Angels and more Angels

I was dreaming… I was in the same place as before. This is Pam’s dream. How did I get here again?  I sat on one of the boulders.  Oof!  Not so comfy now. I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable, and maybe a smidge wary. Looking around. I noticed the clouds were dark and forming angry shapes. A wolf snarling and a scared rabbit. I knew I needed to promptly exit this dream.

I stood up and took a step back. Nothing! Looks like I wasn’t going anywhere yet. The sky darkened and the wind was blowing cold. I looked around for an escape when Pam appeared in front of me. There would be no throwing my arms around her this time. I started to back up as quickly as I could.

Pam smiled at me and I got a chill. This was not the Pam I knew. She was still beautiful, but she looked very much like an evil ice queen. Her beautiful blonde hair was standing on end with ice all through it. Her eyes were blue ice and she looked brittle, as though any touch would break her.

“So Pam, what’s going on? What happened? Last time I saw you, you were really happy that you were going to be Heathers guardian angel. “I’m sorry about the way this has turned out for Heather. I just can’t let the evil woman that stole my husband become Heathers step mother.” She really did sound sorry, sort of, but I wasn’t buying it for a minute. I’ve been called naive but never stupid.

“I’m sorry this whole thing turned out the way it has too, especially for Heather, but there is nothing you can do about it now. You chose not to come back back and fight.”

“What? Are you blaming me? This is all the fault of Paul and his hussy. It’s your fault too!” “Me? What did I do? I’ve been your supporter and your friend too.” Pam’s eyes were blazing now, her hair was standing on end, honest. I think she was actually vibrating. Uh oh! I think I was in trouble! I started yelling as loud as I could, “help! Help! Anu! Tip! Ariel! Any one!”

Pam laughed. “No one is coming to rescue you.” I could have begged to differ, because the clouds parted, the sky split open and there stood an angel who must have been ten feet tall at least. His hair was long and blowing in the wind, which was now warm and gentle. His eyes were deep blue and blazing. Good grief, are all angels gorgeous?

Pam whispered, “Michael”. Uh oh! He looked really angry. He wore a white tunic belted at the waist and a long blue over garment. He was holding a very long and scary sword. This was the Archangel Michael! He was the protector against lower energies. He raised his sword and pointed it at Pam. “Be gone! Back to where you came from! ” Pam’s mouth opened wide in a silent scream and she disappeared. I was afraid to ask where she went.

Michael looked at me and said, “you are safe!” He disappeared and in his place stood Ariel. She was smiling and I was so glad to see her. She held out her hand and I took it and woke up in my own bed. Ariel was gone. I just lay there. I think I was in shock! I asked myself, “what just happened?”

Just as I asked myself that question, I looked and another angel stood by my bed. Oh my gosh! Took a lot for me not to scream. “Do not be frightened, I am Jeremiel. He was wearing a deep purple robe, and of course, he was gorgeous. ” your prayers for help have been answered. You are safe and everything happened just as it was meant to.” He held his hand out and deposited a beautiful amethyst crystal in my hand. “Remember you are protected.” He disappeared.

Oh boy! I’ve got to get up and going before anymore angels appear. It’s getting to be a bit unnerving. I got Michael and Melissa ready for the day. Michael was sitting in his high chair drinking juice. I was looking in the fridge wondering if I could get away with cereal and milk this morning. I thought longingly of my coffee, bubbling away in the pot.

I turned around when I heard both kids laughing. I screamed and almost dropped the milk. My kitchen was full of angels. Archangels. The ten foot tall, with huge wings, gorgeous angels. I must have looked a fright in my tattered robe, and bed head hair. Not to mention my wide open eyes and mouth. Duh! Where was my voice?

“I am Archangel Raphael! We are here to help you with angel therapy. Give us your cares and we will take them away. Breathe deeply and do not worry about the situation you were in” Raphael had the most beautiful long curly hair, it was almost red. When I looked at him, I could feel my breathing slowing and a deep sense of calm. “I am the angel of healing.” Raphael means whom God heals. All these little tidbits just popped into my mind.

The Angel next to Raphael was Raziel. “I am here to tell you I protect your clairvoyance. Your gift encompasses clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance as well. You are blessed loved one and we are all here to tell you that we protect you. You are well known and well loved among angels. You do your best to help all those with gifts they do not understand.”

Archangel Azrael was next.. “you are a natural counselor, and you have been chosen to counsel those who find it hard to accept their gifts. You are an inspiration in the ways you use your gifts. I am here to help you, all you need to do is call on me.” Ariel stepped forward and turned to her companions and asked that they leave and give me time to digest all that I heard this day. One by one the Angels disappeared. I was left with Ariel.

“I am your guardian angel because you are blessed with the gift of speaking with animals. I love all animals and those with special gifts of communicating and caring for the littlest angels are special to me. You only have to call and I will come.” Ariel leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. It felt like a feather brushing my cheek and it made me happy.

I finished fixing breakfast and finally got to drink my coffee. It tasted really good. I couldn’t pin the taste down. “It’s cinnamon lassie!” I almost dropped my coffee cup. Tip grinned at me. “Have you never tried cinnamon before? Face it Lassie, your coffee needs help. It’s either too weak or too strong. I knew a bit of cinnamon would perk it up.”

Tip looked at me expectantly. “It’s really good Tip. Tell me the truth, where is Pam now?” “Lassie, she is in a place where she will be at peace until the time comes when she is well again. Sorry to say she will nary be Heathers guardian angel.” Tip looked sad. I felt sad too. I know how I’d feel if I couldn’t be with my children.

“Is she back in the void Tip” “I cannot say Lassie. It’s not my place” I was horrified! “Oh no! She’s not in Hell is she?” Tip looked confused. “Hell? You mean the fiery pit with the red man with horns?” “Yes! You told me Hell doesn’t exist! I can’t believe you lied to me!” I was really upset. Tip looked aghast! “Lassie, I would never lie to you. Angels don’t lie. We are unable to lie. I was asking if that was the place you meant”

“Yes! That’s the place I meant!” Tip sighed. “Once again lassie, there is no place with fire and a man in a red suit with a pitch fork. Pam is on a different level where she is healing. She will take all the time she needs to become a guardian angel for someone else. Lassie you know our creator would never desert us in our time of need.” Tip smiled at me and vanished.

I got the kids ready for the day. Michael in his walker and Melissa behind him playing zoo train. I cleaned the house and thought about all that had transpired. At this time I just couldn’t process all that had happened that morning. I was awe struck at having so many angels here in my very own bedroom and kitchen. Certainly didn’t want it to go to my head. I did the best I could, but I knew I wasn’t everything they said I was. I just tried to help whenever I was able to.

Melissa was babbling to Michael about the Angels. She had made up a nonsense language to talk to Michael. He loved it and he loved his sister.
Michael was a happy baby. He loved everything and everyone. Melissa asked if we could have sghetti for dinner. It was her favorite food. I boiled the pasta and made the sauce. Melissa and Michael helped make the meatballs, with very clean hands. Michael chortled when he squished the meat through his chubby fingers.

When Frank arrived home the sauce with meatballs was simmering in the oven. Pasta was ready and garlic bread was on the table. The kids were clean and seated at the table. Frank was in a good mood. I was happy. I had the amethyst crystal in my pocket. I thought it was humming and giving me a lovely warm feeling. I looked at my sweet family and I was content.

Melissa was babbling away to Michael and he was laughing. Melissa looked over at Frank and said, ” Daddy there was a bunch of big angels with swords in our kitchen this morning. They came to see mama.” Oh great! Now she talked in clear sentences. Frank glared at me and I’m pretty sure I looked guilty because I felt faint.

Cats, cats and a dog.

The Kitties korner….

This is Nina Rose.. mama said I could say something this time. Mama calls me her belly dancer. I lay on a chair on my back and dance around and mama pets my belly. She says I have a beautiful belly. I do! When I’m tired I nip her hand and jump down and run around the room. Them I jump on my brother Bailey and we play fight. Makes mama laugh. Jason tries to break us up, but we run under the bed. I’m Nina Rose and I like to dance.


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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