Strategies and schemes

Tip and I both looked at Linda in surprise.  She blushed.   “I’m sorry, it’s just that I worry about Jack.  Sometimes he broods and I ask him why and he will either be vague, or mutter something I don’t understand.  Most of the time he is a wonderful loving husband and I couldn’t ask for a more romantic man.”  She blushed again.   Tip looked puzzled, but I smiled.  Suddenly a light dawned on Tip, and he blushed.  This time I laughed out loud and Tip scowled at me.

“Well Lassie’s now that you’ve had your fun at old Tip’s expense can we get on with how to help Jack?”   I looked at Linda,  “I’m good, how about you?”   Linda grinned, “Sure, I’m good too.”  “Now Linda, when is it that Jack broods the most?”   “Usually when he is getting up in the morning, after he has a fitful night’s sleep.”   “He tosses and turns and talks in his sleep.  He argues with people, mostly his mother, but seems to be a man he’s arguing with also.”   Tip looked thoughtful.  “Has he mentioned the man’s name?”

“Something like Carl or Carlyle.”   Tip looked startled.  “Ladies, I have need of thinking about all this and maybe speaking with a higher up.  “I’m going to have to pop out and I will be back as soon as I can.”   Linda was looking at Tip thoughtfully.  “Haven’t I seen you in my dreams?  Sitting next to me in my garden swing?”   “Why yes I believe you have, because I am also your guardian angel.”   “Why haven’t you said anything to me?”  ” Lassie, I am not allowed to until you recognize me and call on me.  I am just there to keep you safe until you ask my name.”

Tip was gone. Linda was startled.  “How does he do that?”  “I’m not really sure, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. ”   “He thinks it’s funny to pop in, tap Frank on the shoulder and pop out again.”  I sighed.   “He can be a real prankster, but he’s a good guy and a fine guardian angel.”    Linda  looked thoughtful,  “who is Tip going to talk to exactly?”   “Probably Ariel, but I don’t know, he may have to go higher, depending on who this Carlyle is.  Have you seen him?”

“No, I haven’t been able to enter Jack’s dream when he is so restless.  It’s like a barrier keeping me out.”   “Don’t worry Linda, Tip and Ariel will help us get this sorted out.  Why don’t we have some of that delicious  creme cake you brought and some of the delicious coffee I made.”  Linda laughed and said, “Oh and it does smell delicious!”   “We might as well relax, as soon as Tip knows anything he will be back and if you are not here, then I will call you.”  “Yes, doesn’t help to worry.”  Even as she spoke the words she looked worried.

We took a tray of coffee and cake into the living room. I deposited Melissa into her walker and she gleefully took off across the room.  “Wow, she’s really going strong in that thing, isn’t she?”  “Yes and she loves it!  I read an article in the doctor’s waiting room that said this kind of walker could strengthen your baby’s legs.”  “Her legs look pretty strong!”  Linda laughed when she said this.  Linda seemed to be a very positive cheerful person. Except when she talked about Jacks  brooding, then she looked hurt and worried.

“Have you and Jack decided on a name for your baby girl yet?”    “We have been talking about Olivia after his mother.  Jack thinks she would have liked that.”  I must have looked confused. Linda said, “didn’t I tell you Jack’s mother passed?  She passed when he was 15 of a heart attack, and Jack went to live with his grandmother.  He wasn’t very happy there.  He always believed his grandmother caused his mother’s death, and that she was a fake.”

“Tip and Ariel both say that Jack’s grandmother was the real deal, she had gifts and used them to support her children.”    “Jack told me the kids at school called his mother names like dirty gypsy, and  sicko psycho brat. ”    “Oh boy, that had to hurt!”   “That’s why Jack doesn’t want any gifts.”  Linda looked sad.  “I love him so much,  I don’t know how to help him.”     She was crying and I put my arms around her and reassured her that Tip would help.

Tip popped in right at that time.  He looked horrified.   “Oh. Lassie please don’t cry!  I cannot stand to hear a woman cry!”   Tip put his arms around Linda.  Just then the air sort of simmered and Ariel appeared.   Ariel looked at Tip with his arms around Linda, who was sobbing by now, and said,  “Tip, what have you done to this child to make her cry like this?”  Uh oh!  Tip dropped his arms to his side.  He looked speechless.   Ariel said, “Now, now child dry your tears, we will find a way  to help your Jack accept who he is!”

Ariel smiled at Linda, and as I might have mentioned before,  when Ariel smiled the sun came out. Birds sang, bees buzzed and flowers bloomed. Um him, yes it did.  Linda was looking at Ariel with awe.  Ariel said, “Now Tip and I have a plan.”  A plan!  Yay!  Finally!  Let’s get this show on the road!  I didn’t say that but Ariel looked at me and laughed.  Dang, there go those tinkling bells again.   The kitties had all gathered and Melissa ran back in the room, arms out stretched for Ariel to pick her up.  Ariel picked her up and went into the bedroom and sat in the rocking chair.

She sang to Melissa and I can’t even begin to describe it. The kitties were all gathered at her feet and Melissa was looking at her adoringly. Tip was looking at her the same way.  I hated to break up the love fest, but we needed to get going on this plan, whatever it was.  “what kind of plan do you two have exactly?”     Ariel said, “yes right you are.  Our plan is tonight when Jack is in the dream time, Tip and I and you too will enter his dream and we will confront this Carlyle and maybe take a trip back to Jack’s grand mama’s time.”

Linda said, “Now wait a minute!  I want to go too. He’s my husband and I want to help him.” Linda had started to cry again. Oh those pregnancy hormones!   “Please don’t cry dear, you are with child and it’s best you stay in your own dream time for the sake of your child.”  Good point Ariel. Let’s see now, Linda?    Linda was sniffling.  “If you think it’s best Ariel, promise me Jack won’t be hurt?”  Wow! I didn’t see that one coming!  Ariel was a pretty powerful angel and really sweet and loving too.  I still expected Linda to fight harder

Linda went home and Tip was coming over here at bedtime  to meet me and we would go to Jack’s dream time together. I couldn’t get in alone.  Ariel would meet us there  Ariel disappeared and Tip popped out. I was exhausted from all of this, so when Melissa took her nap, I took one too.  I was dreaming!  I didn’t know where I was, it was foggy. Thick fog that obscured everything from sight.  I was walking, down a road I thought.  I heard laughter. It was a man’s laughter, but I couldn’t see him. I thought I saw a shadowy figure ahead of me.  It was huge.

Oh my gosh!  Was that who I thought it was?  What was he doing in my dream?   I started walking the other way, faster. The laughter got louder. Braying laughter!  My heart was pounding and I couldn’t catch my breath!  I was running!  Help!  Help! someone help me!   Something rubbed against my legs.  No! No, not the vines!  Then I realized this was soft fur.  A rough tongue raked my cheek.  “Mom, Mom!  Wake up!”  I opened my eyes with Clemmie and Midnight staring down at me.   “Mom, stay out of that bad place.  We take care of you!”   Thank God!  I pulled my purring kitties to me.  I was safe.  Wasn’t I?


Good and Evil revisited!


The kitty korner.

Hi there, my name is Jessie James.  Mommies daughter thought I looked like I was wearing a mask so she named me Jessie James.  Mommy calls me Jessie.  I am 11 years old. I used to live with a neighbor when I was a kitten, but she couldn’t take care of me. Mommy brought me to live with her. My sister went somewhere else to live. I don’t know where. She teased me anyway.   I got into something and got knots in my fur. Not outside. Mommy doesn’t let us go outside. She said there are monsters out there with big teeth that eat cats. scary!   I tell mommy I don’t know how I got the knots. She believes me.  She is shaving them out a little at a time. Because I hide. I’m a good hider. He, he!   That is all I want to say. I am waiting for my snacky, so mommy needs to get off the puter.   Love, Jessie.











About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Strategies and schemes

  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    Really liking your “kitty corner!” Am also anxious to find out what happens when you all enter Jack’s dream….it must be exciting to actually be involved in these things rather than just read about them…I’m finding this fascinating reading and believe you would absolutely sell books should you ever decide to write about your experiences and gifts Pat!! Keep these blogs coming!!

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