Raffs, elphants, zebas and dreams.

When I woke up I was in my bed.  Melissa woke me up giggling. She was on the bed playing with Pearl, who was delighted it seemed, to be a big kitty and did her best to roar.  Clemmie was clomping around on the bed weaving her head around. I asked her what she was and she said a “elphant!”  I asked her if she knew what an “elphant” was.   She said no, but Melissa told her it was an animal tall as the refrigerator with a long nose. Midnight popped up and said he heard it’s nose was a trunk and people kept their clothes in it.

With all this child and kitty wisdom set me off in a gale of laughter.  I played at being the “raff” in this wild animal parade and Magic delighted in being a “zeba.” I told them I would get some pictures of the animals to show them. We paraded around the room laughing and having a great time until we got hungry and I carried Melissa into the kitchen to make breakfast.  Melissa wanted pancakes so I made pancakes in the shape of animals.

Tip popped in to see how we were. Melissa was delighted! She loved Tip.  “Tip!  Tip!  Mommy made animals, see?”   Tip looked down at the pancakes and back at me and said, “Aye Lassie, those are pretty sad animals.”   “I’m not an artist! If you can do better, be my guest!”  Tip smiled, waved his hand and there on the plate were perfectly shaped, “raffs” ”elphants”, ” big kitties” and “zebas”.  He did!  Yes, he did!  “Big show off!”  Tip popped out and laughter echoed around us.

I called Linda and asked if she was busy. She said no, just doing housework  I asked her how about going to the library for some picture books for the girls and the kitties.   “That’s a great idea.”  She picked us up an hour later and we set off for the library. It’s amazing how much paraphernalia two women with two babies toted around. We should have have had more muscles than any weight lifter.

We were just in time for story hour, and the girls listen with wide eyes to the jungle book.  After cookies and milk we found a couple of big picture books about the animals in the jungle and started home. It was nap time for all, or at least three of us. Oh boy!  I asked Linda about Thanksgiving and she said they were going to Colorado to visit her parents for 4 days. I was cooking and as big as I was I hoped it wouldn’t be too hard.

We got home and after Melissa’s lunch, she took her nap and I took mine.   I cleaned all afternoon, and dinner was soup made with leftover veggies, ground beef and tomato sauce. I added some rice to the soup, made a salad and rolls. Dinner was good. We talked about Thanksgiving.

His dad was coming and I hoped my sister was going to help me cook. I was grateful his friends would be at their mothers house instead of ours.  I had stopped smoking and tried not to drink more than half a glass of red wine which the doctor  said was ok.

Melissa climbed in my bed that night so I could read her book to her. The kitties gathered around, anxious to see the wild animals in the book.  They were all wide eyed over the pictures. Tiny Pearl was staring at the picture of the  lions.  She sidled over to Clemmie and tried to hide under her. Clemmie gave her a quick grooming and put her paws protectively around her. Pearl hid her face in Clemmies fur.

Melissa said, “Big kitties go Rooaar!”  Pearl squeaked and burrowed further under Clemmie.  “Don’t worry Pearl there aren’t any big kitties around here, except Auntie Anu, and she would never eat us!” Anu growled at being called  “Auntie Anu”, but she gave Pearl a lick when she emerged from Clemmies fur.   I hid a smile.   Auntie Anu was very sweet with the babies and she adored Melissa.

I finally got them in bed and I said prayers with Melissa. “God bless us,  Mommy, daddy, all  kitties and animals.  Love, Melissa.”   I kissed  her and  asked her if I could see her dreams. She said “yes, I see mommy’s dreams?”   We gave each other permission.  She was asleep rather quickly. I read for a while and then I was asleep too.

I was dreaming.   I knew I was in Melissa’s dream, but where the heck  was I?  I was standing under the shade of a giant tree.   A plaine stretched before me. The grasses were mostly yellow with patches of green. There were gigantic trees all around. These trees were not green. They were all colors. Reds, blues, yellows and  Purples.  I laughed. They were really quite lovely. Where was Melissa?  Then I saw her!

She came towards me riding on the back of a gigantic, from my position anyway, “elphant”.  she sat astride this giant as if she were born there. Trailing along behind them came a long line of  “zebas”,  “big kitties”, and “rafts”.    I really  laughed when I saw tiny Pearl, Clemmies, Isis, and midnight riding in front of her.

I stopped laughing when I realised I was riding on the “raff”.   I yelled out,  “Melissa!  Get me off of here!!”  Melissa was laughing and then I was standing under the tree again. I had enough of this dream!  I stepped back and I was in my own bed again.  I could swear I smelled “zeba.”   Melissa was giggling in her sleep.  I smiled and went back to sleep.   I had a pleasant dream of sitting on a porch swing all alone in my very own field again.

The rest of the week was uneventful.  Thank God!  I went to the doctor for my bi-weekly check up. I had gained a lot of weight.   She told me this was going to be a big baby.  Oh yes. He would be a bruiser. My son.  I could hardly wait to see him.  I was excited. The rest of the week went by slowly. I was waiting for car shopping.

Saturday finally arrived. Frank his dad and I headed out to the used car lots.  Linda was baby sitting Melissa. I lost count of the car lots we went to. Either I didn’t like the car, or Frank or his dad said it would cost too much to fix or couldn’t be fixed.  We stopped for lunch across the street from our next car lot stop.  I was exhausted and a little bit discouraged.  Looking out the window wondering if I would ever find my car, I saw a gleam of red across the street. It seemed the sun  that was glinting  off the windows was calling to me.

We went across the street and I made a bee line to the red car. It was a red station wagon.  A Ford.  A 1975. It wasn’t even that old. I  knew I found the one for me. It was perfect. Red seats. Automatic transmission. No dents, good paint job.  Frank said the frame wasn’t bent so it hadn’t been in an accident. His dad said it didn’t look like it was throwing oil and likely just needed a tune up.  The price was right. We were all amazed.

I took it for a test drive and it handled perfectly and the shocks were good.  Frank  went inside to talk price and I  followed. Tip was sitting in a chair smiling at me. When I signed the papers and Frank paid, I looked over at Tip and he winked at me.   I was so happy I cried. I laughed when I saw the look on Tips face. I blew him a kiss as I left to drive my new car home.


Thanksgiving and giving thanks.


The Kittie korner.

I’m Tabby. Mama said it’s my turn to talk if I want to.  I don’t know what to talk about.  I was sleeping with mama today and I had a dream. I dreamed my sister Mandy was here and we climbed to the top of the cat tree and ate sugar cookies with milk. I’m not supposed to drink milk because it makes my tummy hurt. When  I woke up Mandy was laying with me and was  grooming me. Mandy is a spirit like Magic and Salemn. We chase each other around and it’s fun when they come.   Jason is mean when he chases me. He just wants to bite me.  When he does that  I hide his favorite toy in mama’s chair.  He, he.  That’s all I have to say. Bye.








About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Raffs, elphants, zebas and dreams.

  1. Carole Cameron-Johnesse says:

    I really love to read about the “dreamwalking” and being able to go into someone else’s dream (with their permission of course!) I find this ability fascinating! Sounds like all is going well and you finally have the car of your choice…your son is developing into a such a big boy…and all the kitties and Melissa seem to love the wild animals! Looking forward to the next installment!!

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