Time goes on.

Frank and his friends continued to party every night. The uneasy feeling came back and wouldn’t go away. We celebrated Melissa’s first birthday in December, the day after Christmas. Melissa was walking alone. She would try to run and fall on her face. She laughed, got up and tried it again. She could say a few words, Mama, Dada, kitty and love ou! Mostly jibber jabber, but really cute.

Melissa grew into a bright inquisitive little girl, who preferred to run instead of walk. My beautiful little tomboy!  Blue jeans instead of frilly dresses.  Oh well.

Linda gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in January. Black hair, dark laughing eyes and the apple of her daddy’s eye.  They named her Sybil after Jacks  mother. Jack’s gifts grew as he accepted them, and became proficient. Tip did a great job. Linda and I became best friends and we dream walked together. I tried to get Frank and Jack together as friends, but Frank had lost interest. Jack didn’t smoke pot and preferred wine to beer.

I tried to talk to Frank, but he wouldn’t listen. He seemed to prefer the company of his young friends. I did try to understand. He really couldn’t help me with any of the predicament I sometimes found myself in. He didn’t have psychic abilities or gifts, and it bothered him. I tried to bring back the closeness Frank and I had.

Sometimes I thought I was getting through to him and one of those times, I became pregnant. I had mixed feelings. I was happy to add to my family, and sad because my relationship with Frank was deteriorating. I wanted a little sister or brother for Melissa to play with and love.

Sometimes I sat on the back porch at night when the second floor apartment was empty and watched the sky, meditating and wondering how I got to where I was. I was sitting there and I felt something on my leg. I looked down  and there was a pretty little calico kitten sitting there. Looking up at me with clear green eyes. Oh boy!

Sigh! It was about time I guess. She lifted her paws up to me and I picked her up. She was trembling and very thin.”Where did you come from little one?”  “I don’t know.”  She mumbled this and then passed out.  I quickly picked her up and ran downstairs with her. Frank and Melissa were both asleep.  I got one of Melissa’s soft blankets and wrapped her in it.   Anu looked down at her and said that she had fainted from hunger.

I heated up some milk and added a little chicken baby food. I fed it to her with an eye dropper. She woke up after a couple of drops and tried to take the bowl away from me, so I sat her on the floor and tried to keep her from drowning herself in the milk as she ate.   she finally had enough and fell over with her little feet in the air and her tummy full.  Clemmie licked her, cleaning the milk off as she fell asleep.  She smiled and murmured “Mama.” Clemmie picked her up by the scruff of her neck and took her to the bedroom where she deposited the sleeping kitten in her own bed and curled around her.

“I’ll take good care of her mom.”   “I know you will Clemmie.”    I went to bed smiling with all the kitties around me.   I was dreaming!  Where was I?  This wasn’t my field.  I looked around. I was in a forest.   The trees were tall and the leaves were blue green and so was the grass.  The sky was a crystalline blue.  The clouds were shaped like forest creatures.  Deer, fox, even squirrels.   Right in the middle of the forest was a small clearing.

There was a gazebo in the middle of the  clearing.  I walked up the two steps  There was a padded bench. This was all done in white and lace.   This was interesting. I could really get used to this place.  Oh yeah!  I sat down to  wait. This padded bench was more comfortable than my chairs at home.  I didn’t have long to wait.  She came silently up into the gazebo. She was huge. She was white and majestic!  A white lioness.  I had never seen a white lioness before. She was beautiful. I was not afraid. She walked over to me and lay down at my feet. She smiled.

“I am Celeste. I was sent to you by Ariel.  I am to be a guide and teacher to you.”    She slowly blinked her clear blue eyes at me.  “I am pleased to meet you, Celeste.  I have a panther guide and teacher.”  “yes, I am well aquainted with Anu.”  She smiled again. “I am to be a different type of guide. I am not here to displace Anu. I will be your dream teacher.”  Oh boy! Hope Anu knew this.  Celeste laughed and there were the tinkling chimes.

I heard a noise and a little boy about Melissa’s age ran up the stairs laughing. He jumped on Celeste’s back.   Celeste jumped up startling me. She leaped over the side of the gazebo and ran all around the clearing and into the forest with the little boy on her back.  I was getting worried when Celeste leaped back into the gazebo and I could see they were laughing. The little boy who had brown hair and hazel eyes came over to me and looked up at me with a shy smile. I picked him up and held him. I looked at Celeste over his head and she nodded her head.

The child jumped down and ran down the steps only to disappear. My arms felt empty even after I woke up. I lay in bed for a time. I could feel the little boy still in my arms and see the beautiful lioness. Reality returned when Melissa climbed up in bed with me, murmuring, “My mama!” I smiled when she curled up against me. I went back to sleep. Content.

Clemmie woke me, looking down at me while standing on my chest. “Mama, this babies hungry and I don’t have any milk.” Clemmie looked distressed. I laughed and got up. Leaving Melissa to play with the cats in bed, I took the baby in the kitchen and fed her. She ate like she was starved and I guess she was. I fed all the cats, cleaned Melissa up and fixed breakfast for us.

I told Anu about my dream. She nodded her head, and said, ” I know Celeste, my child, and she will teach you everything about dream walking that have not learned on your own.” “Will she be teaching Linda too?” “That I cannot tell you, it’s up to Ariel.”

I called Linda, and asked her if she had any strange dreams, or at least stranger than usual. She said she dreamed about a white tiger. This tiger was going to be her spiritual teacher.  Linda said her name was Cassel.  I told Linda about my white Lioness. We were both so excited we spent an hour on the phone laughing and talking about the possibilities.


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Time goes on.

  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    Pretty cool to have a spirit guide AND a dream guide! And the white lioness sounds absolutely beautiful….and Linda has the “mate” of a white tiger!! Must be awesome to be able to join someone in their dream and vice versa….
    Sorry to hear that you and Frank are already having issues even before the birth of your 2nd child….a son…but at least there were 2 positive points (your children) to you and Frank’s union….some things have to happen just the way they happen!!
    Love the little Kittie Korner and yes…it all came through! Looking forward to next week!

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