Life went on and before I knew it, it was March and spring was trying it’s best to spring in Chicago!   It would be cold, then warm and raining.  It seemed to rain and then flood  every day.  I wanted to be able to take Melissa out in her stroller.  She was three months old, and her blonde hair had turned almost white. She had the bluest eyes and the most beautiful smile. You’re saying I was prejudiced?  Darned right I was! I was a doting  mother.  In my opinion, she was not a typical baby.  Her playmates were not only real kitties, but spirit kitties too. She could see them as well as I could.  Anu told me this was typical of babies and young children.  They were closest to God and  hadn’t been influenced by skeptical adults yet. She also told me there was no way for me to know yet if Melissa would be gifted also.

I kept thinking of Sherry and I fielded her phone calls until I could figure all this witchcraft stuff out.  Research would have to wait for a while.  Melissa was trying to crawl, but only succeeded  in pulling herself forward a little. Frank was thrilled with her and called her his little princess.   He also called her Missy.  I called her Melissa, it sounded right to me.  Two besotted parents, what more could she ask for? Frank and I grew closer, uh huh, yes we did.   I kept my own bedroom.  I liked the privacy.  Frank drank himself to sleep every night anyway. My bedroom had everything I wanted and needed. Melissa, and my fur babies, spirit and physical.  Tip popped in and out, mostly into my bedroom.  No more comments about Tip seeing me naked please.  I don’t care what anyone has read, Tip was an angel. Angels are above carnal lust.

Whenever Frank saw Tip, his eyes glazed over a little and he went for another beer.  This was Tip’s fault. He had taken to popping in and out in front of Frank and it unnerved  him, to say the least. I finally had to forbid Tip from popping in and out. Forbidding an angel isn’t easy, especially one with a weird sense of humor. Tip, then started popping in quietly behind Frank’s back and tapping him on the shoulder. Frank would jump and run for another beer. I blame Tip for a little of Frank’s alcoholism.   (Big sigh). April came in beautifully, with gorgeous blooming flowers from all the March rains.  It was warm and sunny.  I had been thinking about the occult bookstores I meant to visit. I looked them up in the phone directory. There were a lot of them, and none of them were in good neighborhoods.  I sure didn’t want to take Melissa into any of them

. My sister’s oldest daughter lived with her. She was just a little younger than I was. Six years. She had a daughter a year older than Melissa. I asked her to babysit and she said she would be glad to.  She was a waitress and off work that day. I called for a taxi, and was not surprised when Tip showed up at my door.  Off we went, me, Anu, Magic and Tip to the occult book stores. I was nervous, not sure what I would find.  The neighborhood was kind of scary. The bookstore was a small hole in the wall establishment.  We all got out of the cab. Tip had parked by a broken meter. I turned to ask him wasn’t he worried about getting a ticket, but the cab was gone.  Oh boy! Tip was looking in the window of the shop, when I glared at him.  “What?”  “Angels don’t carry money, Lassie!”   He thought this was enormously funny!  I didn’t.   I finally overcame my nervousness, and ventured in to the store.

Once inside I was surprised at how clean it was.  Looked just like any other book store, except for the titles of the books. A young man in jeans, a tye dyed shirt and an Afro came over and asked if he could help me. I told him about Sherry and the humming. He said it could be glamour magic, and I should look in the “white” witchcraft section.  I noticed the music playing was, “Monday, Monday” by the Mamas and the Papas. This was a huge section, with shelves and shelves of books. I didn’t know where to start first.  I noticed Tip browsing the book shelves. Picking up books, reading and laughing. I was doing the same.  Some were just ridiculous.   There were books on all kinds of magic. There were books on how to make your man fall in love with you, “sex” spells,  hexes for the other woman.  Kitchen spells involving food, which I don’t want to go in to.  Hmmm! Do people really do this stuff?  Finally!  There it was.  A slim book with “Glamour” written on the cover.   I eagerly carried it over to one of the tables thoughtfully provided by management.  I sat down and opened the book to look through it. I saw the words, “humming”, and “secure”.  I decided to buy it and look through it at home at my leisure.

I was curious, so I looked around the store with little Magic sitting on my shoulder, and Blue boy on my head. Anu was slinking around my legs. I saw flashes of Tip’s hat.  I felt well protected.   I  wandered around to the back of the store and came to a section that had a different feeling to it than the white witchcraft section. I saw a sign that said “Black magic”!     Magic said, “Mama, don’t go in there!”  “Scary!” I told Magic it was o.k, they were just books and couldn’t hurt her. I really believed this too!  Most of the books were pretty colorful with titles like, “Satan wants you!”  “Have everything you ever wanted!”  This one had a picture of a grinning man with scantily clad women all around him.  Um hum!   Then I saw another thick black book that proclaimed it to be “The Satanist bible!”   I reached  out to pick it up, but when I touched it, I got an electric shock through my arm.   I tried to let go of it, but my hand was stuck. I was starting to panic, because my hand felt like something was holding onto it, almost like another hand. A disgusting feeling was starting to wash over me.  I couldn’t scream or talk.

I felt a cool hand on my shoulder and my hand released the book. I turned  around, and Tip had a serious expression on his face.   “Lassie please don’t ever do that again!”  Do not touch these abominable books!”  “I almost could not pull you back!” “I thought there really wasn’t a devil!”  “I never believed in it, was I wrong?”  ” No Lassie you are not wrong, but there are evil people and evil entities that mean to corrode as much as they can of decency and goodness!”   “You have to be on the look out for it all your life, and they would love to feed on your gifts as well as your life force!” Tip shook his head, and said, “I have to blame meself, Lassie!”  “I should have warned you before when we entered the shop!”  When Tip was upset, his brogue was so thick I could barely understand him.   He was really upset.   I tried to reassure him that it was my own fault for being overly curious. I promised never to do anything like that again.

We went outside and there was our cab parked right in front of the broken meter. Tip drove us home quietly. I looked through my book on the way.  Interesting to say the least.  I went in and picked up Melissa. My daughter had been having a great time. She was all worn out and sound asleep.  I finished cleaning house, put a pot of soup on. The day had turned cooler. I sat down with my book.

There were different ways to glamour people. One was to gaze at them indirectly while repeating their name under your breath.  Another was to hypnotize someone with a flirty look in your eye. Humming and rocking slightly while gazing at subject seemed to be what Sherry was doing to me.  There were even a couple of recipes for cookies and a cake with ingredients that you use your glamour eyes on to make someone fall in love with you. Hmmm!  Seemed to me if you had to do that, then the person wasn’t worth having.

Frank came home and after looking around for Tip, he enjoyed the soup.  Tip never showed up that night at all.  I have to say, I missed him and I was pretty sure he still felt kind of guilty.   Anyway, according to the book of glamours the best defense was a good offense.  The book says to be wary around people and don’t let them get the drop on you. Honest that what it said!  There was also a couple of “spells”  to keep glamours away from you.

While I was wondering if the spells worked, my hand started throbbing. All the time  I was getting Melissa ready for bed and cleaning up, my hand hurt and I felt like I had a fever. When I finally got into bed I had to take aspirin and my hand was red and swollen.   Magic said, “you don’t look good mama!  The next thing I knew I was asleep!

I was dreaming!

Evil seeds!


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Research.

  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    Now I really want to know more about the “glamour witch” problem….why is she doing this to you?! Very anxious to find out more about the “book of evil” that you inadvertently picked up in the bookstore and the immediate physical reaction you had in your hand….very scary stuff!!

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