Haven’t I been here before?

Michael was such a good baby. He slept through the night right away. I fed him before he went to sleep at night and he slept until about 5 a.m.   He was always smiling. I looked at him in amazement.  He was so different from Melissa.  No colic, no waking up all night crying.  It was lovely.

Melissa adored her baby brother.  She loved to “hold”  him.  She sat in a chair, usually the rocking chair and I placed him in her arms with me sitting very close. She rocked him and sang to him.  “Rock a bye Michael in the tree tops. I won’t let you fall on the ground.” she would go on singing, making up verses. Michael would gurgle and laugh.

When Michael was a month old, I called Linda and Judi and invited them both over for lunch. Melissa would be thrilled to play with their daughters. Margie said she would help me get ready and cook, then she wanted to talk to me about something. I told her if she was going to say she was leaving to forget it. Margie said to think of it as moving on to help others that needed her. I refused to think about it all.

I was really happy to be having my friends over for lunch and to not be pregnant. It was pretty cold outside even for March. Margie made a delicious home made tomato soup with pieces of tomatoes floating around. I made gooey grilled cheese sandwiches with mild and sharp cheddar cheese. I also substituted cream cheese for the cheddar in some of the sandwiches with cut up veggies on the side.

Linda brought a creme cake for lunch. We all loved them and none of us could duplicate them. We tried and failed. After lunch while the little girls were eating their cake and having a “tea” party, we all sat down with our coffee and cake and I told them about my experience in the hospital.

Judi said that all the hospital’s in Salem had a reputation for the supernatural. Margie said it was because so many people passed away in hospitals. If the person wasn’t ready to go because of unfinished business or they really are terrified of dying then the spirit lingers and some never move on. Judi said that there were stories of hospitals that were really old buildings and there was a sort of a time warp.

Margie said it was like being stuck in time and not being able to escape. Some people stay because they can not bear to leave their life. There are also vortexes in these old hospitals. People walk into them and out in another time or place. Lots of food for thought there. Scary to imagine.

Just then three little tornadoes blew into the room. Melissa crying and talking incoherently grabbed me around the legs. Sybil crying jumped into Linda’s lap. Little Jenny tried to hide behind Judi. She looked a little bit frightened. “Whoa! Whoa! Calm down and tell us what’s going on”. I picked Melissa up and wiped away her tears.

“Mama! She tried to stealed my toy! Melissa tripped over her own words, pointing to Sybil. “I didn’t! She tried to stealed my inside words” “What the heck are you two talking about?” “I didn’t stealed her toy! I just thought I want one too!” Sybil said this indignantly! “Did you say to Melissa that you want one too?” “No, mom I didn’t say it! I not stealed her toy.” ” I heard her mama!” “Did not!” Oh boy!

“Girls please! You are giving your mama’s headaches!” Everyone laughed including the girls. Jenny giggled and Said, “Melissa heard what Sybil thought!” I thought to myself this child talks like she’s twelve years old. Then it hit me, that Melissa heard what Sybil was thinking! OMG! Does this mean we will never have a private thought again?

Melissa grabbed Sybils hand and said, “come on let’s play with the ponies.” Well, my head was almost spinning. I needed to talk to Ariel. No sooner had I thought this than the smell of ambrosia was in the air. Was that Jasmine also? Hmmm! What a heady combination of scent. Almost left one light headed. Linda looked up from her coffee and said, “Oh my! That has to be Ariel!”.

Yes indeed it was Ariel! As soon as she appeared all 3 girls and all 6 kitties ran into the room, followed by Anu with Magic riding on Melissa’s shoulder. “we are happy to see our Ariel.” Girls and kitties threw themselves at her and somehow she was not over run. They sorted themselves out before they got to where she was sitting and they all found a place on her lap and next to her. I shook my head, amazing!!

“How lovely! A luncheon with friends” Ariel was guardian angel for all of us. We chatted for a few minutes and Judi mentioned the little fracas between the girls. “Hmmm! Seems like little miss Melissa here, may be showing a gift.”
“Oh boy! Does that mean little Missy will be reading our thoughts?” “Only time will tell! She may just get a smattering of thoughts here and there. It does run in your family on and off!” Ariel smiled.

“That’s not the reason I came today. Do you remember your room mate at the hospital? Her name is Pam. You had a little adventure together.” “Adventure? You mean in the haunted hospital? Scared both of us half to death, then Nurse Ratchet brought me the wrong baby.”

“Yes! I believe she was making a statement! She is an escort Angel and she is needed there until someone else comes along to do her job. Anyway, she has been invading Pam’s dreams. Maybe a bit of fun for her, and a scare for Pam. Pam has a gift that’s developing, and miss Connie is scaring her. Developing gifts are hard enough without a nightmare nurse invading your dreams.”

“Ariel, why is Connie trying to scare Pam?” This from a frowning Linda, no doubt remembering her own bout with the garden of Evil. “The person who will take Connies place in about fifty years or so must have the ability to walk between time and space, and escort the soul of the deceased person to wherever they belong in the hereafter.”

Judi gasped! ” You mean a grim reaper?” Ariel laughed a lovely tinkling sound. You couldn’t help but smile. “No, my dear, not a grim reaper. That is fiction. Makes a good chilling story, but not accurate.” The newly deceased person is escorted by this angel and their loved ones. The angel escorts them into God’s light and they are sorted out there.”

“These escort angels are legion. They are in every hospital, every walk of life. Every time a being passes, an angel is waiting. These angels have been human and understand the journey can be difficult, but the reward at the end is worth it. ” Ariel what is it you want us to do? What about Connie?”

“After a period of time, say a few hundred years, the escort angel may be feeling a bit tense and tired and get a little crabby, to put it in human terms. Nurse Connie will be removed and it’s off to get a good rest before her next assignment. A temporary replacement guardian will take her place. Margie has graciously volunteered.”

“Margie! I thought you were human with something extra! You can’t do this you are still alive!” “It’s ok, it’s only for about fifty or sixty years. The something “extra” includes a very long life span!” Margie smiled. “Don’t worry I will be popping in every once in a while to see my family.” I turned away to hide my tears and Margie put her arms around me.

Judi cleared her throat and said, “what is it you want us to do Ariel?” “I want you all to befriend Pam and help her with her developing gifts. Since you are all dream walkers you can show her how to walk properly. Not to worry, Miss Connie will be taken care of gently. Nurse Ratched!!” Ariel laughed and then she was gone.

We talked and decided I was to call Pam and then we would decide how best to go about this. Three women and their children descending on her at once might be a bit much. Never hurt to have friends with small children for support and encouragement.

Circle of friends..

The Kitties Korner…

Hi, this is Jessie. I’m helping my sisters with those squirrels outside. Mama said they won’t hurt us because they are outside and we are inside! I don’t believe it. You should hear the things they say. They tell us we have ugly ears, our tails are stringy and our fur smells. Then they say they are going to pull our noses off and eat them!!! I don’t like them and I’m the nice one! Jason struts around and says he could take care of them, but mama says no way! Then she sighs! I love my mama, but she’s too innocent. Sigh! That was me! Love you all. 🙂


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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2 Responses to Haven’t I been here before?

  1. Carole Cameron says:

    Oh boy!! You have the most interesting and amazing past…and now there is a chance that Melissa can read other people’s thoughts? How the hell would you even deal with that LOL?
    Can’t wait to hear how Pam responds to the 3 of you and how she does when finding out about her gift?
    Never a dull moment!!
    Looking forward to next time!

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