Dinner and dreams Aka Kitties and momma.

I thought about it all day long.  I fried  a chicken, made baked potatoes and  peas and corn.  I added butter, lots of butter. That’s right I was buttering Frank up.  Uhmm hmm!   Frank came home in a little better mood. His robotic arm was coming along better than he had anticipated.   He looked at the elaborate meal of a lot of his favorites suspiciously.    I forgot to mention that there was  home made biscuits. That’s right, I opened the can, and  put them in a pan and made them right there in my own kitchen.  Home made!

Frank shooed me out of the kitchen after dinner,  saying the chef deserved a break, he washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. He even swept the floor and mopped.  I had to laugh when I saw  Nikki, and Bandit watching from the safety of the top of the fridge.  Their mouths were open in surprise.   They had never seen “Daddy”  do any kind of housework at all, even dishes.  I was able to get Melissa ready for bed, she was tired. With the excitement of Ariel’s visit, she didn’t get her nap out.

I rocked Melissa to sleep, and laid her in her crib.  I joined Frank in the living room with a glass of wine. I cuddled up to him on the couch, and put my head on his shoulder.  “Honey, I want to ask you something.”   “Yes,  dear?   He said this with a big smile, which irritated me.  Did he think I had ulterior motives?   I told him all about meeting Linda in the store and how we had so much in common.    I told him how Linda and Jack had not been married that long.   He was starting to look interested when he found out about Jack being a supervisor in a factory.

” That’s nice, but what is all this leading up to?”   “I thought it would be really great, if we were friends as a couple!”     “Remember we were talking about how nice it would be to have friends we could do things with as a couple?”   “I thought you wanted to be “couple friends” with your buddies, Bill and Sherry?”  I almost choked on my wine.   “No honey, I  don’t think that would work out.”  “I’d like to ask Linda and Jack over for dinner next Saturday night.”   I held my breath.

He hesitated for a minute.  “As long as I don’t have to dress up.”  “I’m not wearing a suit and tie!”   I laughed!  “Oh honey, just dress nice and casual!”  “It’s a getting  to know you dinner, not a formal affair!”   “I am so happy you agreed.”  “I really like Linda, and I’m sure you have a lot in common with Jack!”   When I said this I had my fingers crossed.    We watched movies until we both fell asleep on the couch.

The next day I called Linda.  We talked for awhile and I asked her if they were free on Saturday night.   She said she would talk to Jack and let me know.    We talked for a long time. Melissa had started crawling and she was all over the place.   Frank had brought a walker home for her.   She could sit in it and walk. It had a seat belt so it was safe for her. Using the jumper in the doorway, her legs were pretty strong, so at 6 months she could move the walker around.  Safe for her, but not me.  She liked to walk it into me and laugh.

When I talked on the phone, she was in the jumper in the doorway with kitties to entertain her.  I hummed as I danced around the house doing my work. This delighted the kitties and they all wanted to dance with me. I picked them up, one at a time and danced with them.  Magic draped herself over my shoulder and rode along.  I picked Melissa up and danced with her too. We had so much fun. Then again, we always did!

I rocked Melissa and when she was taking her nap, I started planning the menu for our dinner Saturday night.  Linda and I agreed on steak. We all liked steak.   Baked potatoes with sour cream and real butter and fresh corn on the cob.  I thought I might make corn bread, but decided on dinner rolls.  Iced tea with lemon wedges.  Sounded good. Linda was bringing dessert. We wanted our men to like each other and maybe bond like we did.   Wait a minute. Do men bond?

Tip popped in.  He was serious, which made me suspicious.   “How are the dinner plans going, Lassie?”   I showed him the menu. “Don’t get the idea you are invited.”  “I would never be able to explain your presence.”   “I understand that Lassie, but I will be watching from a distance!”  “I need to assess Jack’s level of denial in order to proceed.”  I had no idea what he meant, but he had better not ruin my dinner party!   If he did there would be serious consequences in angel land for Tip!  Yeah!!

I was really nervous on Saturday. Frank didn’t have to work so I let him sleep late. I cleaned the house, then I cleaned it again.  I began cooking early. I bought enough steaks so the kitties would have one to share. They agreed to stay in the bedroom with their treats and be good. My niece was going to babysit Melissa, so it would be adults only tonight for this important first meeting.  This was also my first dinner party.

I got Frank up and into the bath.  Good grief!  How many kids did I have?   I had everything almost ready, with Frank in front of the t.v.   I was about to take a bath when Ariel appeared.  She never popped like Tip.  Ariel appeared, usually hovering in mid air.  I always knew she was there because she generated so much excitement.  Melissa and the kitties adored her, and she returned their love.  “I just wanted to be sure you are alright with this.”  “It’s very important that it goes  well. ”    ” No worries, Ariel.”  “I am preparing carefully, although I’m not sure how to broach the subject of gifts or powers to him. ”

“Do not worry, child, Tip will help you there, just follow his lead.”   I must  have looked skeptical, because she laughed.   “Tip may act silly, but he is actually several hundred years old and a very accomplished guardian angel.”      “Tip has been trusted with you and Jack, no other angel will do!”   With a smile she disappeared.   Wow!   “Tip!” “I know you are here!”    Tip appeared and he looked a little, what’s the word, love struck!?   Ariel struck?  He looked surprised.  “Well Lassie, you heard what she said!”    “No worries when Tip’s here!”    I smiled at him.  “Bye Tip!”  Pop he was gone.

I bustled around and  finished getting everything ready.   I set the table with flowers and candles.  I was so nervous!  Frank looked at the table then at me.  “I thought this was casual?”   “It is, but I want it to be nice!”   Frank smiled and kissed me and said,  “Don’t worry honey, everything looks wonderful and I’ll be charming and won’t get drunk!”  Well you could have knocked me over with a feather.  I kissed him and said, “That means a lot to me, thank you.”    There was a knock on the door and we were on.

We opened the door together. Linda came in first and she was a very pretty lady, but Jack!  Jack came in and my mouth fell open. Could have been a bit of drool there.    I didn’t dare look at Frank.  Jack was gorgeous!   six feet two at least.  Black curly hair, blue eyes with little laugh lines around them.  Broad shoulders, and a sculpted  chest.. Yum!    He put his hand out and shook hands with Frank and then, get this, he kissed my hand!  OMG!  I’m serious.  Man oozed charm and I thought to myself.  No way, this guy must be a jerk!   He presented us with a very expensive bottle of wine . O.k, maybe hope for him yet.

Jack pulled the chair out for Linda and smiled at her and when he did I saw all the love he had for his wife shining from his eyes.  I relaxed.   During dinner, which was really good, thank you, we talked a little, ate a little, drank a little and got along very well.  Whew!! Linda didn’t drink  and Jack told us proudly about their unborn child.

Linda asked about Melissa, and was disappointed that she was with my niece.  I went upstairs and brought her home.  After dinner we sat in the living room. I drank some more of that delicious expensive wine.  Double yum!  Frank and Jack drank beer and talked about their jobs.  Linda oohed and awed over Melissa, and Melissa was her usual charming self.  I sat back and observed Jack.  I could see it in him. The gifts he was suppressing.  This man would be charming even if he was skinny, bald and ugly as a toad.

“Do you see it Lassie, under all that charm and looks?”   “He’s got the powers alright!”  I looked around and no Tip, just his voice!  I thought at him furiously,  “Get out of my head, you know I hate that!”  I could hear his laughter. Ugh!  Go away!  Jack suddenly looked at me, and said  with a smile, ‘You look so familiar!”   “Have we met before?”   Linda piped up with, “That’s exactly what I said when I first met her.”   Frank gave me a look and I shrugged.  I told Jack about me working in the factory he worked at a couple of years ago, different department.

Jack was still looking at me thoughtfully.    “I don’t think that’s it!”  “It will come to me sooner or later!”   I excused myself and went to put my sleepy baby to bed.  Linda went with me.  “I can’t wait for our baby to be born!”  “Jack will be such an amazing father!”  The smile on her face and the dreamy look in her eyes told me a lot about her love for Jack.  Then she went on to say, “Sometimes Jack has vivid disturbing dreams!”  Uh oh!  Looking at me pensively, Linda went on ,  “I had a very vivid and disturbing dream myself, not too long away.”   “Really.”    “Yes, I was in this really scary garden, it was dark and there was an evil man there trying to make nasty flowers out of me!”   “You were there and you rescued me, but I don’t know how you did it!”  “Wow! What a dream!”

“Maybe we should rejoin our men folk!”   O.k, I was babbling!   Linda was looking at me thoughtfully again!   I could hear Tips laughter!


Here we are, aren’t we?  Dreams!








About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Dinner and dreams Aka Kitties and momma.

  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    Very good results with your first dinner party….now I can’t wait to hear more about these “gifts” that Jack has….and Linda’s dreams!! Once again…I’m ready for the next one!!

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