Is anybody out there?

Tip was still laughing.. “just what is it that you find so funny?” “I’m sorry Lassie, it’s just you aren’t wired the same as many humans, and I wonder what they think about you.” “That’s funny to you? They took me, and my kids were all alone. What if something happened to them? Melissa was up looking for me. She was scared.”

I was glaring at Tip and he stopped laughing. He almost choked, but he did manage to look chagrined. “I don’t think these aliens are here to hurt anyone. I’ve seen some of your tv shows and they seem to make anything or anyone they can’t explain, into frightening and abnormal”

“Tip, I have never really believed in aliens.” Tip gave me an astonished look. “So, you believe in angels, talk to and understand animals and you don’t believe in aliens?” Tip started laughing again and I was afraid he was going to hurt himself.. I could still hear him laughing when he popped out. I yelled at him, ” Glad I’m so amusing to you. ”

Later that night after the kids were asleep, I sat on the steps and gazed up at the night sky. Another clear night. The stars were bright and the moon was full. The blimp made its way lazily across the night sky. Those blinking red lights were distracting. I was determined to stay awake and watch for alien spaceships.

I looked around and astutely surmised that I was no longer on the steps of my back porch. It was quiet, except for a blinking light in front of me, it was also colorless.
Hmmm! I looked around and saw nothing. I seemed to be completely alone. I was sitting in a comfortable chair, so I decided I should probably just wait to see what happens next. Like I had a choice. I heard whimpering coming from under the chair.

I looked down and to my astonishment, I saw a shivering black mass. I sighed. “Sunny, what are you doing under there?” He jumped up into my arms and pushed his head under my arm into my armpit. He was shivering and whimpering. I sighed again. “How did you get here? He sobbed, ” I was sleeping on the step above where you was sitting. I woke up under the chair. Where are we mama?”

Poor baby. I held him in my arms and stroked him to try to calm his fears. Truth was I had plenty of fears of my own. I blinked, because there were several people in the room and none of them looked like little green men. They looked like me or rather like humans. There were three men and one woman.

They were sitting on chairs like mine around a table. I blinked several times..where did that table come from? I seemed to be sitting at the head of the table. They were all smiling. “Who are you? Is this a joke? Am I dreaming? I’m a dream walker so I can probably get out of this dream. You are scaring my dog, he’s just a puppy, a baby! What do you want with me?”

The woman sitting directly across from me smiled and said, “so many questions. We did not mean to bring your puppy up with you. We just want to talk with you.” “I think he was an inadvertent stow away.” I really am puzzled. I thought aliens were little green men or long and tall with big black eyes. The woman laughed. “Yes, we are well acquainted with the aliens in your television shows. However these shows are not truth.” “Please stop reading my thoughts. It freaks me out. It’s bad enough when my five year old daughter does it.”

” we are aware of the special abilities of yourself and your children. This is why we are having an amicable conversation here in this comfortable room. You are not like the people of earth that we have seen so far. You are human with extras.” I could tell English was not her first language, but I sighed and conceded that this was so.

“Why am I here in this room with you? What is it that you want from me?” The woman who was doing all the talking smiled at me again. I was beginning to think this was a little bit of a creepy smile. I wasn’t sure, after all I had never met aliens before. I really wanted to go home. I looked down at Sunny in my lap and he was sound asleep.

“I am Nara, and we are from a planet you never heard of. Our mission is to police the universe, and watch for activities on planets that will bring harm to the universe and other planets as well. We are called the watchers in your language.” ” what happens to planets that are engaging in harmful activities?”

“What happens? If the beings become an immediate threat to other planets and beings, then of course, the planet will be cleansed.” “Cleansed? Do you mean relocated or killed?” “Relocated? No, I’m afraid if the beings of any planet are a danger then they will continue to be a danger. The planet will be cleansed.” “Why are you telling me this?”

“Earth is a young planet. All planets go through the same stages as your children. Infancy, childhood, adulthood, and old age. If your planet makes it through to old age without blowing itself up or being cleansed then this is good for all other planets and their beings. Earth is still in its infancy.”

“I have a few questions. You say you are watching the people on Earth? Why? I believe in God. Are you trying to tell me that there is no God?” “There is a supreme being that is God to many beings and many universes. God created all that is, including us. God made us the watchers because even God cannot be everywhere at once. God appears differently to beings on all planets.”

Oh boy! “I’m still confused as to why I’m sitting here having a conversation with you. What do you want from me?” “Periodically we bring people here to our ship to find out what makes them who they are, or human. We are studying the people of the planets we watch. This is in order to serve you better.”

“We are the guardians of your planet, we would never harm you ” I was a little worried about the cleansing. Just then out of the blue, Sunny woke up. He had burrowed beneath my arm again so his butt was sticking out. “Bark! Bark! Bark! Yap, yap, yap, yap!” All of this from beneath my arm. His little butt going up and down and his short tail whirling around like a propeller. I couldn’t help it, I started laughing!

Nara initially looked frightened, then surprised when she saw it was Sunny. She relaxed and started laughing too. Soon everyone was laughing and Sunny came out from underneath my arm barking and looked frustrated because we were all laughing. Nara looked at me solemnly and said, ” We just want you to know we are here watching. Your planet is growing. There are many like you, who are working to guide your earth in the right direction.

“I would like to go home, my puppy here needs his own bed and my children are alone.” “Yes, you are going home. Your children are fine. You are caretaker to many animals. It’s a wonderful gift.” Nara smiled at me, and I was sitting on my stairs with Sunny who was asleep on the step above me.  I carried Sunny inside and put him gently in his bed.   Anu was watching me solemnly.

“You were with the watchers?” “You know about the watchers Anu?” “I am almost as old as this planet, I was created as a spirit guide to be protector to humans such as you.” I threw my arms around Anu. ” I am so glad you are my spirit guide, my protector and my friend.” I fell asleep to Anu’s purring in my ear, and I knew we were safe. I slept a dreamless sleep.

I didn’t really like this apartment much now, and no matter how benevolent they were, I was still a little afraid of the watchers. To tell the truth I really missed Frank. I loved him, what can I say. I called him at work and invited him to dinner. He said he would be happy to come. Judi babysat the kids and I took Sunny to the vet The vet took blood and urine. To do this he took Sunny to the back. I heard bark, bark, bark. Yap, yap, yap, Yelp!

The vet came back with Sunny. Sunnys ears were back and he jumped into my arms and put his head underneath my arm. The Dr. said he appeared to be healthy and about two months old. He would call with the results of the blood test. “He hurt me mama. I tried to bite him, but I couldn’t.” “I’m sorry honey, I just wanted to be sure you are healthy and not sick.” Sunny looked at me dubiously.

Next stop was the pet store where I bought him a red halter and a leash. I got him a green sweater too. He liked the leash. Ran all over. ” This is good mama. Now I won’t lose you.” I laughed. This puppy was just so cute. I went to the store to pick up food for tonight’s dinner. I also bought wine for me and beer for Frank. I took Sunny in and put him in the cart. He was thrilled. Looking at everything and everyone. People stopped to pet him. He loved the attention.

By the time we got home, Sunny was exhausted. He used the bathroom in the back yard then fell over asleep. I carried him up the stairs and deposited him gently in the new doggie bed I bought him. It had room to grow. I finally got the spaghetti going and the beer in the fridge. The phone rang and it was Linda. She asked if I had any strange experiences lately.

I laughed and asked, “stranger than usual?” That would have to be pretty strange. We were going to meet for lunch at her house the following week and invite Judi too. Frank arrived, and he looked tired and kind of unhappy. Melissa and Michael were thrilled to see him and he perked up a lot with the kids attention. We had a nice dinner and he offered to do the dishes, but I told him I’d do them later.

We sat on the couch and he played with the kids and read them a story at bedtime. I could see they were happier than they had been this whole week. Sunny jumped on Frank’s lap and Frank stroked his fur until he went to sleep. “I see you are still acquiring animals, they seem to be attracted to you.” He was smiling so I knew he wasn’t mad.

He turned to me and with an earnest expression on his face, he said, ” Honey, I really miss you and the kids, and seeing Clemmie next to me watching him he smiled, and I even miss this pack of cats too!” Anu was whispering in my ear and I heard myself saying, “Oh Frank, we all miss you too!”

“Won’t you please come home? I promise I’ll try my best to be better. I love you and the kids. I miss you all so much. The silence is driving me mad. I need the sounds of my family around me. I can’t sleep or eat.” Well, that did it. I melted. I put my arms around him and started to cry. I was happy he wanted us home.

Tip appeared behind Frank and tapped him on the shoulder. Frank ignored it, but I had to laugh. Tip had a mischievous smile on his face and tapped Frank again. Frank sighed, “tell your angel please to stop. I promise I’ll be good.” I laughed and Tip disappeared. Frank stayed with me that night. We were going to move back home. I felt safer. I heard laughter that sounded strange and sent a chill through me.

I snuggled up closer to Frank and went to sleep.
I was dreaming.

Disturbances and dancing…

The Kitties Korner.

Hey, it’s me..Bailey!! Mama said she would think about me having my own blog. She’s shaking her head, but I know what that means. I’m wearing her down. He,he,he.
It’s cold in our room. There’s a thing that sits on the floor, mama calls it a heater. She said it warms up the room, but I don’t trust it. How can it warm the room? Fire warms, right? There’s no fire. It just sits there. My sister Nina laughs at me, so I jump on her and bite her ears and she tries to bite mine. If mama sees us, we pretend we are grooming each other. Uh oh, I guess she knows now. I’m watching that heater in case it tries to hurt me or Nina. Mama shaking her head and laughing. I better stop, she’s laughing harder. Bye for now. Coming soon, Bailey’s blog.

(Mama here, NO!)


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Is anybody out there?

  1. Carole Cameron says:

    WOW…you have had some really interesting life experiences..this one sounds like you were chosen BECAUSE of your special “gifts..”
    Really enjoying your blog Patt and looking forward to the next installment as always!

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