Conversations with Frank and more

I spent the day thinking about what I was going to say to Frank. Tip was no help at all.  I cleaned, played with Melissa and  wondered if I was going to pass my gifts, (Ha!), down to her. Not sure if it worked that way. She looked at me with her bright blue eyes and laughed.  Hmm!

I cooked up spaghetti, which next to pizza, was Franks favorite food.  Third favorite was chili. I made my own sauce and simmered it all afternoon. The house was fragrant and warm when he got home. Frank came in and his eyes widened.   He sniffed appreciativly, and then he grinned and said, ” This wonderful meal will not save you, my love!”  “We will spend the evening talking about you!”  There was a gleam in his eyes.  I was thinking, “More beer, must have more beer!”

We had a nice dinner with garlic bread and real grated cheese.  Frank kept smiling at me in an evil way!   He played with Melissa while I cleaned up after dinner, fed the kitties and stalled.  I got Melissa ready for bed, rocked her to sleep and went into the living room. I was hoping Frank would be passed out.  Oh boy!  He was sitting there waiting for me.

I told him to stop smirking at me. He said he wasn’t smirking, just trying to look supportive. Uh huh!  Sure.  I told him, “I’m going to trust you with the truth about me, and I don’t tell very many people.”  “If you laugh at me, I will never trust you again, and I am not weird.”   Frank said, looking at me solemnly, ” When I said you were weird, I should have said that I like weird!”   I was shocked!  I was speechless!   Wow!

I told him all about discovering I could talk with animals, and about my little Blue boy.   I laughed because as soon as I mentioned his name he landed on my shoulder and gave me a little peck on the cheek.  Frank asked me why I laughed and I told him about Blue  boy. He stared at me and said, “Are you serious?”   I told him I was serious. That Blue boy was a spirit and I could see him and feel him.  Blue boy flew over to Frank’s shoulder and perched there.

Frank whispered to me, “I think I felt his wings when he landed.”   This was going better than I expected, could I really trust him?  I asked him what was the thing about the lottery when he first found out.  His face got red and he said he was high and he lost his mind a little there. I explained to him that I could not use my gifts for personal gain or I would lose them. No one ever really told me that, but I felt strongly that this was true.

Bandit ran in and sat in Frank’s lap.   Snuggled down and went to sleep. Frank smiled and began to stroke Bandit’s fur gently.  I felt good knowing my fur baby trusted Frank. There was a knock on the door and when I answered, who stood there?  Our friendly otherworldly cab driver, Tip!

Tip was dressed for the cold weather in an overcoat and boots.  Perched on his head was that nauseating green top hat.    ” Top of the evening to you, Lassie!”   A brilliant smile on his face, he sauntered into the living room.   Offering his hand to Frank, Tip grinned and said, “I’d like to check on the little one!”    Bandit woke up and ran to Tip and jumped straight up into his arms, smothering his face in wet kitty kisses.

Laughing, Tip sat down on the couch with Bandit in his arms and looked at me pointedly.   Frank looked confused when I said to Tip,  “O.k, I was just about to tell him, and please knock off the irritating Irish brogue!”  It really did irritate me along with the top hat and green suits.   The next time Tip spoke was with a normal Chicago accent.  “I’m sure you remember me as the cab driver who picked you up and drove you to the theater!”  He looked at me pointedly.   “Frank, Tip is actually my guardian angel, and healed Bandit’s leg while in angel form, he can change from human to angel form!”

Frank’s eyes were starting to glaze over, and I thought, either too much information or too much beer and pot. Probably a combination of all  three. Frank was just about passed out, so Tip and I pulled him up and led him to his bedroom. I took off his shoes, set his clock and covered him up.   Tip laughed and said, “I didn’t get to disappear in front of him!”  I couldn’t help but laugh,  “You wouldn’t!”   “Oh yes, I would, Lassie!”

I finally convinced Tip to leave, so I could get ready for bed. Melissa was sound asleep. She was sleeping through the night, and I was grateful!  I took a nice long warm bath, and the kitties gathered around the tub and watched in amazement.  I had to laugh at their wide eyes and the great care they took not to get any water on them.  This happened every time I took a bath. I know I could close the bathroom door, but they enjoyed being scared so much!

Agnes said we don’t want you to drown, mama!  I asked her would she jump in and save me, but she looked frightened and backed away. Nikki piped up with, “We would call Auntie Anu to save you!”   I laughed, and laughed harder when I heard “Auntie”  Anu growling, don’t call me that from the next room. Oh gosh, how I loved my little family!

I kissed Melissa on her forehead and went to bed with a cup of hot cocoa and my fur babies all around me. I sighed because tomorrow was a visit from the Bakers.  Frank woke me up before he went to work and asked me if there was really a cab driver with an Irish brogue and a top hat here last night?  I told him oh yes, there was!  He  said he thought he was having a really scary and weird night mare.   He left for work looking relieved.  I could hear Tip laughing!

I cleaned house,  baked chocolate chip cookies and put up a pot of coffee.  I dressed Melissa up in her pretty pink dress and put her in her bouncy chair in the bedroom doorway and nervously waited for the Baker ladies. They arrived right on time with big smiles and beautifully wrapped gifts.   Why was I so nervous?

Mrs. Baker got Melissa a big teddy bear. It was so cute!  It Would join the other three in her room.   Very thoughtful.  Sherry’s gift was a pretty yellow dress, a bib and some frilly socks.  I thanked them for the gifts. They took turns holding Melissa and playing with her.  Sherry was talking about how maybe when the weather got warmer we could take our girls to the park and the zoo. I was thinking, “oh hell no!”

I heard Sherry humming almost under her breath, and I began to think what a good idea it would be to take  our daughters out this summer together. I was seeing Sherry in a new light. What a nice person she was actually. Why was I nervous?   They stayed a couple of hours. Loved the cookies, drank all the coffee and  it was so nice to have women friends to talk with.  They left for home and I found myself humming tunelessly while I cleaned up.

Tip was leaning against the kitchen counter staring at me!  “what’s that tune you’re humming there lassie?”  “I don’t know, it’s the same one Sherry was humming!”    He asked me how I felt when Sherry was humming.   “Pretty good, I guess!”  “Is that usually how you feel around her?”  While he was asking me these questions, he looked serious and his brogue was gone, so was the top hat.  “what are you trying to say Tip?”

“Haven’t you ever heard, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?”  Actually, I never heard that, but angels cannot lie.   Then he dropped a bomb on me, and asked me if I had ever heard that some women were practicing witches and used humming to keep people from knowing their real purposes.    I thought about it for a few minutes. He looked very serious.

I dropped my own little bomb.  “Oh please, I saw that in a movie on t.v about a witch who used her cat Piawacket  while humming to cast spells!”   Tip looked at me seriously and said, “Do you think I know about human movies?”  “This is a type of witchcraft!”  “It’s not evil, unless you would call controlling people evil!”   Well, this couldn’t be good!

Anu told me that Sherry didn’t like or trust cats.   She didn’t like animals at all.   I didn’t trust people who didn’t like animals. Seemed like something was missing in them.  She was missing a lot of love, for sure.   I had to think about keeping friends close and enemies closer. Interesting.   I also thought about doing some research on this type of witchcraft.   I’m not naive. I know about witchcraft.  I would prefer to keep it away from my family.   This put a damper on my day, but I went about my cleaning cooking and took Melissa upstairs to spend time with her Aunt. In the back of my mind all day, was that tuneless humming and Sherry’s smiling face.


In answer to the question asked about whether I was worried about Tip seeing me naked.  No I was never worried.  Lol!  Tip was an angel!  Enough said!









About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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2 Responses to Conversations with Frank and more

  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    This just keeps getting better and better…but now I’m worried about the witch are very lucky to have Tip and be able to see and hear him…looking forward to next week! Love and hugs!

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