to see Melissa. She had waited to call because she knew how hectic it was with a new baby. I told her it had been too cold to take Melissa out. She then asked if her and Sherry could come over in the next couple of days to visit. She had a gift for Melissa. What could I say?  Of course!  We made plans for them to stop by in two days.  I sighed!  Why not!  Sure, I chose this.

Tip laughed at me and said, “lassie, don’t be so glum, you get to show off your little beauty and get a gift too!”  I asked him why the Irish brogue if he wasn’t human.  He said, “You are just full of questions, best to think about what to tell your man, Lassie!”


This week seems to be mostly question and answers, except for Franks! Lol!  This is in response to a couple of questions I received from my readers about Tip and angels.  If you have questions, Please feel free  to ask them in the comment section, and I will answer them the best way I can. If I can’t, I will send Anu to answer them!  I have been asking these same questions most of my life.


conversations with Frank, and more!  Um Huh!


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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4 Responses to Oh Boy!!

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  2. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    Oh BOY is right!! This just keeps getting better and better! I have always wondered about guardian angels myself….now I know that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a spirit that was at one time in human form…I’m all the more confused! I had thought I knew who mine were….but they have all had human form before…so now I”m not so sure if I think they are my guardian angels or if I just wanted them to have that role so badly that I began to believe it!
    Of course you you have to tell Frank the truth about you and your gifts….especially now that you have a child together….whether you continue life’s journey with or without him….it’s the right thing to do….and like Tip has said…(and I agree) that if this man truly loves you he will make every effort to try to understand!
    Really looking forward to the next chapter!! Love and hugs! Carole

    • Carole, I’m sure you do know who some of guardian angels are. Everyone has a spirit band we are part of, and most times until they reincarnate, if they choose too, they will be your guardian angels. there are guardian angels that have never been human. usually with you for a specific time.

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