I’m a what!!?

I was staring at little Clementine, calmly washing her pretty little face, and looking like the cat  that swallowed a 10 lb. canary whole!    “O.k little Miss Clementine!”  “Explain yourself please?”    That’s when I heard the laughter.  Seemingly out of no where.  “Tip!”   “Stop laughing!”  “You sound like a braying donkey!”   “Show yourself!”  I was just a tad annoyed!  Just a tiny bit!  Oh boy!!

Tip appeared all decked out in his green suit and top hat!   I looked at his grinning face and I said,  “Did you hear Clementine say I gave her power?”   “I heard Lassie, yes I did!”    “What does she mean?”  “Is she saying I’m a, I’m a witch?”  I’m pretty sure I squeaked the last part out, because it set Tip off into gales of laughter.  Clementine was laughing and so were all the kitties, although I don’t think they knew what they were laughing at.

I was getting angry!   I wanted to know what was so funny!   “Right now, Tip tell me if I’m a witch, or if I were a witch?!”   “Now!!!”    Tip stopped laughing and looked at me seriously.   “No Lassie, you are not now, nor have you ever been a witch!”   I felt a great deal of relief until he went on, “You were a wise woman!”    Ah, geesh!   “A  wise woman?”  “are you serious?”   “I am serious!”  Clementine just smiled.

Tip went on to explain that real witches were actually women and some men that worshiped nature and believed in the divinity of nature and the old gods and goddesses.   Wise women were healers and used herbs and tinctures to doctor and to relieve anxiety and angst.  Yes, he said angst. Many wise women had powers that were not  to be believed by or explained to the average person.

“Some held the power of conversing with the animals, some were allowed to see spirits.”   “A few held  the powers granted by the creator of understanding the animals and seeing and speaking with spirits both!”   “These people are called mediums, psychics, animal communicators and other names in this day and age!”  “Long ago, the name was Wise Women!”     I began to protest, but Tip held up his hand.

“Just a minute Lassie please!”  I must have looked surprised because he laughed again. “The people who were jealous of the abilities of the wise women spread rumors and lies and this is how witches came to be evil and frightening!”  “Tip, I thought it was all about land and wealth?”    Tip went on to explain that land and wealth were a bonus. These people were jealous and some of them actually believed their own lies.

“You were gifted with animal communication, speaking with spirits and healing!”  “At this time you were able to gift animals with voices to speak with the average human, you were able to see and cure the ailments of the body of human and animal!”   “You are still gifted with  animal communication, seeing spirits!”   “You are an empath Lassie, and a very sensitive one, you are able to heal with the laying on of hands, but you did not bring the gifts of bestowing voices on the animals or seeing diseases inside the body!”   “You do have the ability  to hide who you are though!”    “The need to survive!”

Uh huh!   A lot to think about and digest.  I went on with house work and  cooked dinner, all that mundane daily grind stuff that frees the mind to wander where  it will.    I got it all done.  Frank came home in a good mood.  He danced me around the house and we enjoyed our dinner. Laughing and talking. it didn’t happen often, but it was wonderful when it did.  Frank was a very moody person. He had brought a lot of personal baggage with him to our relationship.  I had my own, so I tried to be as understanding as possible. After all he was understanding of me.

We watched a movie together and turned in early. What happened next is no ones business but our own.   It was a lovely evening and I was sorry to see it end.  I had told Frank everything that Tip revealed to me. He had listened closely and shook his head. He told me he couldn’t even pretend to understand. Then he smiled and said he knew I was special the first time he saw me and was glad we were together.  You would think this was a real love story, now wouldn’t you?  It really did start out that way.

Baggage has a way of turning into demons. I’m getting ahead of myself so back to the story folks!    I went to my own bed. Melissa was still sleeping like an angel.  Kitties were all over my bed. I had to move a few to get in. Love all my babies so much. I slept deeply and without dreams,  which was nice.  I woke up the next morning refreshed and happy.   It was a beautiful day!  I rushed through my work and got Melissa ready and put her in her stroller and off we went to the market on Chicago Ave.    It was about eight blocks away and I took my time and window shopped.

I was looking at the baby toy display inside the market, when I thought I saw a familiar face.  Yes!   It was Linda!  The woman that came back with me and Midnight from the garden of Evil.  I was wishing I could talk to her about our experiences, but Ariel said she would not remember and it was best that way.  I was still trying to forget those horrors. I didn’t want to set off any memories for her.  Oh well!  I went on browsing up and down the aisles.   “Excuse me!”   Surprised, I turned around.  It was Linda.  “I hope you don’t mind my saying what a beautiful baby girl you have?!”   “Mind?”  “What kind of mother would I be if I minded?”  “Do you not see the proud beaming face?”  I laughed!

Linda went on to say that she had just found out she was going to have a baby!  “I could tell by the beautiful glow!”    We both laughed.  She was looking at me strangely.  “Is something wrong?”  She said,  “No, no you just look so familiar!”  “Like someone out of a dream I had!”  Uh oh!     She laughed and said,  “I’m sorry, didn’t mean to offend you!”   “You didn’t offend me, just kind of surprised me!”  “That is a nice thing to say!”  I tried to smile reassuringly at her.

We walked together and discussed babies, formula, babies, toys, babies, childbirth, and so on.  Linda suggested we go to the small restaurant down the street for lunch and continue our conversation.   This is the same restaurant that Joe abducted me from. Still a decent place with good food, good prices and a small jute box on every table. Four plays for a quarter.    We ordered and found we had so much in common.   Her husband was a foreman in a factory that I had worked in briefly. We even went to the same doctor.

Linda held Melissa and fed her some jello. Melissa laughed and patted her face. She really did have a lovely pink aura.  We had so much to talk about that time just flew by!  Little Magic appeared in the seat next to me. Startled me, until I remembered she was a spirit cat and no one else but me could see her.  “Mama, we been worried about you!”  “We were scared you went back to the bad place!”   I looked at my watch!  I had been gone for five hours!  No wonder they were worried.  Frank would be home soon!

Linda saw me looking at my watch and she looked at hers. We both needed to get home and get dinner started.  She offered me a lift and we put Melissa’s stroller in the trunk of her car.  Once home, she came in with me to see my kitties. She looked at Midnight and talked about how handsome he was. I was really happy Clementine didn’t say anything. Whew!

She gave me her address and phone number. She didn’t live very far away.  I gave her my phone number and we were going to talk to our men folk about having dinner together this coming week end.  I would really love to have some nice friends we could do things with   together as a couple and separately also.  Linda left and Anu blind sided me, by suggesting I had to talk to Ariel first since Linda and I  had the history together.  Oh shoot!!











About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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2 Responses to I’m a what!!?

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  2. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    Oh BOY!! Love your reunion with Linda…and the part about your gifts having changed a bit from one incarnation to the next is fascinating….especially that you did at one time have the gift of having the animals speak in voices that any human could understand….wish you still had that one so I could talk to my Lucy….LOL…but you are surely blessed to have the gifts you do!! Looking forward to next week!!

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