Who’s a witch? Not me.

I sighed and knew I needed a nap. I didn’t have time for it, but oh I was so tired of this very long day.  I thought about dinner, but my heart wasn’t in it.  I felt really bad for Pam.  It has to be crazy making finding out your husband is cheating on you. Especially right after you had a baby.

Pam was gorgeous.  Tall,with long blonde hair, and a beautiful body. She didn’t look at all like she gave birth a few short months ago. I had not met her husband, but I had to wonder, why would he cheat? It wasn’t my business, after all as the old cliche goes, you can’t tell a book by its cover. This was the truth, at least that’s the way I understood it

I sighed, and went to Melissa’s room. She was sitting on her bed looking at her zoo picture book. She loved that book. Pearl was cuddled up next to her. I sat on the bed and pulled her into my arms. “I’m sorry mama. I was trying to be good, I really was. Sybil started it.” She started to cry. I was a sucker for her tears, but I couldn’t let it get to me.

“It doesn’t matter who started it, you shouldn’t have been fighting or calling people names.” “You mean I shouldn’t have called Erica a weinie head.?” She said this solemnly, and I tried not to laugh. “No, you shouldn’t have called her any name at all, and you shouldn’t have repeated what Erica was thinking. None of us are witches.”

“Mom, if I was a witch, I could turn Erica into a toad and keep her to play with!” “Honey, witches do not turn people into toads or anything else. That’s just in the storey books you read. Real witches practice Wicca. That’s their religion. They worship nature. Do you understand?”

She looked confused so I dropped it. Maybe I could ask Judi to come over and explain it to her. Oh boy! I had forgotten about dinner. Frank was due home soon. I called our favorite pizza place and ordered pizza and chicken. I had Cole slaw fixings, so I made that.

The food was there when Frank came home. He looked at the food and then me. “Ok, what’s up?” “What do you mean?” I replied innocently. ( I hoped). Frank sighed. “This was Melissa’s first day at preschool. She hasn’t come running in to the room to tell me all about it. There is not only pizza, but chicken, Cole slaw and you are standing here with a cold beer in your hand.” He looked at me again. “Fess up, what happened today? Did anyone die? Go to jail? What?”

I looked at him in horror. “Of course not!” “Then what happened? Is the building still standing?” “Oh Frank, for heaven’s sake! She got into a fight with another little girl and got expelled.” “That’s it? A fight?” “Well no, she called her a name after the other girl called her a name.” “What was the name?” “She called her a wienie head.”

Frank started laughing and finally caught his breath enough to splutter, “A wienie head? That’s it?” ” well, no, not exactly, Melissa said Erica said that her mom called me a witch. Anyway, what’s the difference. They were fighting and got expelled.” We sat down to eat. Melissa ate in her room. She was being punished. Frank looked at me with a strange expression on his face.

“Well, you are, aren’t you? A witch, I mean.” I sighed, and said, “no, I’m not a witch. You know, don’t you that being a witch just means you practice Wicca. The worship of nature. No pointy hats or noses. No turning people into toads. I don’t know who made all that up, but the Halloween industry has made a fortune off of it.” “O.k if you say so, but being called a witch is better than being called a Wienie head.”

He was still laughing as he got up and helped me put the food away. He went to Melissa’s room to talk to her while I finished up the few dishes we used. I went to the bedroom to see if Michael was awake. He was and Anu was entertaining him by making faces at him and growling and snarling. For some reason he thought this was the funniest thing he ever saw. He laughed until his little face turned beet red. This tickled Anu no end.

“So, this is what you do for fun, my friend, try to scare little babies?” Anu snorted, “scare this kid? I don’t think so! The more I try to scare him, the more he likes it. Laughing and snorting. If I can’t scare him, he can’t be scared!” Michael stopped laughing and looked at Anu expectantly. “Sorry to spoil your fun, but it’s feeding and bath time.”

I was sitting in the rocking chair feeding Michael when I heard music. It sounded like an Irish lullaby. I knew what anything Irish meant! Tip was about to make an appearance and he was giving me warning. Breast feeding embarrassed him no end. Good thing I was finished. Michael was asleep so I laid him in his crib. “O.k, it’s safe now.”

“What do you mean, lassie? Safe from what?” Tip asked as he popped in next to the crib. “Aww! Your wee bairn is asleep. He’s a strapping young man. Going to grow up to be a giant of a man” “As long as he grows up to be healthy and a good person. Now since I haven’t seen you for a while, Tip and it’s always good to see you, may I ask, why are you here?”

“Aye, lassie can’t I pop in to see you because I miss you?” “Sure you can, but that’s not why you’re here. This little visit has to do with Pam. Right?” “Lassie, you know me too well. Yes. Pam is causing all sorts of trouble. Ariel is very upset and on the verge of taking Pam’s gifts away. The two of you have a lot in common and I would hate to see her lose her gifts. Do you think you or Judi or you and Judi could talk to her?”

“She’s really upset, Tip, because her husband is cheating on her. I can’t blame her. She’s not thinking clearly. I will call her, Judi and Linda. Time for a luncheon. Maybe she will think clearer if she has friends to talk it over with.” “I knew I was right coming to you. If anyone can get through to her, it’s you.” I sighed. ” I’ll try Tip, but I can’t make any promises”.

“Please try, lassie, if Ariel has to take her gifts away, it will be very hard on her mental health. Ariel tried talking to her, and so have I, you are our last hope. We don’t like to lose anyone”

I called Linda and Judi and explained it all to them. They were sympathetic. Next I called Pam and invited her for lunch at Judi’s apartment for the following Monday. She seemed excited and as we were talking she told me how much she enjoyed dream walking. I asked if I could visit her dream that night. She said, yes, of course.

Both children were asleep and all the cats were either asleep or watching over us. They were very sweet. Guarding their family and I had no doubt in my mind that they could protect against any intruder, especially Anu. Just because she was a spirit cat didn’t mean her claws and teeth wouldn’t hurt.

I walked into Pam’s room. It was a lovely room and very inviting. She was already there. Sitting in a rocking chair humming a tubeless song. “Hi Pam, I’m here!”. She looked up at me and smiled. I noticed a difference in her looks. She looked older and she had lines around her mouth. “Pam, are you feeling alright? You don’t look like you do.”

“I’m feeling about as well as anyone who’s husband is cheating. He’s a lying pole cat!” “I can imagine and I’m really sorry. Are you going to divorce him?” “No! I’m going to Kill him.” “What do you mean exactly by kill him?” “Just what I said! I’m going to kill him and since I can dream walk, it will be easy to kill him and say he just died in his sleep.”

Oh boy! Some part of me believed she was just blowing off steam, a fantasy, if you will. Didn’t I live in a kind of fantasy? Another part of me was afraid, she might really kill him. What was I going to do? I decided to take the high road and believe she was kidding. “Ha, ha, ha! That’s a good one. If only we could all do that when we have a fight with our men.” I was still laughing. My laughter trailed off when I saw her face.

“Why are you laughing at me?” She looked really angry now. Uh oh! What was I going to do? “Why don’t we call Tip, or better yet, Ariel to help resolve this without any blood shed” “Tip just tells me that I can lose my gifts. What good are gifts if they don’t help in times of trouble?”

“Paul dreams about his slut. I walked into his dream and there they were together in bed, going at it like bunnies!” For some reason going at it like bunnies struck me as funny and I burst into laughter. I couldn’t seem to help it. The more I laughed the angrier she became and I got up out of the chair I had plopped down in. I had to get out of here.

“Where do you think you are going, miss witch! You are not going anywhere until I do what I intend to do.” For some unexplainable reason, I was still laughing, although it was mostly giggles now. “Maybe he was just dreaming. That doesn’t mean he is seeing this woman when he’s awake. Don’t jump to conclusions. Paul loves you and Heather. Think of it this way, if you kill him, what happens to Heather?”

“I know he’s cheating. He works late night with miss slut, then comes home, doesn’t say a word to me and goes to bed and dreams of her.” Pam was crying now. I tried to put my arms around her to comfort her, but she stepped back out of her own dream. Uh oh! I’d better get out of here fast. I stepped back but nothing happened. I moved over and tried again.

I stepped back all around the room. I was trapped! Ahhh! Help! I called out for Tip, Ariel, and finally Anu! I was so relieved to hear her growly voice, ” it’s about time you called me. Get on my back and let’s go home.” Before I knew it we were in my bedroom. Michael was sound asleep, and the kitties were on my bed anxiously awaiting our return.

“What happened Anu? Why couldn’t I get out of Pam’s dream?” “She left her own dream, so anything could have happened. Her dream would probably have collapsed without her being there, and you would have collapsed with it. Hard to say where you would have ended up. In pieces probably!” This was said in her growly voice. Did I detect a sense of satisfaction? Probably because she came to my rescue once again.

I threw my arms around Anu and thanked her for coming to my rescue. I couldn’t thank her enough. I think I saw a little pink in her cheeks. Do Panthers blush? “I feel sorry for Pam.” “No need to feel sorry for Pam lassie. She has flipped her lid. Some people can not handle their gifts. It takes a strong minded person.”

“What’s happening to Pam, Tip?” “Pam went into her husband’s dream with the intention of killing him. Ariel intercepted her before she could do anything and took her back to her own bedroom. When she saw her husband sound asleep with a smile on his face, she took a gun off her night stand and was going to shoot him. Ariel grabbed her arm and her husband woke up.”

“He couldn’t see Ariel, but he saw the deranged look on her face. He called the police and took the gun out of her hand. She was laughing and crying and when the police arrived they took her to the hospital for evaluation.. Sad lassie, very sad!” Tip shook is head and disappeared. I lay down in my bed with a heavy heart. Petting my kitties lulled me into a dreamless sleep.

Where do we go from here?

The Kitties korner….. Hello, this is Toby Lee… mama said it’s my turn. Ok. What do you want to know? That’s not right? I don’t have a job or anything. I like to sleep in Tabby’s box. Mama gave her a big box to sleep in, but whenever I can get in it, I do. Mama won’t make me move. Tabby tries to bite me and push me out. She got in the box with me and tried to sleep on my head. I had to bite her tail to get her out. He, he. That was fun. O.k no it’s not. I got allergies. I asked mama if I’m allergic to Tabby, can we get rid of her and I could have her box. Mama said no. Not getting rid of anyone. I have to take pills instead. That’s not fair!! Oh shoot!


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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2 Responses to Who’s a witch? Not me.

  1. Carole Cameron says:

    Wow!! That must have been really scary seeing Pam like that…and so sad that it seems she had mental issues…hopefully she recovered…but what she did (whether he was cheating on her or not)was very serious!
    Looking forward to next time…and still enjoying the Kittie Corner..they are so cute and funny!!

  2. Cary says:

    Well that didn’t end good. Thank goodness he woke and got the gun from her… so hard on even the strongest woman to deal w/ the hurt, betrayal and rejection. ;(

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