Disturbances and dancing.

I was dreaming! I was standing in the middle of a desert! There was white sand as far as I could see in every direction. There was that strange laughter again! It was loud and grating. I turned in circles looking for where it was coming from. I didn’t see anything except the relentless sand all around me as far as my eye could see. The sky was pale blue, no clouds to be seen. I was afraid! Where was I? I started to shout as panic set in, “Help! Is anybody here? Do you hear me? Please help me!!” The laughter grew louder and louder and just when I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, I woke up in my own bed! Safe! Wasn’t I?

I was happy to be back home. I really did like the porch and stairs on the upstairs apartment, but  I wouldn’t feel safe sitting out there now.  What would stop them from taking me, my cats, Sunny, and my kids whenever they wanted to? Then there was that dream!
I wasn’t sure we were safe here either, but it felt a lot safer.

I had really missed all the room and the big kitchen and dining room. There were three bedrooms here too. The kids were happy to be home. Melissa was dancing around, holding on to Michael’s hands. They were spinning around and laughing. I picked Michael up and with Melissa holding on to me we danced and spun around the room and into the bedroom until we fell on the bed laughing.

I screamed! A huge face hung over me! Tip looked down at me and with a frown, said. “Here now Lassie, I’m not that scary now! Am I?” He looked worried. I sighed as I sat up. Children!! “No, you just startled me..Aren’t you supposed to be guardian angel to someone else now? Why are you always here?” I was feeling a little irritated. “Aye, Lassie, I cannot help but have a special place in my heart for you and your wee ones.”

Hmm! When he needed something from me his Irish brogue got so thick I could hardly understand it. “Ok Tip, knock it off! What do you want?” Tip had an innocent look on his face. Oh so transparent! “Lassie, I do not know what you mean!”
“Come on! I know you very well now, Mr. Irish angel with the fake brogue.” “Ok, you got me.” The brogue had mysteriously disappeared. Sounded more Chicago now.   I laughed.  Tip was scowling at me.

“There is a lady that just moved in two doors away from you.  She lives there alone with her son. He’s about four years old I think.  Ariel has been really busy lately, what with these space ships and aliens grabbing our people.”     “What do you mean grabbing your people?” Tip looked at me strangely and said, “lassie, have you forgotten the watchers?” I was beginning to get annoyed!

“Of course I haven’t forgotten the watchers. Even though I’ve been told more than once that they are just observers and won’t hurt anyone, I have been feeling strange since they talked about cleansing planets.” Tip looked unhappy. “Yes. Ariel has been feeling that way too. Their presence has been creating disturbances with everyone they speak with. Most people don’t remember even being on the ship, but people with extras, as they insist on calling you, remember everything.”

“Ariel is in meetings and can’t be disturbed. I am assigned to be Lisa’s guardian angel only she refuses to acknowledge me. She has some psychic abilities and Ariel is wanting me to help her develop them, but I cannot do that if she refuses to see me. I am asking please can you help me with her.”

“Sure, I am willing to help, but how? “Since you are a dream walker, Ariel has given permission for you to enter Lisa’s dream and try to speak with her.” “Wait a minute, isn’t that invasive and won’t her dream kick me out or hurt me?” “No lassie, you will be protected by Ariel. I will be sorting the dream so to speak and you will enter and let her know why you are there.”

“Oh boy! Sounds strange and maybe dangerous for me, but then again I’m a sucker for that fake Irish brogue, so I will try. You promise to protect me. I remember almost being squished in Pam’s dream. I ended up in the void.”
“That’s not going to happen this time. I’m watching.” Melissa and Michael ran back in the room. “Tip!, Melissa squealed at the top of her lungs, come and dance with us!”

Tips face broke out into a huge smile of delight! “Aye, little lassie, I love to dance!” Tip gathered Melissa and Michael both into his arms and began a slow waltz through the house. The waltz picked up speed as they danced through the rooms. Soon Tip and both kids were dancing and floating, the kids were having the time of their life. Before I knew it, Tip grabbed me and the four of us were twirling and whirling through the rooms.

I was getting dizzy and I begged Tip to stop. We all ended up on the couch exhausted! The kitties were running around so excited! Sunny hid but now came out barking. “Ah, he’s a noisy little mite isn’t he? Good watch dog I’ll wager.” Sunny was delighted and swaggered around the room. Clemmie said “Oh good, now he’s all full of himself.” Sunnies tail drooped and he looked dejected.

“Don’t worry, Sunny, with that bark you are a good watch dog now and when you grow up you’ll be great!” Sunny looked happy again. Clemmie seemed to be jealous of Sunny. I picked her up and began to stroke her soft fur. Soon she was purring and forgot all about Sunny. For now. “Tip, have you heard any weird laughter?” “What do you mean, weird?”
“Like maybe an evil dooer has escaped from the depths of hell.”

“Lassie, now how many times must I tell you there is no such thing as Hell. There are dimensions, and people go there to heal, when they are healed they are able to move up to a higher dimension.” “People escape from these lower dimensions, don’t they?” “Very seldom, and if they do escape they are quickly caught and returned. Possibly to a lower dimension, where it’s harder to escape. Lassie, you are worrying about nothing.”

“I don’t know Tip, something doesn’t feel right. It feels off. That laughter is making me very uneasy. I feel off kilter.” “No, no lassie, kilts are for the Scots. Not Irish.” I started to laugh, then seeing the look on his face, I stopped. “Ok, sorry Tip. I really just meant I feel off center. When am I to enter Lisa’s dream? Can I get another dream walker in on this? Judi or Linda?”

“Just you this time, lassie. We don’t want to scare her off. I would like for you to sort of introduce me.” “Tip, you need no introduction, but if that’s what you want.” “I’ve not had this much trouble with anyone before. It’s a bit frustrating.” “I understand. A woman you can’t charm.” I said this with a smile, and Tip blushed.

That night I put the kids and kitties to bed, and took Sunny out for one last bathroom break. I put paper down in the bathroom for him just in case. He settled down in his doggie bed for the night. I lay down in my bed and waited. I was drifting off to sleep, and I heard Tip’s voice. “Ready lassie, I think this is the dream.” I got up and walked into the dream thinking about Lisa, even though we had never met. I stood at the edge of the dream looking around.

Oh no, it can’t be! Here I am back in that desert. I looked around. Did Tip send me to the wrong dream? What was going on here. “Hello there. Why are you in my dream?” “Pam, is that you. How?”

Old enemies, New friends?

The kitties korner….

This is Toby Lee. Mom said it’s my turn. I don’t know why it’s my turn, but it’s o.k. it’s cold today. I don’t like cold. Makes my ears itch and then I sneeze. No birds outside to watch. My back hurts sometimes and mom puts her hands on me and they get real hot and my back is better. I try not to sneeze. If I do, she gives me a nasty tasting pill and then I got to hide under the bed. It’s dusty under the bed and I sneeze again. If I look really sad, she gives me a special treat of cheese. I love cheese. She said I can’t have chocolate because its not good for me. I got to go get warm under mom’s sheet. :mrgreen:


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Disturbances and dancing.

  1. Carole Cameron says:

    WOW…Tip is a real character for being a guardian angel and all…but really enjoy his antics!
    This dream walking thing feels kind of scary to me…and am anxious for the next chapter to figure out why Pam would be in this other person’s dream…and how you came to be there…and most of all…WHERE IS THAT MANIACAL LAUGHTER COMING FROM??
    Until next time…as always..really enjoyed this chapter Patt!❤

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