Good and Evil revisited

I laid in bed for awhile, my heart racing.  No, not again!   Carl or Caryle couldn’t be the evil I already knew, could he?  Was he branching out?  Melissa woke up  and started crying.  I changed her and sat in the rocker holding my baby girl close to my heart.

Soon it was time to start dinner. I put Melissa in her jump seat in the door way and put on a pot of water for pasta.  I opened a jar of Ragu and made meatballs.  I added salad and bread and butter and dinner was ready. I couldn’t concentrate on anything hard.   I tried not to think about the night ahead.  Frank came home moody.  He ate without saying much and took his beer into  the living room.  I cleaned up quickly.

I went into the living room with a fresh beer, as I handed it to Frank, I asked him how his day was.   “My day was fine, then I come home and I know something is going on.   You’re hiding things from me again.”  Uh oh, this wasn’t good. I couldn’t  tell him now. He would just worry.  I got him another beer and pretended to drink wine, when it was water in the glass.  I needed a clear head. I didn’t like lying to him, but felt like  I had no choice.  Sigh!

He was smoking heavily and got angry because I wouldn’t smoke with him.  He passed out and I tried to get him up to go to bed, but he pushed me away muttering under his breath.  I locked up tight and  watched Melissa sleep while I waited for Tip.  The kitties were gathered watching me with concern. Finally I sat in the rocking chair and they climbed into my lap and my arms.

I felt safe and happy with my kitties around me and my baby next to me asleep.  Tip popped in and I almost jumped out of my skin.  “Lassie, no need to be so nervous, I’ll be with you.  Now are you ready to go?”   If I looked the way I felt, then I wasn’t ready.  “I think so.  Anu  please keep an eye on Melissa,  I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Anu smiled and said,  “Of course, I will. She’ll be safe with us.”  When a panther smiles you never worry. Uh hum.

Tip looked annoyed, “Lassie stop worrying so much, you will be fine.  Now let us be off.”  Tip took my hand and before I could blink we were back in the pretty park on the side of a mountain.  The scenery was awesome and I could see why Jack picked this place.   It reminded me of the  power of nature.  God’s miracle.  Tip smiled at me and said, “I am pleased that you see that.”  I sighed,  “Tip, haven’t I asked you to stay out of my head, because it creeps me out?”  He just smiled.

Once more, we sat in lawn chairs waiting. Tip nice and relaxed and me fidgeting.   Suddenly there was a stench. I would never forget it.  A cross between burning plastic and rotten eggs. Maybe week old garbage?  Ugh!  “Tip, don’t you smell that?”  “Yes, I do Lassie!”   “You know who that is, or what that is?”  ” Yes, it’s Carlyle.”  “No, it’s the soul scratcher, catcher, snatcher, whatever.”    “Now Lassie, don’t be getting hysterical.  Remember I am here.”

“Hysterical? Hysterical?  Don’t you remember what he tried to do to me, to Linda?  Now Jack?”  “Of course, I remember, but we must remain calm at all times. Don’t forget that Lassie, it’s very important. Do not look into his eyes.”  He can’t hurt you here in the dream time.”  “He almost did before.”  “True, but that was his realm, and he kidnapped you and Linda. He has no real power here, but he can make you think he does, then he has an opening into your mind.”

Braying laughter followed Tips words. I cringed and Tip placed his hand over mine.  I felt calm, and started praying.   “Ah ha!  I see  we are graced with the presence of  “Touched in the head angel, Tip”.    “Oh my, can it be the lovely lady who escaped my beautiful garden and took another lady and a cat with her?”   “You threw a crystal at me, my dear, took out  half my garden.”   “It’s still in need of work, a few more lovely plants and flowers.”  Braying laughter again. Where the heck was Jack?  Just then Jack appeared.

Surprise registered on his face, then fear, and finally annoyance. ” What are you all doing here?  Can’t a man have any peace, even in his dreams?  I didn’t invite any of you here.”  I was thinking about how all these people, or at least two of us were people, one angel and one evil whatever just popped in and out of people’s dreams.   This couldn’t be normal, right?   I had to look into a way to put a lock or something on my dreams.  Hmm! Is that possible, do you think?

Jack looked weary. “I’ve been thinking about what you said, Carlyle.  I don’t want my mother and grandmother to go on suffering. I can’t speak for my wife, but you can have all my gifts if you let my mother and grandmother go to where they should be. These “gifts” have caused me nothing but trouble anyway.”     I jumped up incensed!,  “What!  You are holding Jacks mother and grandmother in that unspeakably disgusting garden of yours?”  “Tip, can’t you blast him with angel dust or crystals  or something?”  “Ooh!  The lady has teeth!”  “Come over here and say that to my face, little girl!”   Tip grabbed my hand and frowned at me.

Tip finally spoke while I fumed and Carlyle smirked.   “Carlyle what proof do you have that  those two lovely ladies are prisoners in your vile garden?”     “Proof?   Isn’t my impeccable word enough?”   Carlyle laughed again. If he kept this up I would be deaf soon.  Tip was calm and smiling. Jack looked defeated.   “No?  I thought not. I brought proof with me.”He waved his hand and a picture appeared sort of like on a motion picture screen. The picture was clear as if we were about to step into it. The garden of evil.  I shuddered.  Tip looked disgusted. I thought Jack was going to faint.

We were looking at a huge vine winding around a large plant. The vine had the face of a pretty middle aged lady. She looked like she was in pain and had parched lips. The flower also had a face.  The face of an older lady and she looked terrified. For good reason, there was a gigantic snake  twinning in between the flower and the vine.   Jack was looking paler by the minute.  Tip said, “You’ve made your point, now get rid of this display of evil.” Carlyle said softly, “You wound me deeply. I consider these two lovelies two of my greatest works of art!”

Jack cried out, “How did you do this, why did you do this to my family?”   Carlyle snickered, “It’s easy my boy when you know how.  I intercepted these souls as they left their bodies and were on their merry way. The gifts they brought were delicious food for my garden.  I would have had your wife’s gifts too if not for this meddling woman.” Carlyle shot me a look of hatred. I felt it to my bones.   “I will have your gifts and I will be more powerful than ever.”  Tip took my hand again, because I was trembling in fear now.  Carlyle laughed.

“Why?  Obviously yours is an extremely gifted family.  When I caught the souls of your mother and grandmother I caught their gifts also.   I’ve been planting seeds of doubt in your mind since you were just a young lad.  I’ve been waiting for and anticipating all these delicious gifts for many years.  Until this witch interfered with my plans. I would have already had yours too.”  Carlyle smiled at me and I shuddered.   Tip stood up. “That won’t be happening. I’m here to stop you right now.”   I had never seen Tip so forceful and fearless. Wow!  How in the world was Tip going to stop this miserable miscreant. Love that word.

Tip was actually glowing with a white light.  The air shimmered and Ariel appeared. She was also glowing with white light.  There was a sound of thunder and the scenery split open and an angel I had never seen before appeared. He had a huge wingspan and he didn’t bother to pull them in. He was glowing with white light.  Carlyle blanched. He said, “Oh yeah, bringing in the big guns for little old me.”  He didn’t look as confident as he sounded.

“You will release these souls to their destiny now!”  This declaration was made in the  voice of thunder.   Carlyle started to stutter,  “Yes, Michael, I obey.”   The flower and vine opened up and the two women began to rise.   They were met with two angels who carried them off in their arms.    “Now as for you, we have had enough of your evil. You have chosen this path so you shall spend your time in a place of your own making contemplating your sins.”   Carlyle began to back away, “No Michael please! I’ll change I promise!”

“Your promises are no longer good enough.   You are banished and your evil will be destroyed!”   Carlyle turned to run, but a sword appeared in Michael’s  hand and a sword equally huge appeared in Ariel’s hand. I was impressed and a little afraid when I saw one in Tip’s hand too.   The three angels raised their swords and pointed them at Carlyle and he disappeared in a flash of light.  Michael pointed his sword at  the garden of evil and it disappeared.   “That abomination should have been destroyed years ago.”   With that, he disappeared.

“Who was that angel?”   Ariel laughed and Jack looked around for bees and birds. He had been sitting there in shock.   Ariel said, “Why that was the Archangel Michael, of course.  She looked at like I was a not very bright human.  Truth be told, I felt like a not very bright human. I had never heard of Michael.   This angel was gorgeous.  So was Ariel and Tip was no slouch in the looks department.   “I’m confused about what just happened.”  Tip explained as if  talking to a child,  “The Archangel Michael, who is a defender of humankind and a champion of the downtrodden , banished the evil Carlyle to his destiny and destroyed the garden of evil, all the souls imprisoned there are released.”

I gave Tip a look that said, we will talk about this later. Ariel smiled at us and shimmered out.   Jack was sitting on a lawn chair. He didn’t look good.   I sat down next to him and took his hand.  “Jack, I know this is a lot to process. Your mom and grandmother’s souls have been released, and Carlyle has been banished.  The garden is gone for good. You don’t have to worry anymore.”   Jack looked at me with tears in his eyes. He didn’t say anything.

“Jack!  Jack, darling are you alright?”    Linda ran over to Jack and pulled him up into her arms.  I looked at Tip.  “Ariel brought her Lassie, she knew he would need her.  They will wake up soon and  talk to each other and begin to heal. It’s time for us to go.”  Tip took my hand and  we were back in my bedroom. I was exhausted.  Looking at the clock we were only gone an hour. Geesh, felt like all night. Tip said,” Night Lassie, get some rest, seethere was no need to worry.”  Tip smiled and kissed me on the forehead and popped out. I lay down and slept a deep and dreamless sleep.


Kisses and tears.


The kitties korner.

My name is leo. I am 10 years old.  I lived with a human for most of my life, I don’t remember my kitty mama. One day the human brought a lot of boxes in the house. Not for me to play in she said. Then  she put me out in the back yard. I waited for her to let me in. I was hungry, but she didn’t.  I went and looked in the window. I was confused. There wasn’t any furniture and she wasn’t there. I was scared. I went to other houses, but no one opened their door. Maybe they didn’t hear my meows. Some cats threatened me.  There were some boards standing up against a fence in one yard. I hid behind them. I was hungry and cold and I cried, but no one heard me.  It was really dark. It got light again and mom came out and she saw me hunched over. She picked me up and I didn’t even care anymore. What did I do to make my human not love me? Why didn’t she take me with her?  Mom rubbed me with a towel and wrapped me in a blanket. I was shivering. she gave me food and water and told me I never had to worry about being left again.  I love her.  I have to go. snackie time. I got to get my shot for diabetes too.











About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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2 Responses to Good and Evil revisited

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  2. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    I really like the kitty corner and am so glad to hear from the little one with Diabetes…such a sweetheart!
    Also glad that this evil garden and nasty devil (or whatever he was!) seems to have finally been destroyed….and that this “adventure” ended well…looking forward to hearing more about how Jack and Linda will be handling their gifts now! Keep up the great writing!

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