Tykes of terror

Celeste landed in front of me and Pam jumped off. She was still laughing, so I couldn’t help but laugh too. When she caught her breath she managed to get a few words out, ” That was absolutely awesome! Breathtaking!”..

I was afraid she was going to fall over or down. I pulled a chair over and helped her sit down. Meanwhile, Celeste signaled that she was taking off. To borrow Pam’s words, Celeste soaring into the sky was breathtakingly awesome! I watched until she was out of sight, then I turned to Pam and said, “it’s a new day and we both need to wake up in our own beds.”

Pam sighed and rose from the chair. I told her how to think about her own bed in her own room and feel drowsy, and then take a step backward and wake up in her own bed. I could see a moment of fear on her face, then she was gone. I would call her later and make sure she was ok. Meanwhile, I took a step back and woke up in my bed.

Today was the day!! Oh boy! The day I registered Melissa for preschool. After breakfast and several changes of clothes later, we were ready to go. She started out with jeans and ended up in jeans, but I didn’t argue. We were both nervous, me a lot more than her. Even Frank was nervous. He asked me the night before if Melissa displayed any of my “special qualities”.

All I could say was no and say a prayer of gratitude that he hadn’t noticed Melissa’s special talent. If he had, I would have heard about it many times over. It was a nice day, so I got Michael dressed and put him in his stroller,and off we went. The Kitties watched us go with worried expressions on their little whiskered faces. I assured them every thing would be fine, then I said a prayer that I was right. Uh huh!

It wasn’t very far. It was a nice walk. Magic rode in the stroller with Michael, entertaining him with funny faces and tickling. By the time we got there, I was a nervous wreck. Melissa was so excited, she was skipping along and chattering to herself and me. Before we got there, I stopped and I asked her what very important thing did I tell her that she was not to do.

She looked at me solemnly, and said, ” Don’t poo or pee in Public.” “What!” I yelped! “Always wipe front to back?” For a moment, I really thought I would faint. Then I saw the smile on her face. “Don’t worry, mom, I know. Don’t listen to anyone’s thoughts or say them out loud!” “Melissa Diana Mosier this is serious, not funny at all!”

“Ok, mom, I know! I will see and poo in the bathroom and I won’t listen to anyone’s thoughts or say them out loud.” “Thank you honey, I want you to have fun and always listen to your teachers.” She just smiled. As we went inside, I was terrified, with good reason too. Sitting in a chair on the far side of the room, was Bill’s wife, Sherry.

She was watching her daughter Erica ride a tricycle all around and pretend like she was running into the other kids. I was praying for a miracle. I was praying she wouldn’t see me
I registered Melissa and learned that she would be here from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 every week day. Four fun filled hours. They got a healthy snacks 10:00 and lunch at 12:00.

I would be picking her up at 12:30, after clean up time. Fine with me. I would have some bonding time with Michael. I was hoping this experience would calm Melissa and get her ready for kindergarten. She was really excited and so was I.

I was trying to sneak out, when Sherry spotted me, “Well, hello there! I see you have brought your strange child to preschool.” “My strange child? At least my daughter isn’t trying to run over the other children with a tricycle.” Sherry laughed her trilling (and grating ) laugh.

“Oh, she’s just playing, making friends unlike your what’s her name again? Marcella?” “It’s Melissa, as you well know. How are Mr. and Mrs. Baker?” “They are fine for their age. You didn’t ask about Bill. You know my husband. Bill? He is really happy. Yes, happy, and satisfied for the first time in his life.” She had a smug expression on her face. It took every ounce of courage I had not to wipe that expression off her face.

I could imagine what Frank would say to me beating up a woman he thinks is my friend and who is the wife of my old boyfriend. Hmmm! It was a beautiful day and I felt like walking. I was “perturbed”. I had to laugh. One day Melissa told me she was “perturded”. When I realized what she said, I told her the word was perturbed. Then she put her hands on her hips and said, ” it is? Well that just pisses me off!”

I was shocked! “Where are you getting these words, not from Sesame Street?” “No, mom, from one of those shows daddy likes to watch.” It was then I realized that at 4 years old, my daughter’s vocabulary was bigger than mine. I looked down at Michael. He was laughing up at me. I laughed too even though I knew he would out distance me too, in every way. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I started to leave when I saw Linda getting out of her car with Sybil’s hand clutched in her own. She had that, oh no, my baby is growing up look on her face. I thought Sybil was too young for preschool, but the brochure said 2 up to 5. Sybil was 3. Linda said Sybil wanted to go because Melissa was going.

I waited for Linda. Sybil made a beeline for Melissa, who was thrilled to see her friend. Linda drove us over to Chicago avenue to look into the stores. We talked about Melissa’s “gift”. I could tell something was bothering her, but I didn’t ask. We chatted about other things, husbands, children, our friends.

She asked me how Pam did with dream walking on her own. We laughed about her reaction when she came out of a tree, and the joy she experienced riding on Celeste. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer and I said, “Ok, out with it lady! What’s bothering you? Don’t say nothing! I’m psychic, remember? I don’t pry, but I can feel somethings bothering you. ”

Linda laughed! “Alright, you got me. Sybil was jealous that Melissa can hear thoughts and she couldn’t. Well, she got up this morning and she can hear thoughts too.” My mouth must have been hanging open, because she went on to say, “you can close your mouth now. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. I tested her several times. Her dad tested her and he really is as puzzled as I am.”

“Is this one of those gifts that Ariel was talking about? You remember she said that Sybil will have yours and Jacks gifts, and possibly some gifts that we haven’t heard of?” “Oh no, you can’t possibly mean that she could have what ever gift she fancies just by wanting it? Lord give me strength! She’s not even 4 yet.” Linda didn’t look good, so I suggested we go to our favorite little diner for coffee. They knew us both there, so wouldn’t mind us tying up a booth for a while.

There were tiny jukeboxes on all the tables. 4 songs for a quarter. I played one of my favorites by Johnny Cash. “Fever” I was singing along with the song, “we got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout!” Linda was looking at me like she never saw me before. “Ok. You don’t have to ask, I’ll stop singing. Every time I hear that song, I forget I can’t sing.”

Linda laughed! “Your voice isn’t that bad. I was just imagining what that kind of gift would be like. Should be interesting.” “Interesting? In a three year old? How about terrifying? We can ask Ariel what she thinks and what you can do.”

No sooner had I mentioned Ariels name that we both heard music and smelled Jasmine. I really needed to ask Ariel what that enchanting scent was. Next thing I knew Ariel was sitting next to me, no wings in sight. I’m sure that I have mentioned Ariel was a beauty. Yes, there were several men in the diner and everyone of them had eyes on Ariel, who was completely unaware of the effect she was having.

She had creamy skin that glowed like she had a light tan. Her hair was glossy black and her eyes we’re as blue as the sky. Jealous! Who me? Darn right I was jealous, and so was every other woman that saw her. She was completely unaware of her beauty.

Ariel was asking Linda about the problem. “Yes, I remember telling you we didn’t really know what some of her gifts would be, but they would be advanced.” Ariel said this in her sultry voice. Of course she would have a sultry voice to go with all that beauty.

“She’s only 3 years old, she doesn’t understand what she’s doing” Linda said this with a pleading note in her voice. Ariel seemed to be listening to something else. She looked at Linda and said that if she had her car it would be a good idea to return to the preschool immediately. I was alarmed! “Oh my gosh! Don’t tell me those two girls started the school on fire?” Ariel gave me a look and said,. “If only it were that easy!” Then she was gone.

Linda paid the cashier for our coffee, explaining that we had lost track of time. I gathered Michael up and we ran out to the car. It took less than ten minutes to get there while both our fertile imaginations went wild. When we got there and ran into the school. The teacher looked at us strangely.

“I just called both your numbers and left messages not more than five minutes ago!” Linda said we were in the area so we thought maybe we could see how they were doing on their first day. Ms. Lawrence, sighed and said ” Melissa and Sybil both caused quite a disturbance. They are in time out in our quiet room. Mrs. Lopez is with them. She is our volunteer parent today and was supervising a group of children at play.”

Ms. Lawrence smiled a sweet smile and pointed the way to the quiet room. I had a lot of misgivings as I walked towards the room. My stomach tied up in knots. I opened the door and Linda went before me. She looked like I felt. Worried!

The quiet room was a nice room, painted a soothing shade of blue. There were three girls lying on colorful sleeping bags. Melissa looked up and my heart wrenched when I saw she had been crying. Mother bear was a heart beat from claws emerging extended. However, knowing my daughter, I knew her little blonde head could come up with some dastardly deeds. Sybil was trying to hide in her blanket. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me. Lol!

Mrs. Lopez looked stressed. I apologized to her for the problems my daughter caused her. ” we had a water color painting activity, everyone was getting along just fine. Your little one, she indicated Linda, jumped up and started to yell at Erica that her mother was not an evil witch. Not one of the children had said a word since they started painting. I asked Sybil why she would say such a thing.”

Mrs. Lopez sighed, “she said to me that she heard Erica thinking this terrible thing. Melissa piped up and said, yeah, our mommies are good witches, and Erica is always thinking bad things about our mothers, when it’s her mother who is the evil witch! I heard her think that, I really did.” “Then she said, my mother told me not to tell anyone I can hear their thoughts. I promised not to tell anyone, but Erica is a weinie head, then she jumped on Erica and they were fighting. I had to call Ms Lawrence to help me break it up.”

“Mrs. Lopez, you have my profuse apologies. Kids have such imaginations these days.” I took Melissa’s hand and Linda dug Sybil out of her blankets and we went back to see Ms Lawrence, who explained that they really could not accept unruly children, especially ones with a wild imagination who wanted to fight. So after not even a half day my daughter and Linda’s daughter were expelled from preschool. Oh Lord!

I told Melissa we would have a talk and sent her to her room. Linda said she would call me. She had her own “talk” to give. I really dreaded facing Frank. What on earth would I do with this child when she went to kindergarten? The phone was ringing when we walked in. I picked it up and sent Melissa to her room.

Pam was on the line. After exchanging pleasantries, she asked about Melissa. I explained the whole debacle to her. “Oh my gosh! Those two little girls, a four year old and a three year old got themselves expelled from preschool?” Pam was laughing now. I tried to explain to her why she couldn’t use this “gift” of hers at school. Ever! Pam finally stopped laughing and said she had called to talk to me about something. She sounded serious.

She explained that after being in my dream with me last night, she wanted to walk into her husband’s dream and she did. She had found him in this dream in bed with another woman. Uh oh! “Did you ask his permission to enter his dream? She looked at me like I was crazy. “Of course, I didn’t ask. I’ve been trying to find out if he was cheating, and I was right. He saw me too! He was shocked!”

” Ok, so how did you get out?” “I just stepped back like you showed me.” “Where did you wake up?” ” why are you asking me these questions? I woke up in my own bed my husband was already gone to work. Heather was crying and I attended to her.”

“Did you forget that you are supposed to ask permission of the person who’s dream you wish to enter?” “This is my husband. Why should I ask permission from him? Besides I’ve suspected him of cheating for a while now.”
“Pam, him being your husband doesn’t make it right. It’s a rule, if you want to dream walk you have to follow it. It’s meant for your safety as well as the safety of the dream you walked into.”

That doesn’t make sense to me, and now that I know who the little Jezzabell is, I’m going to pay her a little visit in her dream tonight.

Pam hung up. Did she really say Jezzebell? Uh oh, I’d better call Ariel. I’m pretty sure dream killing is frowned on. Ariel appeared as if she had been listening. ” Yes, my dear, this is most disturbing. I will call Tip and we will head Pam off before she gets into trouble. Thank you love. Take care of your little spunky girl.” Ariel laughed and was gone. I sat down for a cup of tea.

I went to Melissa’s room and she was fast asleep. Pearl was licking her tear stained face. My heart melted. I let her sleep.
Lectures could wait. I sighed.

Who’s a witch? Not me!

The Kitties korner.

Hi it’s Jason. I want to tell people about the terrible treatment I’m getting here from my own mom! Just because I’m smart and strong and she can’t keep me in this room, she gets mad!! She put a tall book case in front of the door. She thinks it will keep me in! Never!! It’s a challenge. In the words of my deceased brother feline, The great Salemn Saberhagen, No door can ever keep me in! I will keep you informed. As for those panty things she thinks I will wear!! I say, Bah! NEVER!!!!!!!


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Tykes of terror

  1. Carole Cameron says:

    Wow…sounds like you really had your hands full with Melissa…and then yout friends going into her husband’s dream without permission…
    Looking forward to the next chapter!!

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