kisses and tears

I woke up tired, but satisfied. The angels rid  Jack, Linda and the world of a nasty evil. A smelly one too!  Phew!  I was  hoping that Jack and Linda could get everything straightened out now.   A possible problem could be that Carlyle had spent so much time poisoning Jack against his families gifts, that he might have a hard time  forgetting.  I would help if I was asked and if I could.

Getting ready for the day, I noticed that Frank had left a mess. Usually he cleaned up after himself. Oh well, maybe he was running late.  When I went into his room I saw that he had had an accident in his bed and left it like it was. Uh oh!  Sometimes he drank a lot and smoked too much and he couldn’t wake up in time. Usually he cleaned that up too.  Hmm!

I took the sheets out to the washer. I turned the mattress and changed the plastic. I really hoped this wouldn’t be a problem.  He was pretty upset yesterday. I wasn’t sure if I should tell him about last night or not. I had an uneasy feeling. I tried to push it down and out. It wouldn’t go away.  The day dragged on and my feeling of unease grew worse. I ordered pizza for dinner and made a salad to go with it. Peace offering, I hoped! Sigh!

Frank came home frowning.  He ate silently and took a beer into the living room. He got his guitar out and after rolling a joint he started singing some dirge he knew. Oh boy!  This was major depression time. I brought my wine into the living room and sat next to him.  I asked for a hit off his joint. I really didn’t like smoking pot. It just made me foggy and loggy.  I just didn’t understand what was so great about it. Give me a glass of wine any time.

Frank wasn’t in the mood to talk and went to bed.  I sat on the couch drinking my wine. I had a few hits off the joint and I was feeling it.  Frank had brought home one of those velvet paintings of a panther. I liked it because it looked like Anu.  She denied it, of course.  She was beautiful and the painting was ugly.  No arguing with a spirit panther.

I was sitting there contemplating my chances of making it to bed without falling over.   The panther in the painting looked at me and smiled. Then it growled and stretched. Ok, now. This must be Anu teasing me. I giggled as the panther leaped out of the painting and slinked over to me.  The panther put its huge paws in my lap. Then knocked  me down on the couch.  Hmmm.  Pull those claws in girl.  The panther dug its claws into my shoulders pinning me to the couch, then she licked my face with her huge wet tongue and showed me big ugly teeth.

Spirit Panthers do not dig claws in or have huge wet tongues. Definitely no bad breath.  Uh oh!   I frantically sent messages to Anu!  Help!  Help!  I need you baby!   I lay as still as I could while the panther continued to dig it’s claws into my shoulders  and rumble at me.  I was about to faint from fear when when I heard a ROARRR!  Anu?

The panther let go and disappeared from my view!  I saw Anu standing over the panther with outrage on her face.  “How dare you!  This human is mine!  This house is mine!  I will shred you into little pieces. GO!  I banish you back to where you came from!!”   I was terrified, then I saw Midnight, teeth bared, claws out standing over the panther.  The panther disappeared back into the painting.

Midnight jumped on the couch next to me.  Anxiously he licked my cheek.  “Are you ok mom?  Did she hurt you?”   Anu was sitting in  front of me. The anger was slowly leaving her face. Whenever I looked at Anu, I was awed and grateful. She was a full grown panther. When she let herself be seen, she was an awesome and majestic sight.

Anu gracefully leaped on the couch next to me. She put her huge head on my shoulder and raked my face with her raspy tongue. I put my arms around her and hugged her. Tears ran down my cheeks. Not to be outdone midnight licked the tears off.  “What happened Anu? Why does this happen to me?”  “With a toothy grin she said,”cheap imitations are always trouble!  Time for bed, we will talk tomorrow. Don’t worry, she will not bother you again. ” I made it to bed with Anu and Midnight gently herding me.

Once I was in the bedroom I saw 6 scared furry faces staring with huge eyes.  Bandit and Nikki came out from under the bed. I had to laugh when they told me they were just about to run in the living room to save me, but Anu and Midnight beat them to it. They were so cute strutting around that Midnight laughed and I think Anu was smiling.  Sighing I sank down on the bed and with my kitties around me, I was blessed, with that thought, I fell asleep.

I was dreaming!  I was sitting in a swing in a garden. At first I started to panic, but then I realized this was a beautiful garden. The flowers were giving off a delightful perfume. Lavender and Roses. Was that cherry blossoms?  My favorite! I finally realized that I was not alone on this swing. Slowly, I turned my head and peeked out from between half closed eyes.

I let out a sigh of relief!  “Linda, this is your garden, but how did I get here?”  Linda said, I called you and you came!”  Oh boy!  I really had to figure out how to stay out of other people’s dreams.  Then I realized Linda had been crying. I put my arm around her. She said, ” I really need a friend!”  “I understand sweetie, why don’t you tell me about it and we’ll figure it out together.” Linda was sobbing and trying to talk at the same time.  All I could make out was “Jack”,  “anger”, and I think “denial.”

I waited for Linda to calm down, patting her on the back and telling her not to worry, we would figure out a way to help Jack, and that it wasn’t good for the baby for her to get so upset.   She finally began to calm down until only hiccups were left. I wasn’t sure what to do. I knew we needed to talk to Tip.  Thinking about him didn’t help, so I called him.  Hmm! Where was he? Taking the night off?  Did angels bowl? I must really be tired.

Maybe Tip and Ariel were on a date. I giggled. Then I heard his brogue,  “Aye Lassie, I’m scandalized!  We are angels, we do not date, or get married or anything else your human mind can conjure up!  We certainly don’t bowl!”   I laughed and said, “Oh Tip, I am so glad to see you.”  Tip looked at me warily and said, “Really?  Why?”      “What do you mean why? Don’t you see Linda here, crying her eyes out?  She needs help, and Tip, she called me to her dream, and I came.”   Tip looked shocked!  “Really, she called and you came?  Just like that?  No arguments?”    “No arguments. I went to sleep in my own bed, and then here I  was sitting in this swing next to Linda.”   Tip looked at Linda thoughtfully and said, “Well, Lassie, we might have to reevaluate your gifts, you are more powerful than we first thought.  I will be happy to help.”

Linda had stopped crying.   “I’m more concerned about Jack and what that horrible man did to him.  He is so moody. He broods now more than before. He mutters things like, can’t even protect my wife and child.”    Tip nodded his head and said, “I will talk with Jack and see what I can do to help him, if necessary I will bring in the big guns.”  He grinned. I laughed, “Any excuse to see Ariel, right Tip?”   “Now Lassie, there are ways that angels use to help you poor humans that have been befuddled by evil beings.”  Linda looked startled.

“It’s ok, Linda, Tip is kidding, right Tip?”   “Yes dearie, just joking around.”  Dearie?    That’s funny.  Tip said,  ” My two favorite Lassies can work together and both become stronger and no evil will ever  darken your psyches again.”   “Tip, can I ask you a question?”  “Of course, my dear.”  “What is my name, Tip?  You never call me by my name. Do you know what it is?    “Yes, I know your name, Lassie.  Which name do you prefer?  Your given at birth name or the name you really want to be called?”  “WHAT!!  I mean I’m sure I don’t know what you are talking about!”

I gave Tip a hard look and he snickered.   Linda looked back and forth between us, then she sighed!  “How are you going to help Jack, Tip?”   “You said Lassie, that he is afraid he can’t protect his family.  I can teach him how, by accepting his gifts he will be able to protect his family against almost anything.”  Linda smiled and Said, “Oh Tipster if you can do that you will be my hero!”  Linda gave Tip a big kiss on the cheek and disappeared.   Tip blushed!

” Well Tipster, tell me how she can disappear from her own dream and leave us here?”   ” I think she went over to Jack’s dream.  She seems to quite the accomplished dream walker.”  “Wonderful, can you please send me back to my bed?  I’m really tired!”  “Of course,  night Baby Angel.”  With a smirk from Tip I was back in bed.  How did he find out?  TIP!!   Echoing laughter.  Groannn!


Dream walkers.   Dream stalkers.



My name’s Jason.  I didn’t want to say anything, but mom said she would say it for me.   She meant it too.   When mom brought me home I was little. I had a dog friend named Bear.   The lady lived in the house got sick and moved away. Just me and Bear alone running inside and out having fun.  I loved Bear.  The ladies boyfriend came and got Bear. He left me. I missed Bear.  Someone next door worked with mom . Asked mom could she take me home. New people were going to move into the house. I was lonely without Bear.  Mom let me suck on her shirt and knead her. Made me feel better. I still miss Bear. Mom told someone I was her problem child. Mom said that means I’m special.  I love mom.  She still let’s me suck on her shirt and knead her.  I’m 5 1/2.   My name is Jason Jeremiah.






About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to kisses and tears

  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    So glad that Jack and Linda seem to be on the way to a new relationship hopefully using their gifts for good purposes….and LOVE the Kitty Corner!! Looking forward to next week!!

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