Circle of friends….part two

I rushed over to Pam to be sure she didn’t faint and guided her over to a chair.  She didn’t resist when I gently sat her down.  Linda brought her a glass of water and Judi wiped her face with a cool, wet cloth.

“Oh dear! Too much information at one time” this from Judi! ” I agree! Maybe we should call Ariel. It was her idea and how were we supposed to know she has no clue?” I sighed.

The smell of Jasmine and tinkling bells preceeded Ariel. On cue, all the kiddies and kitties appeared and sorted themselves out around her. Pam was staring again and I thought for sure she would faint this time. Margie appeared with another cold wet cloth for her forehead.

Ariel looked at Pam and suddenly Pam was relaxed and smiling. Hmm! Wonder if she could teach me how to do that? Calm Frank when he was angry, calm Melissa when she was having a temper tantrum. Yes, temper tantrums were new and very unwelcome.

When she didn’t get what she wanted, Melissa would scream, throw herself on the floor and thrash around banging her fist and heels. I’d be standing there staring at her like, who is this child? My sister told me it’s best to ignore this behavior. I was trying, but it was hard when she was holding her breath and turning blue. She always let her breath out before she passed out.

She was then sent to her room in a time out while I recovered. If I wasn’t breastfeeding, I’d be taking a couple of stiff drinks. Melissa was her usual charming self today though. She adored Ariel. She loved Sybil and Jenny too. She was a tom boy, but she really enjoyed these luncheons and even put on a dress for them.

We told Ariel about Pam’s reaction to our revelations. Ariel tsk, tsked, and shook her head, “A little tact, ladies goes a long way” “We thought she knew you from her dreams.” “True, I have been in her dreams, but she is proving a little difficult, perhaps because of her dream visitor that’s been scaring her. My fault, I should have prepared you all better. ”

” What do we say to her now? We were only kidding?” “This is my fault, and I will take care of it. Pam! Pam dear! Do you know who I am?” Ariel asked this question very gently,
Pam smiled and replied, “Yes, you are the beautiful lady in my dreams.” Pam smiled sweetly at Ariel. “That’s right, but I told you who I am to you, do you remember?” Pam shook her head and said, “No, sorry!”.

Ariel looked surprised. “Remember dear, I am Ariel, your guardian angel!” Pam laughed and said, “don’t be silly! There are no real guardian angels. That’s just a myth. Are we almost ready to eat? I’m starving!” Pam went over to the oven to check on her reheating lasagna. I’d never seen Ariel at a loss for words before. It was kind of disconcerting.

I began talking to Pam. “Pam, tell Ariel what fascinating line of work your husband Paul is in.” Pam brightened considerably, ” Paul is a professor at the university. He teaches physical cosmology. Paul had a near death experience and met God. He is trying to prove to the scientific community that God is real and exists. ” Ariel smiled, “that is wonderful! Do you believe in your husband’s near death experience? “Yes, of course I do! If you heard him talk about it, you’d believe him too.” Pam looked really sincere.

Ariel smiled sweetly, ” Then why do you think Guardian angels are a myth? We are God’s creation and some of God’s first creations.” Pam was at a loss for words and Ariel called out, “Tip can you join us please? Joy? Please grace us with your presence.” There was a shimmer of iridescent light right next to Pam and Joy smiled at her. Tip popped in right in front of her and doffed his hat. I thought again that Pam was going to faint. Whoa! Maybe she wasn’t right for the job after all. Ariel gave me a stern look and I felt reprimanded, even though she didn’t say a word.

Joy smiled angelically at her, and in her lilting musical voice told Pam that she had some special gifts, one of which was to see and hear angels, and most humans were never graced with this gift. Tip told her about how awesome it was for her to be here with 3 ladies with special gifts and talents. Margie told her about how far beings of light and ladies with gifts could advance her husband’s studies.

Ariel spoke up then and asked her if she was afraid because of nurse Connie in her dreams and the haunted hospital. Ariel asked her if she ever knew what other people were thinking and did she meet others in hers or their dreams?

Ariel’s question startled Pam. She looked at Ariel and said, ” Yes. The nurse said I had to be careful or I could be hurt because of any gifts I had or worse, and not to trust you.”
“Hmm! Nurse Connie is being reassigned even as we speak.” Ariel smiled her sweet smile. Uh oh!

Ariel sighed and then she spoke, “Joy, Tip, on the count of three please.” Tip and Joy took places on either side of Ariel at a distance. I was puzzled when suddenly the huge gossamer wings of each angel unfurled starting with Joy, then Ariel, and finally Tip. It was a beautiful display and it brought me to tears and from what I could see, my three friends also. Our girls were looking with stars in their eyes.

To see an Angel unfurl their wings was the most beautiful and awesome sight that could ever be witnessed! It was akin to God’s angelic choir singing “Glorious”! Pam had tears in her eyes running down her cheeks. “Omg! You really are angels!  She turned to look at us and stammered, and you are, are, what you say you are?” Ariel folded her wings in and so did Tip and Joy.

“You see, my love, you have no reason to fear us. We love you with all the love God promised to humans. You are a special human. We will leave you with these lovely ladies so you can continue your luncheon. Remember if and when you need us, just call. ” All  three angels disappeared at once.  There was a deafening silence. In an attempt at normalcy! Ha! Ha!  I piped up with, ” I don’t know about all of you, but I am starving!

” I am dying to try this lasagna! It smells heavenly!” We all laughed at Judi’s quip. We hustled about setting the table for lunch and Pam’s lasagna was indeed heavenly. I had never tasted any pasta dish like it. It had a lot of cheese and veggies in it. The salad and French bread were perfect with it.

There was no need for hot dogs at the girls table. They loved it all. They were so cute sitting at their little table drinking their juice and eating their food. Melissa entertaining the others by reading their thoughts. Oh boy! I had to have a talk with this girl soon, and not about the birds and bees.

We cleaned the kitchen after lunch and retired to the living room for coffee and dessert. The girls had theirs in Melissa’s room. Pam and I had already fed and changed our littlest ones and they were asleep. We relaxed and the soon the conversation came around to the angels and our gifts.

Pam looked a little nervous when she asked what gifts she had. ” Ariel will let you know exactly what your gifts are. We all know you are a dream walker like we are.” I told her about Celeste, the white lioness that was my dream guide. Linda’s  was a white tiger. Judi told us her dream guide was a white wolf

“You have several of the gifts that we do. We are different and the same. Ariel wants us to teach you how to walk in dreams so you will be more comfortable with who you are.” I laughed and told her about my walk in Melissa’s dream and the elphants, raffs, and zebas. We all laughed about that.

Pam told us how she grew up Catholic and even went to a Catholic school. She met Paul in college and fell in love, but had yet to come completely to terms with his “beliefs”. “Paul is so certain he met God and talked with him. How can I doubt him?” I told her that I had met God in my dreams, and that Ariel told me God was both male and female and appeared to people as whichever sex they were most comfortable with.

We talked until I realized it would be time for Frank to come home in a couple of hours. Since I was the hostess I got to keep the lasagna. Yay me!! It really was delicious. Frank would love it. I asked her if she could give me the recipe. She agreed. We decided to have our luncheons every two weeks and rotate who’s house it would be at. Hostess provide the main dish and everyone one else bring a dish.

We were going to decide about walking in different dreams so Pam could get the hang of it and learn how to go about it. We would have our first dream walk the following night. I was happy after everyone went home. I cleaned up and saw Melissa asleep in her bed with Layla sleeping in her arms. Sweet babies. Michael was awake and playing quietly with his hands. I changed him and held him for a while. Thinking about how blessed I was.

I looked at the left overs and was not surprised to find a whole lasagna left. Ariel!  Thank you. There was a knock on the door and I answered it. A very serious looking Margie stood there. I invited her in and we sat on the couch while she told me she was leaving that night to take over Connies post at the hospital. I began to cry and so did she. I said, “Does this mean you have to die?” “Of course not! I will still be alive in sixty five years when Pam is ready to take over. Ariel will talk to her later on when she thinks she’s ready. Will you tell Melissa for me?”

Melissa barreled into the room and jumped in Margie’s lap. “Tell me what Aunt Margie?” Melissa turned her shining face up to Margie and I saw the love shining through. My heart ached, but I couldn’t protect her. (Sigh).

Dream walking, dream talking!

The Kitties korner…….   Hi! It’s me Bailey!  I’m back!!   Mama has been calling me Bailey Bear, because she says I look like a Bear.  She said I’m cute.  I can’t say anything because she’s typing this.  I’m really trying to ignore those crazy squirrels outside.  My brother Salemn who is a spirit cat told me he goes outside and pushes the squirrels nuts out of the tree. I don’t know how he does it but I like it. Mama said it’s not nice, but we think it’s funny!  He,he,he!   Salemn sleeps with me sometimes. He used to be a real cat like me, but then God called him and he had to go. Mama cries because she misses him. He comes to visit when he can. He says he has important business for  God.  He said he can’t tell me what it is.  Maybe it is secret spy business. Mama just said I watch too much t.v.   Bye. Got to go watch squirrels.   Bailey Bear.


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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2 Responses to Circle of friends….part two

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  2. Carole Cameron says:

    This is so interesting…you actually saw angel’s wings unfurled…and had a meeting with God when you were with Ariel in a dream? That is so AWESOME!! And can’t wait to hear about the first dream in which all the ladies of the luncheons take part!!
    Looking forward to the next chapter!!

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