Cats, cats, and more cats and Frank!

I looked down at the pretty orange kitty, and asked her name.  “My name is Clementine, Mistress!”    I told her to let me get my day started and then we would have a talk. She agreed and the kitties took her off to show her around.   She wasn’t sure about having a sand box in the house.  Her eyes and mouth were equally wide as the kitties showed her the wonders in the apartment.  They giggled about the sand box.

Bandit was so excited!  “Mama, mama, show her the big cold box with all the food!”  I laughed, and obligingly opened the refrigerator door.  Clementine stood in front and felt the cold air, and looked at the food.  ” This is magic that I have never seen before!”   Nikki  said,  “wait until you see the vacuum monster!”   “There’s monsters here?”  Clementine looked around wildly, as if expecting to be pounced on any minute.  I frowned at Nikki!  “We talked about this, and I even showed you how it works, the vacuum is not a monster!”   “Stop scaring Clementine!”  Nikki snickered. Bet you didn’t know cats could snicker.

She watched as I bathed Melissa in the sink, got her dressed, then fed her.  She sniffed the baby food and wrinkled up her nose.   I offered her some bacon which she daintily accepted and thanked me for.  She didn’t seem to like the wet or dry cat food!    She rolled around on the carpet on the floors and tried out each cat bed. At first she was afraid of Anu,  but Anu picked her up and groomed her and she was purring like a kitten.   She asked if she could have some milk and I warmed some for her. She took a drink but again wrinkled her nose.  Better straight from the cow, I guess.

She watched wide eyed as I hooked Melissa’s jump seat in the door way. Melissa loved to jump up and down and it was  really good there was a seat belt or she would have jumped clean out of it.    I sat down on the couch with a cup of coffee so I could keep an eye on Melissa.  I patted the couch next to me and I asked her how she thought she came to be here.   ” I don’t know Mistress, you left the day before and didn’t return at night!”   “When I saw you appear in the kitchen I thought it was really you, but it turned out to be not you!”   She looked confused!    Me too!  Whew!

I told her not to try to puzzle it out at this time.  I asked if I left before and didn’t come back. She said no, that was why she was so relieved to see me.   She looked so upset that I reached out for her. She jumped into my arms and I held her close and rocked her like a baby.   I was holding her and  I thought it felt like her belly was kind of big.  I asked her if she was going to have kittens.  She sighed,  “Yes, Mistress, I’ll be having my own wee ones!”

I asked her how she felt about it, and she said she had  a couple of litters  but that I had always been able to find homes for them.   “I understand, but do you want to keep your babies?”   “No, Mistress, that’s too many wee ones.”  I had to laugh but I was serious when I asked, and finally she said that she would like to keep at least one.  I told her we will keep at least one, and after that she won’t be having any more wee ones!

I explained the operation at the vet so she wouldn’t have to worry about having anymore “Wee ones”   She was amazed that there was a doctor just for animals.  I told her she would be even more amazed when she saw the doctors waiting room. Lots of different animals. Neither one of us could understand how she came back with me, but as I told her I was very happy she was here and would she please call me mom?   She agreed with a smile and went off to play with the other babies.

They were jumping over each other and playing to make Melissa laugh!  She got so tickled she laughed out loud until her face turned red!  All the kitties were laughing too.  I was cleaning Frank’s bedroom when the phone rang.  I answered it to hear Sherry’s voice asking me how I was .   Oh boy!  Perfect way  to ruin my morning!  She asked if she could come over the next day so Erica and Melissa could play together.   I was thinking that Melissa was only 6 months old.  Too young to play with Erica.

What came out of my mouth however, was , “Sure come on over and I will make coffee!”  Sherry said she would bring a coffee cake.  We set the time at 11 a.m  When I hung up I couldn’t understand why I agreed.   This woman must still be  glamouring me.  I would show her!  I got my book out and read it over.   I would be ready for her.

I fried chicken for dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy and salad.  Frank enjoyed his dinner.  Then he noticed Clementine. He asked where this one came from. I told him, since he had asked me to be honest with him.    He didn’t say anything until I told him she was pregnant.   “She’s what?”  “Pregnant?”  “Don’t we have enough cats in this house?”    “You don’t like cats all of a sudden?”   “Your daughter adores these cats!”

He looked a little sheepish!  “Yeah, I know.”  “I’m just tired, sorry!”   He took his beer to the living room and drank and smoked until he passed out.  I was worried about him.   This new job seemed to be a lot harder on him than it should be.  I took my book into my bedroom and read   for a while.   I put Melissa in her crib and she fell asleep quickly. I turned off the lights, and Clementine cuddled up close to me.  I assured her that she would get used to living here and that I loved her and would take good care of  her.

Frank always left before I got up in the mornings. He didn’t eat breakfast at home when he was working.  He got a danish off a truck outside the factory during break. He took a large thermos of coffee. I appreciated that he let me sleep.  Frank had a lot of good qualities.   He adored his daughter. He didn’t complain about how many cats we had. He loved them too.  He worked every day and he loved me.

I did a fast cleaning, bathed Melissa and me.  I made coffee, and at exactly 11:00, there was a knock on the door.   Sherry pushed Erica’s stroller in. The coffee cake was a cream cake,  from a fancy baker on Chicago Ave.  They make excellent cakes.  Sherry had a big smile on her face and Erica was dressed up.  Hmmm!

We sat in the living room with the girls on the carpet. They were both crawling now. They made for a pretty picture. Melissa blonde and blue eyed. Erica with black hair and brown eyes, both the picture of health and happiness.   We made small talk and ate our cake and drank our coffee. We fed cake to our girls, and laid the girls down with their bottles.

Clementine wandered into the room, and Sherry looked a little pale and her eyes widened.”What’s wrong, Sherry?”  “Are you alright?”   I really was concerned. She looked ready to faint.  “Oh no, I’m fine, just didn’t know you had a cat!”   I was confused!  She had been here before, with all my cats, had none of them made themselves known to her?

I had to laugh at her expression. It had turned to distaste. “Are you allergic?”  “No, I just don’t care for cats.”  She picked Erica up and put her on the couch next to her with one hand on her. Clementine had jumped into my lap. There was a sweet smile on her little cat face.

“I brought my little Clementine back with me from Salem Massachusetts.  Oops! Did I say that?   “What did you say?”  “You heard me Sherry, if you are going to play at being a witch  you cannot be afraid of cats!”  “Isn’t that right Clementine?”   Clementine looked right at Sherry and said out loud and so Sherry could hear and understand her,   “That’s right, and you had better leave my mom alone!”     This time I did laugh!  Sherry’s eyes rolled up in her head and her face got even whiter.  To her credit, she didn’t faint.   Clementine jumped down and stalked toward Sherry. “Haven’t you ever heard a cat talk before?”

Sherry jumped up and grabbed Erica and started mumbling about an appointment and having to leave.  She sort of dumped poor Erica into the stroller.  She had  been wrenched out of a sound sleep and was now screaming at the top of her lungs.  Sherry looked at me and said, “Salem?”  “That’s right where the real witches are from.”  She took off so fast you would have thought a cat was nipping at her bottom!

I turned to look at Clementine who was innocently grooming herself.  “Well, my love that was impressive!”  “We need to have a little talk about how it is that you can talk to other humans!”   “You have powers my girl!”  Clementine stopped her bath, looked at me and said,  “It is you Mistress that gave them to me!”   I’m sure I must have paled. I know my mouth dropped open.   Oh boy!


I’m a what?!





About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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3 Responses to Cats, cats, and more cats and Frank!

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  2. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    Oh boy is right!! I can’t wait to find out “what you are!” Amazing that you could give Clementine the power to be understood by others…or was it just Sherry? Looking forward to next week!!

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