I was really surprised. Frank had arranged for my niece to babysit Melissa.  He also made reservations at a restaurant downtown.   He said it wasn’t formal.   We both dressed up in our best attire.    The restaurant  was The Texas Star.  Frank even sprang for valet parking.   I was dying to find out his real reasons for this fancy night out, but for now I was enjoying it.

Frank suggested that we try something we never had before, so we both ordered filet mignon.   It came as a very small and rare cut of beef.  Frank loved it, and I buried it underneath my potatoes.   This restaurant was a fancy steak house. It was famous for it’s beef.  The waiter discovered I didn’t care for the filet and took it away. The chef came out with a chicken dish that he stood by while I tried.  It was excellent,  breaded and soaked in bourbon.

The dessert was the clear winner of the meal . Ambrosia.  Ice cream with melted caramel and peach sauce. Sounds strange, yet it worked well. The flavors blended together and made it the best dessert I ever tasted.  Over coffee, Frank looked at me and I was slightly tipsy from the dinner wine and bourbon chicken, and he asked with a smile, “Now, what’s been going on lately?”

I told him everything. The book store, the soul catcher, evil garden, evil seeds. The whole shebang came out in a rush.  He stared at me with his mouth wide open as I talked.   He said, “I can’t believe you lived through all of that!”  “Why didn’t you tell me about it while it was happening?”  Then I said the words that ruined our lovely night.

“It all happened really fast, and I was afraid that something bad would happen to you!”   “So I can’t protect you, and you won’t give me the chance?”  Uh oh!  I opened my mouth again, and this is what came out.  “Honey, you can’t protect me from the supernatural!” “Tip is my guardian angel and even he can’t protect me from everything!”

I saw the look in his eye. He paid the bill and we rode home in silence.  I picked Melissa up and got her ready for bed. Frank had rolled his joints and was sitting on the couch drinking beer and watching T.V.   Silence!  I asked him if he had a special reason for our wonderful night at the nice restaurant. Which I loved so much!

He told me without much expression that he had been made supervisor of the electrical department at his factory. He would have 3 men under him and got a hefty raise. He was also going to have more time to work on the robotic arm to run one of the lines.  I threw my arms around him and told him how happy I was and how much he deserved it.

He didn’t react and after a few more minutes of silence I went to bed.  I was really upset and just didn’t know what I could say to him.  There wasn’t anything he could do to protect me and that was a fact.  Fortunately things like that didn’t happen too often and I really hoped not ever again. I could really use some peaceful blah days.

The kitties gathered around me. What would I do without them?  Midnight lay by my shoulder licking my face with his sandpaper tongue, making me laugh. Bandit snuggled under my arm. He was the shyest of all my babies. So sweet and loving.  Tip popped in and said,  “Ay Lassie, I understand this man.”  “He has an ego like all human males.”   “His ego is bruised because he can not protect his woman, his love!”    “Well, gee Tip, what can I do about it, any suggestions?”    “No Lassie, just telling you like I see it!”

I threw a book at him, and he popped out!  Frank left early the next morning. I went through my routine and cleaned the house thoroughly.  Sometimes I got tired of being Susie homemaker.   I ordered a pizza for dinner with chicken on the side.  Frank came home with his “mad” face on and dinner didn’t change it.  I was feeling a little ill from all that rich food last night and now grease. Frank ate the whole pizza and some chicken.

While he was relaxing with his pot and beer after dinner I tried to talk to him. I asked how his day was and told him how proud I was that he was a supervisor. He relented a little and showed me a picture he took of the robotic arm. It didn’t look like much, but he said it was the beginning. He was so proud!   He talked me in to smoking a joint with him. I really didn’t like smoking pot. I tried to keep as much control over myself as possible. Against my better judgement I smoked two joints with him.

I drank a beer also. I lay down on the couch and put my head in Frank’s lap. He was stroking my hair.  Oh no!  I was dreaming!  Wasn’t I?   I was in the kitchen, but not my kitchen. This kitchen had a wood cook stove.  I was stirring something that was very fragrant in a huge iron pot.  It smelled like stew. I looked around and the kitchen was old looking. The sink had a pump handle in it, and the floor was wood.

I looked down and I was wearing a floor length dress made of what looked like gingham, with long sleeves and a high neck.   I walked through the cabin and it consisted of a large room, and a sleeping alcove.   There were several cats laying around. One of them was my Anu. I asked, “Anu, where am I?”   In her growly voice, she told me I had gone back to a previous lifetime.  She felt me leaving my body and managed to snag a ride.   I was so grateful she did.  I told her I was completely lost and didn’t know why I was here!  “Is there a reason I am here?”

Anu said, “I believe you made a mention of feeling like Susie homemaker?”   “I didn’t mean I wanted the excitement of a past life!!”  Anu laughed and said, “Just wait, you don’t even know where you are yet!”   It’s true, I didn’t and when she said that, fear blossomed inside me. Uh Oh!   There were rag rugs on the floor. I wondered if I made those.

There was a knock on the back door. I went to the kitchen and opened the door. A woman stood there and she said,  “Mistress Brotty, might I enter, please?”    “Of course, please come in!”  I opened the door for a middle aged pretty woman, wearing basically what I wore in a different gingham color.  She held  a sack that moved and squawked.  “I brought what you asked for!”  What I asked for?  What I asked for!  What the heck did I ask for?  Squawking chickens, why?    Then It dawned on me!  I’m so slow!

Arrrgh!  I was the village witch!  The wise woman!  Oh boy!  I hoped she would not ask for poison.   I discovered there was a kettle of water next to the stew pot. I found loose tea and gave her a cup.   She looked at it suspiciously, and didn’t drink it.  Didn’t really blame her and probably a good thing because I didn’t know what it was.  I hadn’t found my sea legs yet. I wasn’t sure what I was doing.

She said,  ” I have the price you asked.” She fished in her pocket and removed some small coins. No idea how much it amounted to.   “ken you please, Lady, make my Sean come back to me, and away from that skanky winch!”   “That is what I said I will do and I shall!”  I went to a cabinet with a latch and removed a small box nestled among many like it with no names. I was praying this was right.  I measured out a small amount into a small square of oil paper and twisted it up. I told her to put it into his morning hot beverage for 3 mornings and there would be no more trouble with winches, skanky or not.

She grabbed my hand and kissed it as she rose to leave. There were tears in her eyes. I told her to let the chickens go in the hen house.  “Thank you Lady!”  She left looking around to make sure no one saw her.    “I don’t like it here Anu, I want to go home!”  “This dream is too vivid for me!”  Anu told me it was not a dream. I was back in Salem Massachusetts, in a past life!   “Salem!”  “Isn’t this where wise women were murdered for their land?”    “Get me out of here!”  “Why do these horrible dreams or whatever always happen to me?”  “I don’t want to be stoned or drowned!”

Anu told me to calm down that I had to sleep off that pot and beer and maybe think about staying away from it.  I swore I would never smoke pot again. I hoped to stick to it, really I did!   Since it was evening Anu suggested that I lay down in the bed so people would think I was asleep. I certainly didn’t want to  have to make any more little sacks up.   I couldn’t believe I did this in a past lifetime. Didn’t really want to know my end either.

I lay down in the bed and sank  down and down!  It was a goose feather down mattress.  The single most comfortable mattress I ever laid on. I lit the oil lamp before I came to bed and it cast a lovely warm glow around the room.  One of the pretty but painfully thin cats an orange female with a sweet face crawled into bed with me. Anu told me she had been my favorite. She snuggled into my arms after I snuffed out the lamp.

I was feeling pretty dizzy.  I woke up in my bed.   Melissa was crying.  I got up to tend to her and I dislodged the cats on the bed and the orange female cat in my arms.  Oh no!  I groaned and the orange kitty jumped off the bed and  wild eyed took in all the cats and the room. Seeing me she jumped back in my arms and cried out,  “Mistress, what is this evil?”  “Have we died and are being attacked by demons from below?”   I groaned again!

The kitties gathered laughing and all at once started to explain to the orange kitty where she was. I got up to change Melissa and the little female clung to me. She stared at me and said, “Mistress you have a wee one?”  “O.k let me take care of my wee one and we will talk about where you are and I hope how you got here.”  I looked around the room to be sure none of the other cats from way back then were there also.  I sighed in relief.


Cats, cats, and more cats, and oh yeah, Frank.




About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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  2. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    OMG….this just keeps getting better and better…I LOVE it! A visit to a past life is fascinating….and oh yes by the way….filet mignon is my FAVORITE kind of steak! Looking forward to next week already! Wish I could remember this much about my earlier years…even with help!! LOL!!

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