Dream walking…Dream talking

Margie looked down at Melissa and sighed.  ” Honey, I have to go away.”    “How long will you be gone, Aunt Margie?”   “I have to go away for good honey.”    Melissa’s eyes filled with tears and she clutched Margie around the waist.  “Please don’t leave me Aunt Margie!  What did I do to make you leave? I promise I won’t do it again!”. Melissa was sobbing now.

“Oh sweetheart, you didn’t do anything.  I have to go help other people like I helped you. I will always love you and will visit you whenever I can.” “You’ll visit?” “I promise I will, but can’t tell you when. You be a good girl and listen to your mom and dad. They love you.”

Melissa jumped down and headed for her room. Margie and I said our tearful fare wells. She left and I sat down with Michael to feed him and then I went to Melissa’s room. She had cried herself to sleep with several kitties cuddled up with her. I sighed. I couldn’t protect her from all heartbreak. I wish I could.

I called Pam and we talked about the dream walk scheduled that night. She was nervous. I told her there was nothing to be nervous about, it was just dreaming, only with friends. She said her husband went to bed earlier than she did and Heather slept through the night. We set the time for 2 a.m, everyone should be sleeping. I asked for permission to enter her dreams for me and Linda and Judi.

I told her not to think about it, just do whatever makes you sleepy and relax. I told her it didn’t hurt and was actually fun. I called Linda and we synchronized yes, we did. Watches don’t work in dreams. Sounds strange, I know, but if you think about it,

time is all wonky in dreams. Judi called me and we all agreed to meet in Linda’s dream garden.

I watched T.V with Frank and made sure Melissa was settled in her bed sound asleep with her kitties sleeping near her. I knew they would take good care of her. I looked down at my sleeping blonde daughter and I was so grateful she was mine. My heart swelled with love. I fed and changed Michael one more time and then I went to bed.

Before I went to sleep I started thinking about Linda and her dream garden. I imagined it in as much detail as I could remember. Colors, landscape, fruits and veggies. Flowers, sights, sounds, touch. All very important. Finally I imagined Linda sitting on her swing, every detail of her appearance. Breeze fluttering her hair. I slipped into sleep and then I stepped into her garden and sat next to her to wait for Judi.

I loved the earthy smell of Linda’s garden, it was rich and soothing. We talked for a few minutes then Judi stepped into the garden and sat on the grass in front of us. Judi liked to stay connected to the earth. I told them about Margie leaving for the hospital and Linda reminded us that the job Margie would be doing was very important.

We decided it was time to go into Pam’s dream. We didn’t know what her safe place was. I had forgotten to ask her, so we were going to wing it, so to speak. We all thought about Pam, and the way she was at our last meeting. We joined hands and when we saw something colorful in front of us we stepped forward.

We were in a room full of paintings. Beautiful paintings of all types. children, landscapes, even nudes, and all very well done. We looked around and there were large floor pillows and some cushioned chairs. There were tables holding all kinds of paints, brushes, and cleaners. Pam was standing there looking astonished. “Wow! That was so cool! There was no one there then the three of you walked out of the wall holding hands.”

Judi said, “This room is awesome! I paint a little, but I’ve never seen anything like this.” Pam smiled and said it was her grandmother’s room. She spent a lot of time with her grandmother when she was a child. “This is where I feel safe and loved.” “Your grandmother was really talented.” I was in awe. I had always wanted to be artistically talented, but I couldn’t paint. I did enjoy collage.

Pam, seeing how interested we all were in her room, told us how she added things she loved. “I don’t understand this really, this room is where I come in my fantasies when I need a safe place to be and day dream about my grandmother. She was the best person in my life.” I asked Pam if her grandmother joined her here in her room to talk. “No, I didn’t know that was possible!” Pam looked hopeful.

“Of course, it is. The spirits of our passed over loved ones visit us in our dreams. Just call her. Doesn’t hurt to try, close your eyes and imagine her in as much detail as you can. Meanwhile we will talk to you tomorrow. Don’t want to do too much in one night.”

We all said good night. We could tell Pam was anxious to call her grandmother. We joined hands and stepped back out of Pam’s room and let go as we stepped backward. I woke up in my own bed with a good feeling. I could hardly wait to find out about Pam’s grandmother’s visit.

I had a good day. Melissa was happy and so was Michael. He was two months old and getting bigger. Frank was very proud of his son, and Melissa loved Michael too and she was still daddy’s little girl. She could almost always put him in a good mood.

I wasn’t happy with Frank’s friends coming over at night to drink and get high with him. There wasn’t anything I could do about it, but I did finally manage to convince Frank to limit their partying to the weekends. He did recognize that it wasn’t good to be partying so much with young children in the house. He started going to the kids house a couple times a week. They had an attic to party in. Trusting parents. (Sigh).

His drinking and smoking was getting worse, even when he was alone and I could feel we were growing apart. I was really sad about this realization. He wouldn’t talk to me about it either. I even stooped low enough to try to casually ask Melissa what her dad was thinking.

Oh yes, I know that’s wrong and bad to use your child that way. Melissa told me her daddy almost got caught smoking in the bathroom at work. He was worried about his job. Melissa asked me why he was worried about smoking. Even though she saw her dad smoking joints, I didn’t want her repeating it to anyone. I told her that daddy’s boss didn’t like cigarettes.. she nodded her head sagely and said “me either” while wrinkling her nose.

She could be so cute. (Sigh). I was considering enrolling Melissa in preschool. She was 4.years old and when she was 5, she would start kindergarten. I didn’t want her to be behind but I worried about her thought reading. What to do, what to do!..

I received a letter in the mail encouraging me to enroll Melissa in preschool. There was one a few blocks away. It would be an easy walk in nice weather. I talked to Frank, not mentioning the thought reading, and he agreed that it would be good for her. I decided to do it, but have a talk with her first.

I sat her down and explained preschool and how she would have other kids to play with. She was really excited about that. Then I explained how she couldn’t tell anyone not even her best friend about hearing their thoughts. She was confused. I explained that most people can’t hear other people’s thoughts and they got scared if you say you can hear them.

I hoped she understood. Pam called at that time and distracted me. She was really excited about the dream walk we shared the night before. She wanted to try with just me and her and she would come to my dream. Sounded good to me. I explained the process again and gave her permission to enter my dream.

I told her if she got stuck to scream for help in her head and think about me and imagine me and I would come and get her. Yes, I could do that but it was draining of my energy and I hoped I didn’t have to do that. Oh boy!

I went to bed and went to sleep kind of easily even though I was a little nervous. I was in my field with the lovely clear stream. The grass was a rich green, the sky blue with beautiful white wispy clouds. The flowers were bright and the breeze wafted through the tree branches causing a gentle fall of leaves.

I imagined two comfortable chairs and sat down to wait. I heard her before I saw her and there she was emerging from a tree quite unscathed, but still she startled me when she almost fell over when she realized she came out of a tree. I couldn’t help but laugh. I told her once I came out of a rock and like to have scared Linda to death. Pam laughed at the thought.

“That was awesome! What a feeling! So this is your safe place. It’s so beautiful! I can even smell the flowers and hear the bees buzzing around them.” “Yes, I like reality, especially outdoors. I love your room with all the artwork. Tell me did your grandmother visit?” “She did and she loved that I had her art in the room. We had a lovely chat. Thank you for telling me I could speak with her again” Pam said with a big smile on her face.

I whistled, funny, I could never whistle when I was awake and it sounded so pretty too. I forgot Pam startled easily, especially when a huge white lioness with wings circled around us and landed near where we were sitting. Celeste smiled at Pam. She introduced herself. I have to admit that if I didn’t know her it might have scared the heck out of me.

I can’t begin to say how long and tall she was. She had to be 8 feet long and taller. Her wingspan was enormous and her mane glinted with the sun shining on it like ice crystals. Her eyes were as blue as the sky. She was white as snow. She was a fierce sight, and yet I knew her to be as gentle as a lamb.

We talked about my ride through the universe on crystals back. It was something I would never forget as long as I lived. I asked Crystal to take Pam for a ride if she was willing. Pam looked nervous, but agreed after I assured her it was safe.

Pam climbed up on Celeste’s back and hanging on for dear life with an expression of terror on her face, managed to stay on when Celeste took off into the sky, climbing higher and higher until I couldn’t see them anymore. I sat in my chair waiting for them to return. I heard a voice. Melodious and deep. I looked over and the man sat in the other chair.

“My child, it has been a long time since we have talked.” He smiled and I couldn’t seem to say anything. He was a beautiful man. His hair was dark brown and his skin dark too. ” yes, my child I am everything. I am everyone, male and female. I am love. Do not worry about your daughter she is a delight and will do well in school.”

I still couldn’t seem to say anything. ” I will leave you now. No one is insignificant. You have faced many challenges and will face many more. All you do, you do from love and caring for my littlest angels.” After he said that he was gone I had never said a word, but he knew my thoughts and my heart.

I heard Pam before I saw her. “Wahoo, yippie! Whoa baby!” I laughed! It sounded like Pam enjoyed her ride! Whoot! Whoot! Yipee!

Tykes of terror…

The Kitties. Korner…

Mama wanted me to talk about diabetes. I am Leo and I’ll be 12 years old in July. I went to visit my doctor yesterday. I guess she’s pretty nice. She pulled some teeth and gives me medicine for diabetes. Before mama found out I had diabetes, I was feeling bad all the time. I slept most of the time. I was always hungry, no matter how much I ate. I lost a lot of weight. I was in the litter box peeing a lot. I was always thirsty. Mama took me to the doctor and she said I have diabetes and I have to have two shots a day, once in the morning and once at night. I don’t like those shots, but they make me feel better. I kind of like Jenine, the vet tech. She knows all my itchy spots. If your kitty or doggy sounds like me before I got to feeling better. Please take him to visit his doctor. This has been a public kitty announcement. Meow! He,he.


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Dream walking…Dream talking

  1. Carole Cameron says:

    WOW…love to hear about the dreamwalking…and the winged creature sounds almost like I would expect a Unicorn to look! How cool to actually be able to “meet up” with people or even to “direct” your dreams!
    So happy to hear from your diabetic kitty…and that he is feeling better after seeing the vet and getting teeth out…LOL I can relate!!
    Looking forward to next time!

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