Here we are, aren’t we? Dreams.

I followed Linda to the kitchen.  I made coffee while Linda cut the home made coconut cream pie that she  brought.   “Oh my gosh!”   “This is my very favorite pie in the whole world!”   Linda smiled at me thoughtfully.  “That dream you had sounds really scary, and it’s so strange that someone who looked like me was in it.”    I looked at her hopefully.

“It wasn’t someone who looked like you, it was you.”    “You saved me and I will be eternally grateful,  and I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want me to.”    I sighed.  “Tip!”   “Tip,  help!”  I screamed this so loud in my head,  that I almost blew out my eardrums.  Where was he when I needed him?    Silence.  Great!   “Let’s take our men folk their dessert, shall we?”

Frank and Jack were getting along really well.  I hoped  after  Tip and I did whatever we were supposed to do to help Jack  we could all still be friends.   Everyone oohed and awed over the dessert. It was pretty spectacular and it was quickly eaten.  Linda and Jack left before midnight and Frank was smiling.   He told me we would clean up in the morning and we went to bed.

I finally returned to my own bed.   I had just laid down when I heard Tips voice.  “Nice  party Lassie, did you save me some pie?”  “Tip, didn’t you hear me calling you?”  “I heard you,  yes I did, but did you expect me to pop in and scare the poor girl to death?”    ”  I guess  you’re right.”   “I didn’t expect her to remember  so quickly!”   “She’s psychic, so it’s surprising  it has taken her this long!”   “Are you ready now Lassie?”  I looked at  Tip blankly.   “Our trip to the dream time.”

“What!  “What are you talking about?”  “I just met the man, it’s too early!”   “You’re not afraid, now are you?”   “I’ll be right there with you!”   Oh boy!  Now I was terrified!   Tip took my hands in his and smiled.  “Remember what Ariel said?”   “No other angel will do?”    ” Don’t worry Lassie, I will take good care of you!”   ” Close your eyes.”

I closed my eyes and a few seconds later Tip told me to open my eyes.  I opened my eyes  and looked around in amazement.  “Tip, where are?”    “We are  almost at the top of one of the highest mountains in the U.S.A.”  ” Are you serious, this looks like a park on the side  of a mountain?!”   “It’s green and beautiful, but I can see off into the distance!”   “That’s right, this is Jacks perfect dreamscape,  his safe place,  just as yours is a forest clearing.”

“Are you sure it’s alright for us to be here, isn’t it private?   “Haven’t you dreamed of people in your clearing with you?”  “Yes, I have, but where is he?”  “He will be here soon, Lassie, no worries!”   Jack produced two lawn chairs from somewhere, and sat in one of them.  ” Take a load off no telling when he will be arriving.”  I started at the lawn chairs and then at Jack. Sighing, I sat down to wait.  ” Here he comes”.  Indeed he did.   Jack sort of popped in. One minute he wasn’t there and now he was.  Fully dressed too. Sigh!    Kidding.  Uh huh!

“Didn’t we just leave your dinner party a couple of hours ago?”   “Who are you?”  This was directed at Tip.  Jack looked upset and he was getting angry. I was wondering if people could affect the weather in dreams with their emotions.  The “sky” was getting dark. I was praying there would not be a storm.   ” Calm down Laddie!”   “I am Tip your guardian angel, remember, I have been here with you before?”      “Guardian angel?”  “You really expect me to believe that?”   Jack looked at me and said,  “What are you doing here?”  “How did you get here?”  Was that a rumble of thunder?   I didn’t bring an umbrella.

I gave Jack my best smile, “why don’t we all sit down and be calm and Tip and I will explain all of this?!”    I sat in one lawn chair and Tip sat in the other, a third appeared across from us and Jack reluctantly sat in it.  “Well, what is this about?”   “Jack,  Tip is your guardian angel and he is mine also.”   “He is a wonderful guide and protector.”  Tip blushed, as well as an angel can blush.   “Thank you Lassie, that’s very kind of you.”

“O.k, Jack I’m just going to start talking and tell you what ever pops in to my head.”  Hmm, did that come out right?    “You are going to be a father in a few months.”  This brought a smile to his face.  Storm clouds went away and no more thunder rumblings!  Whew!  Who knew what kind of storm could be whipped up in this dreamscape.    “You have gifts, that you are not acknowledging for your own reasons.”   “Linda is also psychic.” Jack looked surprised.  “Yes, it’s true, and when two people who are  gifted as the two of you are, get together and make a baby, that baby has gifts also!

“What do you mean by gifts?”   Tip said,  “You can sense diseases in a body, before they develop, you can also see disease and know how to heal them.”  “You are a psychic healer, healing the body, mind and spirit with your mind as well as your hands.”   Jack looked skeptical.  Tip said,  “I’m not finished yet.  “you have the ability to predict events in the future through your dreams.  “You know what will happen, before it happens!”   “you have the limited ability to see spirits.”  Jack looked startled!  “Ghosts?”    Tip looked annoyed!  “No, not ghosts!”  “There is no such thing as ghosts, except in movies to scare people with!”

“Spirit are the departed souls of those who have not completely crossed over or have returned for their own reasons.”   “Linda is psychic.”  She can see spirits, and knows what will happen before hand.”   “She can read you by looking at you!”   “Linda’s gifts combined with your gifts will make your child special indeed!”   “You  mean she will have these  gifts and Linda’s too?”  Jack looked not only a little skeptical, but scared too. Didn’t blame him. It was a scary thought to me too.   Tip said, “we are not sure what gifts your child will have yet.”  ” A combination of the two of you.”  “Probably not all of them.”   “She might have other gifts, we don’t know yet.”  “She will need strong parents to guide her!”  Jack sighed.

“I’m going to tell you why I’ve tried to live a normal life without any of these gifts.”   “My grandmother on my mother’s side had these so called gifts.”   My grandmother had a little shop in New York where she told fortunes, read tarot cards and scried in her crystal ball.”  I must have looked surprised because Jack smiled at me and said, “I am not totally unfamiliar with these gifts.”  “I just don’t want them.”   “My grandmother was a charlatan.”  “she bilked people out of as much money as she could every day!”

“My mother went to school and the kids would call her names, dirty gypsy.”    “That’s right, I am Romney, a gypsy!”    That accounted for his beautiful skin and hair and eyes. Oh yes, and the hand kissing.   I know, I know, but I can’t help it if I think the Romney are beautiful.  Romantic also.    “I don’t want these gifts!”  “Please leave my dream!”  Poof, just like that Tip and I were back in my bedroom.   There were tears running down my face.  Tip looked at me sympathetically.   “Don’t cry Lassie, sure you didn’t think it would be that easy?”

“That’s not it Tip.”  “I feel so bad for him, knowing how hurt his mother was.”    “Imagine how hard it was for him in school.  “Yes, lassie, I agree, but think on this for a minute.”  “Jack called his grandmother a charlatan and thinks she was bilking people out of money.”  “I know for a fact, lassie, that Jack’s grandmother was a real psychic, and could foretell the future.”     “She was alone after her husband passed away, and she had 6 children to support.”  “This was the best way to take care of them for her.”

“You are telling me that Jack’s grandmother was really gifted?”   “That’s right, and she passed her gifts down to Jack.”  “What about his mother?”  “Yes, she had a few gifts of her own but didn’t want them and never used them.”    “She is the reason Jack is so determined not to use his gifts, or even acknowledge them.”   “what are we going to do?”   “You are going to talk with Linda and tell her about her gifts, and about Jack’s.”   “Linda knows you saved her and she is grateful to you.”  “She will listen.”

“Then, lassie, we will brave the dream time again and see what we can do with our doubting Jack.   Oh boy!   I can hardly wait.



Instead of a kitty byline, This will be the voice of the kitties.

This is Tabitha Abigail.  I am a 17 year old black beauty.   I have lived with mama since I was a young kitten.  Then I  lived with a man along with my sister, Mandy.  He was mean to us, no treats, no petting, only hard dry crunchies and a dirty litter box.  He drank the bad stinky stuff that made him mean.  We hid under the bed, when he was stumbling around, so we didn’t get stepped on or kicked.  One day he opened the door and we ran out quick and hid by mamas door. She opened the door and we ran in.  I talked to mama because Mandy was too scared and she said we could live with her. He didn’t even look for us.  Mama loved us and took care of us. Good food plenty of treats and a clean litter box. We paid mama back with purrs and kisses and lots of loving head boops.   Mandy went to the animal heaven last year. She visits us and we sleep together sometimes.  I take good care of mama. She takes good care of me.  This is my story as told to mama.


Conversations and love.









About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Here we are, aren’t we? Dreams.

  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    So there are now 3 of you in your immediate circle that have some type of “gifts”…wouldn’t blame poor Frank if he felt left out LOL!! Just a little humor there….since I can imagine that he is having a rough time taking this all in stride….and actually comes across from your descriptive words like he did fairly well!!
    Will be looking forward to your next “meeting” with Linda’s husband….and then we have Linda herself…amazing that she remembers as much as she does from a very traumatic situation in the garden….Keep up the good work Pat!!

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