Dreamers. Dream walkers.

I woke up the next morning tired, and out of sorts.  Frank left another mess.  I hated to, but it looked I was going to have to try to talk with him.  too much chaos!  Melissa woke up smiling and happy!  The kitties knew I was a little down this morning and they took it on themselves to try to cheer me up.  Their antics were so funny and so cute they had me laughing in no time at all.

I half heartedly cleaned the house. It was a beautiful day outside so I got my self and Melissa dressed. I knew a little window shopping on Chicago Avenue would cheer me up, at least I hoped so.

Off we went with all Melissa’s paraphernalia, just in case. Magic rode in the stroller with Melissa. We always attracted a lot of attention because Magic played with Melissa and no one else could see her. Melissa laughed and waved her arms and feet around while Magic tickled her. People would stop and talk to her. Ignored me, Oh yeah. We were having a really good time. I was so proud of my beautiful daughter.

I decided to pick up something for dinner, so we stopped at the market.   I pushed Melissa up and down the aisles not really paying attention. I was startled when someone tapped me on the shoulder.  I turned around to see Linda’s smiling face.  “Well hello there my friend. You looked like you were a million miles away.  Otherwise I’m pretty sure Melissa wouldn’t be doing her own shopping.”   Linda was laughing and I looked down to see Melissa with a chocolate bar smeared all over her face, and chips, more chocolate and even a package of hot dogs in her stroller. Magic was trying to open the hot dogs.

I couldn’t help it, I started laughing . It was so funny!  Melissa laughing through the chocolate and  waving her arms which was also smeared with chocolate and little Magic looking embarrassed.  Linda said, “Do you always bring a cat to the store with you?”  I know my mouth dropped open, and Magic looked shocked.  “You can see her?”  “Of course, she’s trying to open those hot dogs, but not doing a very good job of it.”  Linda reached down to pet Magic and her hand went right  through. Now it was her turn to look shocked.

“Linda, Magic is a spirit cat. Melissa and I were the only ones able to see her, and now you.”  “Hmm, interesting.  wonder if you can see human spirits.”  Linda was looking a little pale.  Magic jumped up on her head and leaned over to look in her face. ” Are you ok?  I didn’t mean to scare you.”  This time I thought for sure Linda was going to faint. “Magic stop that! You are scaring her.”    Linda said, “I really thought I was used to all this psychic stuff, but new things keep popping up.”   “Why don’t we go to my place and I’ll cook these hot dogs for lunch and clean up little  miss chocolate mess here and we can talk.”

I picked up a few more items and we piled everything and us into Linda’s car.  I fed Melissa, she loved hot dogs, no buns please, she threw them on the floor. After we ate and I put Melissa down for a nap, I made coffee, and we sat in the living room to talk. “Now tell me what’s going on.”  Linda sighed, “Well, Jack is doing great!  Tip goes into his dreams at night and teaches him stuff, and Jack wakes up happy.   I have no complaints about Jack.  It’s me.”

“What’s wrong Linda?  You can tell me.  Tip is supposed to be my guardian angel too, but I never see him. I call him, like you do, but he never comes.”  Linda looked despondent.  “I”ll just call Tip now and see what’s going on.”   I called Tip out loud and mentally. Finally he popped in.  “Aye, lassie, is there an emergency?”    Tip looked a little irritated.  “There he is, in the flesh or feathers or whatever.”  I laughed at the expression on Tips face.  “Tip, Linda said you are doing a great job with Jack, but what about her?”  Tip looked surprised, “what about her?”  “That’s what I said, what about her?”  “What about who?”

I was getting irritated.  “Tip, pay attention!  “What about Linda, you are her guardian angel, but you are not spending any time with her.”   Tip looked at Linda. “I’m sorry, lassie, but your  husband is a stubborn man.  It’s taken all my energy and most of my time to get through to him.”  ” He is so much better. I haven’t seen him this happy in a long time.”  Linda was smiling.   Tip said, “It has taken me a while to get him to understand that Carlyle has been destroyed and his mother and grandmother are at peace.  Now we are working on his accepting his gifts.”

I told Tip about Linda seeing Magic. “Of course, she can see her, if she can see angels and evil, and wander in and out of dreams at will, then what’s so difficult about seeing spirit cats? ”   ” Lassie, I expect you to teach Linda what she needs to know, I’ve got my hands full with Jack!”   Tip popped out!  “What!  Tip, you come back here! We are not finished!”  I heard an echo in my mind,  “Angel Baby”, and laughter.   “Omph!  I have a few choice words for that angel!”

Linda was looking just a bit too amused. I was fuming. Tip was an angel so why was he tired? Isn’t angel energy limitless?  Humph!  Guess not.

“I’m sorry, Linda, it looks like you are stuck with me for the time being anyway. I will try to talk to Tip about it later, if I can pin him down and if not, maybe Ariel.”  Linda said,  “Don’t worry, we will sort it out. I have to head home and start dinner.” “I guess I’d better work on dinner too. Frank has been out of sorts lately. I’m planning on fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and corn. All among his favorites.”

“We are having goulash over rice. Jack loves it, and I’m making it with chicken.” ” sounds delicious, maybe you can teach me how to make it one day.” Linda left and I put the chicken on and started the potatoes. I would make the Salad when I made the gravy. It was going to be cream gravy, which was easy to make. I cleaned Melissa up and finished dinner.  Rice, huh!  That did sound good.

Frank came home looking a little better, he even apologized for not cleaning up. He said it wouldn’t happen again.  I had a bad feeling, because he brought home a case of beer. He praised the chicken and helped me clean up the kitchen. Finally, I had enough and I asked him what was going on.   Frank said with a big smile, “I ran into the guy across the street and he and his brother are bringing some pot over and we are going to party.”   Frank, those guys are kids, you are a grown man!”   Frank said “They are 18, that’s old enough!”

I was very upset. I knew this couldn’t be good. I took Melissa and all the kitties into the bedroom and stayed there. At least they weren’t too noisy.   Clemmie asked who the strangers were. I just told her friends of Franks.  She looked a little skeptical.  If it made him happy, I should be o.k with it, but I couldn’t shake a feeling of unease.  Melissa was asleep and the kitties and I were watching t.v when the air started to shimmer and there was Ariel.

Ariel sat down in the rocking chair with kitties draped all over her. She stroked each one in turn.  Ariel looked concerned when she said, “I understand that Linda isn’t happy with Tip’s lack of attention.  Please understand that Tip is a relatively young angel. He was just created a few hundred years ago.  He is doing a wonderful job with Jack. Can you go with me now to visit Linda?”    Anu agreed to baby and kitty sit and if anything was wrong she would call us.

Ariel took my hand and we were in Linda’s garden.  We got there minutes before Linda did. She didn’t look surprised. “Linda, you looked like you were expecting us.”   “I  was, just as I was going to sleep, Ariel asked if you could visit my dreams.”  Ariel smiled, and Linda and I both looked around for the source of the lovely music and the birds that were singing. The sun was nice. Dang!  It surprises me every time. I was grateful that didn’t happen with Tip.  Probably be Leprechauns and green clover. Ha,ha!  Snicker!

“Ladies, I have lessons for both of you.  Before you go walking in other people’s dreams, you must ask for permission. If you don’t you are a dream stalker. I have seen people that walked in other peoples dreams without permission be set upon by all manner of nightmares.  Monsters, trolls, dragons. The list is only limited by the dreamers imagination.”   “Now, my dear, Ariel directed this at me,  When you go to sleep at night, you must shield your mind.  Use your imagination. You are very gifted and it won’t be hard for you to learn, It’s the same as putting a lock on your dreams, and no one can call you to their dream.  No calling people either!  Ask permission. Very important!”

“Put white light, or rainbows, whatever you like around you and then shield your mind and your dreams with angel dust.  Just envision shimmering gold and white crystals and immerse yourself in them. Don’t worry, it gets easier with time.”  Another big smile, this time I concentrated on not being surprised. Yep, easier this time.  “Linda, please talk to Jack about whether he minds you popping into his dreams.  Dreams are private. There will be more lessons at a later time ladies. Goodnight, my dear.”

Next thing I knew I was in my bed and awake. I could hear laughter from the living room. I smiled. The uneasy feeling was gone. I hoped it stayed gone. The kitties piled into bed with me, and I fell asleep dreaming of rainbows and Magic riding a unicorn through a field filled with angel dust.  Hmm!  Oh yeah!


Time goes on!


Kitties korner.

My name is Nina Rose, I’m 4 years old. I’ve been with mom since I was less than 1. Not sure how much less. Mom just said 6 months old. I was born outside. I don’t know where my kitty mom went. She left one day and didn’t come back. I was old enough to be on my own. I played and people gave me food sometimes, but I hid at night. It was scary. I heard howling and crying. One day I started feeling funny. I had strange feelings in my bottom. A male cat grabbed  me by the neck and hurt me. When he let me go, I ran away. I hid in this yard with an open door.  There were monsters in there. Mom said it was a  washing machine and dryer. I cried at mom’s window until she finally let me in. She put me in a room by myself with a blanket, and food and water. Mom took me to a place that fixed me up, so no more strange feelings. Mom said they took out a baby from me that wasn’t even formed yet. I didn’t mind. I don’t want to be a mom. It’s too hard. I’m happy just like I am. Don’t forget me. Nina Rose, and I like to play!




About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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