Conversations and love

I slept well, considering all the activity of the night.  My dreams were rather bland, thankfully.   I woke refreshed with Midnight purring next to me. “We’re hungry mom.”  I had  overslept.  I jumped up in a panic!  Melissa wasn’t in her crib. Then I smelled coffee.

My nose led me to the kitchen. Melissa sat in her high chair waving a piece of bacon around and laughing.  Frank was at the table with a plate of bacon and eggs and a cup of coffee. My mouth fell open in surprise.  “Good morning sleepy head, your plate is warming in the oven.  Frank poured me a cup of coffee while I retrieved my plate. Hmm, smelled good!

“Home made biscuits, just like yours.”  We both laughed at that. My mother made delicious biscuits, but when I tried they came out like rocks.  This was so nice. I was feeling pampered.  Frank had cleaned up all the dishes from the night before and cleaned the dining room.  He was in a very good mood.

“I had a great time last night!”  Your dinner party was a good idea and we should do it more often. Linda called and wants you to return her call. Thanks honey, for everything.”     “This is a wonderful surprise.”  ” Hey you work hard taking care of me and Melissa, you deserve to sleep in and relax sometimes.”   Wow!  Could have knocked me over with a feather.  I could get used to this.

I called Linda and she raved about the dinner. She said Jack really enjoyed himself and liked Frank. Then she told me Jack had dreamed about me and a funny looking man in a green suit and a top hat.   I tried to laugh it off.  “A man in a green suit?”  Sounds like a fun dream.”    ” I’m serious!”   ” How about if you come over one day next week and we can talk about it?”

We made a coffee date for Monday morning.   The rest of Sunday was really nice.  I packed some sandwiches and we went to the zoo.  It was a beautiful warm Sunday and Melissa loved the animals. She tried crawling out of her stroller to  pet the big kitties. She laughed when the lions roared at her.  We all had a wonderful day.

We stopped for burgers and fries and by the time we got home Melissa was out like a light. This was the best week end we had in a long time.   I fed the kitties, cleaning litter boxes and answering questions about the animals at the zoo. Clemmies eyes got huge and she hid under the bed when I talked about the lions and tried to imitate their roar.   Nikki went under the bed after her and they wrestled and laughed until they tumbled out.

I  went to join Frank on the couch, but he was passed out already.  I went to bed and tried to read, but the kitties were being silly and made me laugh until I was asleep too.  My dreams were about the zoo and the animals.  I was in the cage with the lions grooming their long thick manes.  Whew!  Glad that was just a dream.

Monday was a beautiful day. I hummed as I went through my morning routine.  Frank left a note for me on the table saying he loved me.  I had to admit, life was  pretty good.  I was smiling and dancing around as I made coffee and chocolate chip cookies. I was pretty good at making cookies from scratch and  even branched out to oatmeal sometimes.

“Lassie, you made my favorites.  Hmm, smells so good!”  “You can have one, no more.  These are for Linda. She’s coming over for coffee in about an hour, so we can talk about a dream Jack had.  It involved a funny looking man in a green suit and top hat!”  “Funny looking?  She must mean good looking!”  Oh boy!   “Uh huh!  I’m sure that’s what she meant!  Anyway pop out, she’ll be here any minute.”

Just as I said that, there was a knock at the door.  I opened the door and Linda stood there with a large bakery box in her hands and a smile on her face.   “Come on in.  Oooh, you brought goodies!”  Linda brought a cream cake from my favorite bakery.  Melissa was in her jumper in the doorway.   The kitties were looking at Linda curiously.

Linda saw Melissa and made a bee line for her.  “May I pick her up and hold her?”   “Sure, she loves attention!”   Linda laughed and took Melissa out of the jumper.  “I can hardly wait until our baby girl is here.”   Smiling she rubbed her  Stomach.  “Wow!   You are really beginning to show”  laughing Linda said,  “yes, I’m so excited!  Would you be interested in shopping for maternity clothes with me?” “I would love it!”  I meant it too.

“Linda, how do you know your baby will be a girl?  You sound so certain.”   This was before  doctors told you the sex of the baby months before birth.   “I saw her in a dream.  She was beautiful!  She had my coloring and Jacks eyes and smile!”  “She sounds beautiful, and that’s a vivid dream.  Do you have those types of dreams often?”  This is me being sneaky and subtle.

Linda wasn’t fooled.  She smiled and said, “Do you mean dreams like the one where you rescued me from being plant food at the hands of the soul catcher?   The handsome black and white kitty that came back with us?  I don’t want to forget the gorgeous angel that sent me home”   ” Hmm, well yes, that type of dream.”   “Do you have those dreams often?”   “Yes, I do, and I dream of Jack and I in his park on the side of a mountain.   Beautiful  scenery”

Interesting.   Interactive dreaming?   “Tell me, Do you and Jack both remember these dreams?”    “He only admitted to remembering once, now he says no, but I know we are together on his mountain often.   “That’s Jacks safe place isn’t it? Where is yours?”   “My safe place, I guess that would be the garden in the back of our house.”  I’ve worked hard on making it peaceful and beautiful.  Whenever I’m upset or in need of a break I go there and meditate in the stillness.”

“It sounds lovely.  Does Jack visit you there in your safe place while you are both asleep?”   ” Ok let’s cut to the chase here. What are you saying?”   “Just that I think you and Jack being in each other’s dreams is really interesting.  It’s called interactive dreaming.  Maybe because you are both psychic.”  Linda laughed,  “You really think so?   I thought I might be, but Jack absolutely refuses to believe he is.”

“I’m going to tell you Linda that your unborn child will be psychic and have many other gifts.”   Linda said,  Jack had a lot of problems when he was a child.  His mother is completely against anything even remotely like psychics.” “Yes, so I heard. I was in one of Jacks dreams too.”  ” well, ladies, looks like we have our work cut out for us with our boy Jack.”    “Tip!  I almost jumped out of my skin, and about scared Linda to death!”  I introduced Tip to Linda who was looking a little pale.  ” Geesh Tip, she’s pregnant for Pete’s sake. ”

” I am very sorry dear lady. I did not mean to scare you. ”  Linda took a deep breath and made an effort to smile.  “That’s ok.  You didn’t mean it. Now what what were you saying about Jack?”  Tip grinned and said,  “Lets strategies dear ladies”   oh boy!

The kitties. Korner.

My name is  Toby Lee.  I am 14 years old. Mommy said she named me Toby Lee because I am so cute.  I’ve lived with mommy since I was 6 months old. My brother and I lived with a man mommy worked with. He was moving somewhere else and couldn’t take us. He was ok. Not mean. My brother lives with mommy’s daughter. I’m glad I live with mommy.  We love each other a lot.  I’m usually  pretty shy. Mommy said I could just tell her what to say and she would  write it.  I don’t have any teeth,  but I can eat my cat food good. Mommy gave us chicken for a treat tonight. Jason tried to eat mine, but I hopped him with my paw as nd he backed off fast. He,he,he.    Ok mommy said to say night. So night.  Don’t forget   I’m Toby Lee.  🙂

Strategies and schemes.


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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  1. Hopped him with his paw! Lol! When it comes to food Toby stands up for himself. He forgot to add he is mommy’s protector and sleeps next to mommy all night. Just in case. 🙂

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