Hmmm!   This was a wrinkle in my plans alright!   Anu smiled at me.  Even for a spirit panther that smile was a little scary!   “Why do I have to ask Ariel’s permission to be friends with Linda?”    “Do you not remember Ariel saying Linda would not have memories of her time in The garden of Evil?”   “Yes I remember!”   “There were good reasons!”   “I know you are right,  and I will ask Ariel for permission!”

Of course, Anu was right, she was always right.    I also  didn’t want to harm Linda in any way. I genuinely liked her.   Anu told me to meditate and concentrate on calling Ariel and ask for her assistance.  I put Melissa down for her nap and after she was asleep, I sat in the rocking chair and began my meditation.  I was calling Ariel when I heard the tinkling of bells and  kitties giggling!  I smiled as I opened my eyes. Ariel was hovering in the middle of the room and the kitties were climbing on her and laughing as she flew them around the room.

Ariel was so beautiful and had such a sweet smile that it made me feel good all over.  She genuinely loved animals, children and her imperfect adult charges.   Melissa woke up and Ariel picked her up and replaced me in the rocker.  Melissa was fascinated with Ariel’s wings, so she folded them down and they disappeared!  Melissa was startled and started to cry, but Ariel began singing a lovely lullaby that I had never heard before. With in minutes Melissa was asleep, and smiling Ariel kissed her on the forehead and placed her gently in her crib.

“Do you have need of my assistance?”   I told her all about how I ran into Linda in the store by accident and we found we had so much in common.   ” My request is that Linda and I can become friends.”    Ariel looked thoughtful.  “I need to consult and will give you my decision on the morrow!”   With that pronouncement she disappeared. One minute she was there and the next minute gone!    I had to sit down.   When she leaves there is always the most wonderful scent in the air. I’m not sure what it is.  It’s like cherry blossoms and ambrosia. It’s just so hard to explain.

Tip appeared in front of me and I almost fell off the chair. He had a pensive look on his handsome face.  “She does leave you wanting more.”  “Like gossimer and moondrops!”  “Oh my gosh, Tip!”  “That’s almost poetic!”   He looked longingly at the space Ariel had occupied and I was given to wonder if angels could fall in love.

“Gotcha, lassie!”  “Of course, angels can’t fall in love!”   Tip laughed!  Still, it wasn’t his usual braying laugh!  Something in his eyes. Kind of a sadness. He would never admit to it.   Oh boy!  I didn’t want to think of Tip this way.  Do angels date?  Probably not.  Ariel was an Arch angel and Tip was…well, Tip was Tip!  Geesh!

I asked Tip who Ariel was going to consult with.  He gave me an incredulous look and said, “Ah Lassie, who do you think with?”   “Oh yeah, I wasn’t thinking!”  Tip shook his head and disappeared.   Clementine looked up at me and asked was I o.k.   “Yes, dear Clemmie, I am fine!”   “I was just thinking about love, and the rhyme and reason of it!”   I laughed at Clementines expression.    I told her  this was love between men and women and so forth.   “Yes, mistress, I understand!”  I was still trying to get her to call me mom.

I hummed as I went about my work.  I watched a soap opera and yelled at the people who were cheating, divorcing, making love, and often at the same time.  Magic, Nikki, Bandit and Clementine came in to see what I was yelling about. I had put Melissa in her jump seat in the door way and she was laughing loudly.  Soon we were all laughing and having a great time.

Clementine was still getting used to the ways of her new world.   She was frightened every time I gave Melissa a bath, sure I was drowning her. No matter that Melissa was laughing and slapping the water.  Clementine would jump up and down and pace until Melissa was safely out of the water.  She loved the cold air of the refrigerator and almost got closed in when I was distracted.  She ran and hid from the “Vacuum monster”, along with Nikki, and Bandit!

The day dragged by. Frank came home tired. He ate his dinner, and drank himself to sleep early.   I watched t.v, played with Melissa and the kitties, and finally went to bed and sleep. When I slept dreamlessly it was a good night for me. The next morning I was on pins and needles wondering when Ariel would arrive and what her decision would be.

Tip popped in and looked around. I told him Ariel wasn’t there yet. Tip said angel time was different because it didn’t exist. Humans are the only being that lived by a clock.   That’s true. I had a schedule for everything.  It seemed easier to me. Tip was nervous and I asked him about it. He claimed he wasn’t nervous, he just wanted to find out the decision.

We sat at the kitchen table and had coffee. I put out Tip’s favorite cookies.  Chocolate chip. He scarfed down the whole plate. I was watching him with my eyes wide in amazement, when I heard tinkling bells. The signal that Ariel was arriving. I laughed because Tip almost choked on a cookie. I was pretty sure angels couldn’t choke to death. Pretty sure.

Ariel was standing there.  She looked at Tip in concern.  “Tip are you alright?”   She waved her hand and Tip stopped coughing and his face went back to it’s normal color. Reddish instead of beet red.   Ariel smiled and the sun came out.  “We can’t lose one of our best guardian angels!”   Tip’s mouth opened and mine too!  Ariel laughed and the bells tinkled again!  “I know you’re  waiting to find out about your request!”   ” The decision was made that yes, you can have your friendship with Linda and her husband Jack!”    I was elated!  Ariel went on,  “However!”  Uh oh.  There are a few things you should know first!”   This couldn’t be good.

“There are a few things you need to know about Jack!”   Oh my gosh!    “Jack is as you are!”  O.k, I was a little confused.  “What do you mean as I am?”   “He is a psychic medium, he cannot read or understand animals, but he can detect diseases in the body, and help to heal!”    “Wow!”  “That’s amazing and wonderful!”  “I can’t wait to meet him!”    “He can see and converse with angels, but not other spirits.”  We were sort of the same, but our gifts ran a little differently.   The look on her face gave me pause.

” Wait a minute, I feel a “But” coming up here.”   “Jack is in denial.”    “Denial?”   “Denial about what?”   “His gifts, he refuses to acknowledge them!”    ‘He doesn’t want them, and that’s fine, but he is about to be a father.”    “His child will be gifted, and having a father denying who he is, will not be good.”    “We are concerned that having a father suppressing his own gifts will affect this child negatively.”

“what about Linda, does she know about Jack?”   “No, she doesn’t know and he doesn’t want her to know.”    I had a strange feeling about where all this was going.  “Why are you telling me all this?”    “We want you to help Jack realize that his denial of who he is, could be harmful to his child!”    I knew there would be strings attached. I didn’t think they would be this stringy.  “What do you want me to do?”    “We want you to set up a time to meet Jack and Linda set up a basis for a friendship.”   “Invite them to dinner.”

“When you are all comfortable with this friendship, speak with Jack and try to help him allay his fears.”    “I feel kind of sneaky about it, I like Linda and don’t want to hurt her.” “You won’t hurt Linda, she has a little psychic ability of her own.”   “She doesn’t realize this and you will be helping her as well as Jack and their child.”   “I will do the best I can Ariel, no promises though.”

“I will come to you and let you know when you will be meeting Jack in the dream time.”   “The dream time”   “Why?”   “He will be easier to convince there.”   “Are you going to be there Ariel?”   “No, but Tip will be there to help, he is also Jack’s guardian angel.”  Oh boy!  Sounds like a good time for all.  Ariel disappeared, leaving me with a lot to consider. Tip had not said a word through all of this. He was looking at me seriously.

“This is an important assignment for us, Lassie.”   I was feeling a little numb and my brain just was not comprehending.     I have a lot to process and I also need to talk with Frank and convince him we want to be friends with people he has never met.    I hope he will be alright with it. I never know, but I think I could convince him.

“Tip, why do we have to meet in the dream time?”    “Lassie, when you are all friends and Jack knows you, and then you will meet him in the dream time.”   “He will be sure he is dreaming at first, then you show him who you are as well as who he is.”   “Still seems sneaky to me.”    Tip sighed, and said “Sometimes one has to be sneaky to ensure what is meant to be will be!”

I just stared at him, because I really didn’t know what to say!

Dinner and Dreams!


A note from the present day kitties:     We have talked until we are blue in the fur to mom about more kitties and less angels and humans!     If it wasn’t for us, she couldn’t write. We don’t jump on her or bite her. We sit patiently until she finishes.  Anu helps her write tells her what she forgets.  Magic tickles her and keeps her happy.  We thinks we should have our own byline, so from now on this blog is called;     Kitties and momma!






About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    BRAVO!! Another chapter and more mysteries about helping Linda and her hubby to accept their gifts (especially since their baby will be gifted as well!) and learn how to use them for good! Glad to know that you will have Tip there to help as this sounds like a very serious and important assignment! Looking forward as always to next time!!

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