Cats, cats and a dog.

Frank was glaring at me.  I tried to pretend I didn’t hear Melissa.  Melissa kept talking about all the Angels, tall and short that she saw. “You know how much she loves angels. She loves her books and angel doll too.”

Frank didn’t say anything, but his good mood dissipated immediately. He took a beer into the living room. He didn’t say another word to me. This was getting old. I had to walk on egg shells around him. I was really tired of this. I cleaned up the kitchen and settled the kids to play in my room. Clemmie was following me around. She had a worried look on her sweet little face.

“What’s wrong mama? Are you ok? You don’t look good. Did that man hurt you? I’ll go get him!” I laughed, she looked ferocious and I’m sure she would have gone after him too. “Clemmie, it’s nothing for you to worry about. It’s a human problem. You are such a big help to me by taking care of the babies.” Clemmie looked pleased and she blushed. Cats can blush but it’s easier to see on the lighter colored kitties.

Feeling better I finished cleaning up and went to my bedroom and got the kids ready for bed. Sitting in the rocking chair with Michael on my lap and Melissa and all the kitties gathered around me, I read stories out of the animals from Africa book that Frank’s dad, Frank Sr. brought for the kids. The kitties sat in rapt attention, eyes wide and staring. I made animal sounds and Melissa helped. I roared like a lion and Melissa roared too, then Michael roared! Soon we were roaring and the kitties were meowing ferociously and growling.

All of a sudden a loud roar rang out through the room! It was Anu! We all stared at her. “Anu, you scared all of us! Wow, what a ferocious roar!” Anu looked embarrassed, then she looked pleased with herself. We all started laughing. We were having so much fun, but underneath I was feeling pretty sad.

Frank Sr. came by to talk to Frank about something. He asked me why I looked so down. I told him that Frank and I were having trouble. He suggested that Frank and I needed some time apart. The third floor rear apartment was empty it had two bedrooms and a huge back porch. I agreed.

That evening, I talked to Frank and told him what his father had suggested. At first he was angry. I told him it was just two floors up and he could see the kids whenever he wanted within reason. He finally agreed that some time apart might be a good thing for both of us. The kids and I would move in the next weekend. The apartments were all furnished so no worries there.

I packed and moving day came soon enough. Judi and Linda both came to help. Tip popped in when I took a box upstairs. He looked alarmed! “What’s this Lassie? Why are you moving boxes to this apartment? Are you bringing your wee bairnes with you? What about your man, is he coming too?” “That’s a lot of questions Tip! No Frank isn’t moving with us. We just need some time apart. He can party what brains he still has out and I can have some peace.”

Tip looked skeptical, but wisely didn’t comment. He popped out. Melissa was confused. She asked where her daddy was and was he coming later. I tried to explain but confused her more. I went downstairs and asked Frank to come upstairs and say good night to the kids. He was pretty drunk, but made it up the stairs. When he left I was sure he was going to fall down the stairs but he made it safely and I breathed easier.

When the kids were asleep I took a bottle of wine and my glass outside and looked at the sky. Chicago skies are usually not easy to see stars in, but tonight the sky was clear and the stars were visible and beautiful. I was thinking about putting a table and chairs out here to eat at when the weather was nice. I was enjoying the peace and quiet

Looking up at the sky I realized there was a large cluster of red and white lights moving across the sky. I wondered idly if it was a blimp. Goodyear always had a blimp traveling from one place to another. What would it be like to travel in a blimp? Maybe I could get a job driving the blimp. Take the kids and kitties with me. Hmmm! I laughed at myself. “Mom! Mom! Are you awake?” I became aware of Melissa pulling on my arm.

Oh boy! I had fallen asleep out here on the porch steps. It was daylight. Lucky for me that I hadn’t fallen down the stairs. I got up stiffly and took Melissa and my still full wine bottle into the kitchen. “Where were you last night mom? I got up and the kitchen door was open, but you weren’t there.” “I was sitting on the stairs asleep honey.”

Melissa started to cry, surprising me. ” No you weren’t on the stairs. I couldn’t find you and I was so scared. I was going to find daddy, but I was ascared to go downstairs.” She threw her arms around me sobbing. “There was big red lights in the sky. It was coming down for me. I ran inside and hid in the closet.” I comforted Melissa, but I was confused. What big red light? I remembered lights in the sky but that’s all I remembered about last night. Coming down for her?

I got us all ready for the day. I didn’t really like cooking in this small kitchen but it turned out ok. I was unpacking and Melissa helped and the kitties helped. I had the kitchen door open and clemmie and Opal were on the porch exploring. Clemmie came running in, ” Mom! There’s a monster on the stairs and it’s got Opal! Help!” I ran outside frantically to discover Opal playing with a little black puppy!

He was so cute! They were chasing each other all over the porch. I reached down and picked him up. “Ok now, where did you come from and who do you belong with?” He had long black floppy ears and a short tail that never stopped moving. He looked up at me with his black button eyes and I was in love.

“Are you my human? My mom told me to go find my human. Most humans don’t want me, do you?” ” what? Where is your mom? Are you lost?” He looked up at me in astonishment. “You understand me? My mom died. She told me to go find my human to take care of me. My name is sunny.” Tears ran down his little cheeks. Oh, poor little mite.

“Cheer up baby. You have found your human” He looked so relieved. I cuddled him and he gave me sweet little kisses on my nose. “I was really afraid last night. There was a big round thing in the sky and it picks up humans and puts them back. I hid.” He was trembling with fear. “Don’t worry baby, nothing will hurt you now.”

I was a little worried now about those lights in the sky that were picking up humans and putting them back. I took Sunny in the house and gave him some canned and dry cat food. A shopping and vet trip was needed. Sunny started gulping food so fast I was afraid he would choke. I pulled the dish back and he growled at me. I told him not to eat so fast or he would be sick. His little tummy was bulging. He turned around in circles and settled sleepily on the floor.

I deposited him gently in one of the soft cat beds. Anu looked at me and sighed, “I know it is your destiny to rescue the kitties, but dogs are so noisy, bark, bark, bark.” She acted out the barks and sent clemmie into gales of laughter, and the look of alarm on Opals face was priceless as she jumped behind Clemmie.

I started laughing too, and Anu looked puzzled. “Oh Anu, I love you so much!” “I love you too!” Anu still looked puzzled. “Lassie, what is going on here! Anu barking like a half crazed dog!” Tips statement sent me, Clemmie and even Anu into fresh gales of laughter. Tip was starting to look a little half crazed himself.

I was about to explain when “Bark, bark, bark” rang out loud and proud. ” who are you green man?” I didn’t think I could laugh any more. Tip looked insulted. “Green man?” Oh boy! Sunny was sniffing Tip and then he saw Anu. “Aaah! Help! Giant cat! I’ll save you mom!” Sunny ran over to me and jumped in my lap barking fiercely all the time. Clemmie was laughing again and now all the other cats ran out to the back porch and Sunnys presence had to be explained to everyone

I explained to Sunny about Tip being an angel and he chose green clothes because he was Irish, or he wanted to be Irish. Tip asked if he could talk to me alone. I hustled all the cats, Melissa and Sunny inside and I set Michael up in his old playpen. “Ok Tip. What’s happening.” Tip looked confused for a minute then obviously decided to let it go. Uh oh! Must be more serious than I thought.

” lassie, have you felt different since you moved up here?” “I don’t really know, what with Sunnys arrival. I really haven’t had time to think about it. Why do you ask?” “Lassie, do you believe in little beings from outer space?” “Not really Tip, I haven’t actually thought about it.” “The first night you moved here and you were sitting on this porch, did you see lights in the sky? Red ones?” “Yes, and white ones too. I thought it was the Goodyear blimp!” “No it wasn’t the Goodyear blimp. Uh what is the Goodyear blimp?”

“Tip, the Goodyear blimp is a long football shaped, air ship advertising Goodyear tires. Now what are you saying?” Lassie, I have reason to believe you were kidnapped by a ship full of aliens to probe you and find out what you are. They may well have probed more than they should have with you.” Tip started laughing, but hey, I didn’t find that funny at all.

Is anybody out there?

The Kitties Korner…

Hi, this is Leo! Mom wants me to tell everyone how good I am doing now. I still have diabetes, and I still get stuck with needles everyday. I gained weight, and I’m a big handsome guy. I weigh 12 lbs and I’m 12 years old. Just the right age and weight. I have a lady friend. Her name is Josephine and she is a beautiful long haired calico. What a doll. I twitch my whiskers and she swoons. He, he. That’s all I have to say tonight. Bed time.


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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5 Responses to Cats, cats and a dog.

  1. Carole Cameron says:

    WOW!! So you may have been “beamed up?” That is scary!!
    Sounds like you and Frank did need a break…hope that helped.
    Looking forward to next time!

  2. Thank you Carole. I’ve been everything, so being beamed up is no surprise. Lol!

  3. Cary says:

    trying to comment again here..

  4. Cary says:

    ok, works this time.. a dog? I didn’t know you ever had a dog. poor little guy, his human died or his doggy momma died? Red lights in the sky? must have skipped a posting..

  5. You didn’t skip a posting. Last one was angels. Will expand on this.subject in yes. My dear little sunny or Sundance.

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