Who are you?

I sat next to Margie and really looked at her.  She looked kind of familiar to me.   Margie smiled at me and said,  ” we have walked in the dream time together a long time ago.”  I wracked my brains, but still couldn’t place her anywhere.  “You may not remember.  You were a little girl and running to the dream time away from your father”   Hmmm!

A light went on and I remembered.  ” You were a guide. An angel but not for me.  Why are you here now?”.  ” I am to be a helper guide to you now.” “In human form?” “Yes, I am human with something extra.” She smiled at me.

She wasn’t kidding, she really was a help. We cleaned up quickly. Margie washed all the dishes while I wrapped food. I put a large plate up for my sister and send quite a bit home with Frank’s dad. We still had a lot of food. Margie took a plate plus some home with her.

Melissa was quietly coloring on the floor and Frank was on the couch and I lay down with my feet in his lap. He was rubbing my sore aching feet. ” Are you ready now to talk about Christmas?” Frank said this with a straight face. I groaned and said, “Absolutely not!” I fell asleep and dreamed about Christmas trees and white tigers. Celeste blinked at me and smiled. I woke up.

Celeste! I had not seen Celeste in the dream time for a while. Tip said because I’m “with child”, my dreams are harder to focus. Good to know Celeste was still with me. I missed her. I would never, ever forget riding through the universe on her back. Simply awesome.

The next morning after breakfast I realized like it or not, it was time to think about Christmas. Melissa’s birthday was the day after Christmas. The 26th. I wanted to do something special for her, so her birthday didn’t clash with Christmas. I was thinking a party two weeks before Christmas.

I wondered if Margie my “helper” guide would help me plan the party. Just as I thought about Margie, there was a knock on the door and there she stood. I smiled at her. “I was just thinking about you!” “I know, that’s why I’m here!” Margie smiled back. I invited her in for coffee and we sat down to plan the party.

Besides Melissa, Sybil would be invited and maybe Bill and Sherry’s Erica. I would keep my eye on Sherry. Judy next door had a 3 year old daughter, Jenny. That was 4 children. More than enough. I called Judy and she said they were free that day and would be happy to come. Good thing it was on Saturday. Linda said she would bring Sybil. She would come early and help. If Sherry could come with Erica,  our guest list would be complete.

Hot dogs, potato chips, Kool aid and cake and ice cream would take care of the menu. Thank goodness children’s parties were easy because Christmas was coming quickly and I wasn’t as fast as I used to be. Naps were important not only to Melissa, but me as well. I’d be happy when my boy arrived.

I was sitting in the recliner in the living room drowsing. Strong fingers began to massage my neck. I started up when the hand pushed me down. “Sorry lassie I did not mean to scare you. You look so tired. This being with child seems to be hard work.”  I laughed and said, ” yes it is hard work. He’s going to be a big baby, so he’s heavy. I can’t wait to hold him finally. ”

Tip asked me how I liked Margie. I told him she was really nice, but a surprise. He said she would help me out in different ways. Tip said guides that were human with something extra were common. He also said when I didn’t need her anymore she would disappear.

I thanked him because she was wonderful. The week went fast. Margie helped me shop and clean. We decided to splurge on French fries instead of potato chips. I called Sherry and I was hoping she would say it was short notice and not come, but she acted like she was thrilled and said they would be there. Oh goodie!

Margie just  laughed and said not to worry she would handle Sherry. Ok, all yours I told her. I got up early Saturday and Margie came down and helped decorate. Frank put up streamers and balloons. I had ordered a cake from the bakery and Frank Sr. Picked it up on his way.

I really wanted Melissa to wear a pretty dress. Alas my little blonde cutie pie was a tom boy. She was only happy in jeans or shorts and tee shirts. I finally talked her into wearing her pink dress by telling her all the other girls would be wearing dresses. She had blonde fine hair. I could never get it to stay in a braid, but Margie got it in a perfect French braid. Wow! I was impressed.

Finally all of the guest arrived. Erica looked more like Sherry than Bill, but had Bill’s beautiful brown eyes. All the girls wore pretty dresses and they looked like a flower garden. First came the food, hot dogs with French fries from a hot dog stand nearby and warmed in the oven. The cake was beautiful and really tasty. They played a few games then the big moment arrived.

Melissa opened her gifts. She got two dolls and two dresses. I was proud of her, she thanked each girl for her gift and the girls went to the bedroom to play and pet the kitties. All the adults sat down with coffee and cake. It was turning into a nice party. Everything went well. You know what they say, “never say never”

We were all chatting and enjoying ourselves, when Sherry looked around and said, ” where is that pretty kitty that talks?” She smiled! I almost choked on my coffee. Margie looked at Sherry and said, ” Oh sweetie, are you off your meds again? You know the pills that keep you from seeing things?” I almost choked again and Sherry’s eyes widened.

Sherry said, “You must be mistaken, and who are you anyway? I don’t take any pills!” Sherry was glaring at Margie, then her look changed to a gaze and she began to hum. Margie laughed, ” Oh my dear, you should be taking pills if you expect that to work on me!” Then she leaned over and whispered in Sherry’s ear.

Sherry’s face turned so white I was sure she was going to faint.  Is it wrong to laugh?  Then I was wrong, wrong, wrong!!  I shouldn’t be like that. Bill wouldn’t marry anyone evil, so maybe I was misjudging the poor soul.  Uh huh!

Judy said, “Glad she finally left. No excuse to be that bitchy!  Is she supposed to be a real witch?”  Judy laughed and so did the rest of us.  Margie said, “Judy do you know anything about real witches?”  “Since I understand that you are all psychics and have gifts and Margie you are a human guide, I can tell you. Yes I am a witch. 7th generation. Good only of course.”  She smiled. “It’s really nice to meet all of you. My family is back in Massachusetts, and I get lonely at times. My husband teaches at a high school. No matter what you may have heard, Salem is still not very friendly to witches.”

“Your husband is also a witch?”   “Yes, we practice Wicca as worship. We both have psychic gifts and never use our powers for harm. We moved here not long ago, so we don’t have many friends.”  “you do now!”  I smiled at Judy. What a great party!  I had the feeling Judy and I were going to be good friends.


Christmas chaos.



The kitties korner..

Hi it’s Bailey.  Mama said I could talk but watch my mouth!  Mama said I have a smart mouth and am a smarty tail. Whatever that is.  I know mama spoils me because I almost died when I was a little kitten. She tells me she would spoil me anyway.  She promised to write everything I say. Mama has never lied to me. Wait a minute I didn’t say that!! Mama promised me a bird for my birthday. She dangled this pink feather thing in front of my face. I couldn’t believe it! I reached out and one swipe of my sharp claws and it was pink feather history. I gave her one of my looks!  I told her I want a good bird not some cheapie feather thing.  I think I should have my own blog. I would call it Bailey’s blog. Mama is laughing!  Everyone thinks I should have my own blog, let mama know.  My birthday is New Years day and all gifts are appreciated. He,he!

O.k this is Mama. The pink feather on a stick was not Baileys birthday gift. It was for all of them and it was not cheap. No gifts for Bailey please. He will get his gift on his birthday. no blog either.  Geesh!


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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