Baby, baby, are you coming?

Christmas was over. We left the tree up until New year’s day. New years was quiet. Frank stayed home with me and we fell asleep in front of the T.V watching Dick Clark ring in the New year in New York..  America’s oldest teenager. I loved him!

New year’s day Frank took the tree down and packed away the decorations. He handed me the Angel because he said it was spooky.  Uh huh!   I packed her in her box carefully and Frank put her on the top shelf behind other boxes. Trying to keep a nosy four year old out of the box!

After we cleaned up the living room with the help of Melissa and the kitties, I was ready for a nap.  Melissa was too wound up to sleep, so Frank offered to watch her. I wearily lay down in bed. Magic laid with me and so did Isis and Nikki.  I was so ready for this baby to be born. I felt like the Goodyear blimp.

I got up and saw that Melissa was playing quietly in her bed with a doll. She had a lot of dolls, but she didn’t really play with them. I looked to see which doll was holding her attention.  My mouth fell open in surprise. It was the angel tree top ornament.  Frank had put it high on a shelf. There was no way she could have got it down herself.  I sighed and sat in the rocker.

Tip popped in. “I wanted to see how my little mother-to-be lassie is doing!” I told Tip about the angel doll. He asked Melissa if he could see it. He examined it carefully. “Aye, lassie, this has Ariel’s signature all over it. Her way of adding a little Christmas magic.” ” Christmas magic? Oh boy! All that tinkling that some can hear and some can’t created a few problems.”

“To rid the angel of her magic you will need to talk with Ariel. I can not undo Ariels magic.” “Ok, thanks Tip, maybe I will.” “I’m needing to be elsewhere, Lassie. If you need me, just call.” Frank left me a note saying he was out with his father. I sat down in the recliner to read Melissa a story. She was cuddled next to me. She patted my stomach and laughed. “Mama fat! My baby.”

Just then I smelled a beautiful perfume in the air, like ambrosia. Next came tinkling bells and Ariel appeared. She smiled. “My dears, you make such a pretty picture!” Melissa said, “Mama read me about rafts and zebas.” “She loves animals and this is her favorite book. A Christmas present from Judi next door.”

Ariel said, ” I have a present for you too, sweetie!” Ariel produced an angel doll that looked just like her, out of thin air. When you moved her wings she tinkled. Melissa took the doll and put her arms around Ariel and hugged her. I was wondering absently to myself what it felt like to hug an angel. I felt myself enveloped in an embrace that reminded me of my mother’s loving embrace when I was a child.

It brought tears to my eyes and longing for my mother. Ariel smiled at me and I felt that comfort. “Thank you!” I smiled at Ariel as she vanished. She had never physically touched me. I was happy as I watched Melissa play with her Ariel doll. She was content and so was I.

It seemed like I was making a lot of sandwiches for dinners, but I was so tired I didn’t really feel like cooking. The phone rang and it was Judi from next door. My friendly neighborhood witch. Uh huh! No warts either. She was cute as a button and a whole lot nicer. She said she had made lasagna for dinner and since it was such a production she had made two.
Judi said she remembered what it was like to be in the last month of pregnancy and would I like to take one lasagna dish off her hands?

I laughed and said. “Judi, you are truly a lifesaver. My family is getting tired of sandwiches. My baby is due January 15th and I am praying he comes on time.” Judi brought the lasagna over and little Jenny too. Melissa was delighted to show her the Ariel angel doll. “Judi, this lasagna is huge. It will go for at least two nights. Thank you so much. I am in your debt”.

Judi looked at me and said, ” you sure do look like you will deliver soon. You’re really big, now I don’t meant that in a bad way. Are you having twins?” “No, I’m just having a big baby, can’t be too soon for me. Less than two weeks and prayers for an on time delivery.” “If I can do anything for you, don’t hesitate to ask.” ” I will, thank you. ”

I read Melissa another story before bed. She fell asleep right away. Playing hard for a few hours wore her out. Wore me out and I was just watching. Pearl and Clemmie slept with Melissa. Seemed like all the other kitties slept with me. Frank was kind enough to give me a foot and back massage. Bless his heart. Took me a while, but I finally fell asleep.

I was dreaming. I was sitting in a lovely comfortable chair that cushioned me just right. No idea where I was. The sky was azure and clear, not a cloud in sight. The grass was a deep green and it had that fresh cut smell. I breathed in deeply and I was in a very relaxed state. I saw a white horse trotting towards me.

A woman with white hair that matched her horse and eyes the same azure as the sky sat on the horse. She stopped in front of me and alit from the horse. Her dismount was so graceful and fluid that alit was the word that came to mind.
Then she was sitting beside me in a chair of her own. She smiled.

“I am Joy. I am a guardian angel for women and their children. I wanted to meet you. Ariel and Tip both speak highly of you.” “Its really nice to meet you also. Are you a new guardian angel for me? ” yes. I will be taking Tip’s place. He is moving up” “Oh no! I will miss him. He’s quite a character. I’d like to ask you a question.” “Of course, what ever you want to know, I am here for you. ”

“This may sound like a silly superficial question, but every angel and guide that I have met are beautiful, inside and out. I just wonder why at times.” Joy’s laugh was as lovely as Ariel’s ” I can answer that! We are all made in God’s image, angel, guide and human. We all have the God spark inside. Every being is beautiful as God made us. You look at me and see me one way, and someone else may look at me and see me completely differently. It’s all in perception. You are a beautiful woman.”

“Me? Oh boy! I’m fat, wear glasses and am about 12 months pregnant!” Joy laughed and I’ll be darned if she didn’t have a tinkly laugh too. Must be original equipment for all angels and guides. God issued. 🙂 I had to remember that one. “I’ll be with you when you give birth. To hold your hand.” “That’s great, because Frank can’t be in there with me. It’s a little scary!” She took my hand and smiled at me.

I was awake and very well rested. I had an appointment with my doctor. Margie drove me. It was really cold. The doctor told me he thought I wouldn’t deliver for at least two more weeks. I groaned! No!!!!! I felt like a walrus. I was so big and I wadled. My blood pressure was high too. We stopped for lunch. Melissa was hungry. I didn’t think I had room for food. A hot cup of chocolate and tomato soup went down ok. I told Margie, I didn’t know what I would do without her, and I meant it.

It had started snowing while we were in the Doctors office. It was really coming down now. It took longer, but we made it home safely. Frank had come home early from work and he was cooking a big pot of chili. His chili was almost as good as mine. We had chili and crackers for dinner. I made real hot chocolate with marshmallows. Melissa was happy and content.

It snowed all night. Frank couldn’t get his car out the next morning. He called into work and spent hours shoveling snow. I was worried about going into labor and not getting to the hospital on time. It kept snowing on and off. Mostly on. Two weeks passed. No baby. Two more visits to doctor. Told me I’d deliver in two more weeks. Uh huh! I was beginning to think I would be pregnant forever.

Judi called me every day. Linda called too. Anything yet? No, no nothing ,nada! Ariel popped in a few times and even Tip came to visit. January went out with a huge snowstorm
February not to be outdone, came in with a huge snow storm. I couldn’t get to the doctor because the streets were impassable in some areas, even though the snow plows were working day and night. It just kept snowing. I was getting a little scared.

I couldn’t see having my baby at home with me and Frank. Frank high and or drunk. I wondered if Angels and or guides could deliver babies. Oh no!!! I got a phone call from my doctor’s office giving me information and a phone number of a male nurse who lived on the next street. This nurse worked at my hospital in pediatrics. My doctor wanted him to examine me and told me if necessary he could deliver my baby. I called him.

His name was Raoul. He was very nice and came right over. It was the middle of February and we had 80 inches of snow on the ground and it kept snowing. I checked out ok, but my blood pressure was still high. It had been on and off, but now I needed to spend my time in the bed. Hard to do with a toddler. Every one was wonderful. Margie practically lived there. Judi brought meals. Linda came when she could get there. Frank made sandwiches and chili. It kept snowing, and snowing!!

Snow baby?

The kitties kroner….
It’s B..B..B. B. Cat! Bailey! Mama said I could talk again. I know what’s going on, I watch the T.V with mama. She still won’t give me a blog but I can talk some times here. I got friends out side. They are not all bugs either Mr. Toby Lee. I got a friend that is a black guy, just like Salemn was. His name is Dex and he tells me what’s going on with humans out there. He lives next door and has his own door. Mama said no, I can’t have one. Dex said his human puts stinky things in his mouth and burns them in his face. Mama said that’s called smoking. Good thing he still has a face. I got to go. Next time I’ll tell you what Dex said goes on out there at night. You won’t believe it!!!


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Baby, baby, are you coming?

  1. Carole Cameron says:

    Having never given birth I can’t say I know how you felt being that pregnant and overdue…LOL…but I can miserable you were especially on bed rest!
    You have had so many angels…WOW!
    Do we all have those and just don’t know it? Very cool concept!!

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