Old enemies, New friends?

Pam had dark hair, but it was definitely her. I  think.   “Pam what are you doing here? Someone named Lisa is supposed to be here.”    “You invaded my dream, and you’re asking me questions!  Pam is my sister and she died last year.   Did that kook in green calling himself an angel send you here?”

I was totally confused!   “Tip?  Yes he did! He’s not a kook! He really is an angel! Tip! Tip where are you?” No Tip! Coward! “I knew your sister briefly! We were roommates in the hospital. We had our babies on the same day!” “So what? Go away and leave me alone!! I don’t want any of your so called “gifts”. She spat the word gifts out. “I don’t want to be “psychic”

“Stay out of my freaking dreams!! Your psychic gifts killed my sister!” Oh boy! She was angry! Wonder if I could ask her to laugh maniacally for me? No? Too much? Too insensitive? Tip got me here but it looked like I was going to have to get myself out now, Lisa had a crazed look in her eye and she was about to take a run at me.

For better or worse I stepped back and out of Lisa’s dream. “Hey you! Get back here! I’m not finished with you!” I’m finished! How could Tip not tell me that Lisa was Pam’s sister, and by the looks of her she was Pam’s twin.

I looked around me. Where was I? It wasn’t black, it was all white! No color at all! Oh no! As soon as I got home, if I got home I was going to give it all up! Psychic gifts! Everything!
I just can’t do this! I tentatively took a step to the side. Great! I didn’t fall into a chasm or off a mountain, so I took another step. I had to fight the desire to run.

“Lassie, lassie where are you? If you are here say something please! This is not the void, but all this white is blinding.” “Tip! Here I am, help me please! Where were you and why didn’t you tell me Lisa was Pam’s twin sister?” Tip sighed, “let’s get out of here first, before we get stuck here and I’ll tell you everything. Take my hand and close your eyes Lassie.”

I closed my eyes and reached out for Tips hand. His hand was cool, but not unpleasant. It was reassuring when his hand closed on mine. I kept my eyes closed even when I felt wind blowing my hair. I was cold and felt the sensation of movement even though I wasn’t walking. ” You can open your eyes now Lassie. You are home.”

I opened my eyes and was so relieved to see the kitchen. I sank down into a chair and let out a sigh of grateful relief. “Tip, where was I? All that whiteness!” Tim sighed! “That is the in between. It’s where you go when you are journeying to the other side. It’s all white because you are not allowed to see the other side until you have departed this life for good.”

“Why didn’t you tell me Lisa was Pam’s twin sister? She’s really angry about Pam’s death. She blames Pam’s psychic abilities.” “I was afraid you wouldn’t help and this woman needs help. She’s really bitter and it’s poisoning her soul.”

“She’s grieving for her sister. Granted her way of grieving is a tad violent and angry, but every body grieves in their own way.” “That’s truth lassie, but I was hoping you would be able to talk to her and help her accept her abilities before she hurts herself or someone else.” “No kidding Sherlock, that chick was seriously gonna take me out.” Tip looked puzzled. I laughed!

“Sorry Tip! What’s the plan now? Shall I call my squad of female psychics and we will don our super psychic colors and save her from herself?” Tip looked totally confused. “I’m sorry for teasing you Tip, but seriously you should have told me everything before you sent me into Lisa’s dream.” “I realize that Lassie. I guess sometimes I take you for granted.” I was shocked! He admitted it!

Tip looked so upset, that I felt bad for teasing him. “Tip, if you know where she lives, maybe it would be better to go to her house and talk to her. I could call and see if she will talk to me. I could take Linda with me. You could babysit the girls. They love you.” Tip looked pleased. He loved the girls and Michael too.

“What are you going to say to her lassie?” “I could tell her how sorry I am about Pam’s passing. I really did like Pam, so hopefully she’ll believe me. I can also tell her that I’m not trying to brow beat her or drag her into anything she doesn’t want. She’s grieving Tip, and if she really doesn’t want to use her gifts, then I’m not going to bother her anymore.”

“I agree, but these gifts she has will benefit not only her, but others too. She is a medical intuitive and can with a lot of practice and training, work at psychic surgery. She has the power to heal with the laying on of her hands. Ariel says there are not a lot of psychics with these gifts. They are natural born gifts, like yours.”

“Tip, that sounds amazing. I will do the best I can.” “Bless you lassie, you are a good person with a kind heart.” Tip popped out. I was tired, so I went back to bed and fell into a thankfully dreamless sleep. Later that day I called Linda and caught her up on what all was going on. Linda suggested that I call Lisa and invite her to lunch at my house. We could invite Judi too, and talk to her when we were having lunch. Hopefully she will agree to come.

Tip had provided me with Lisa’s home address and phone number. I was contemplating the best approach. I decided to play it by ear. Uh huh! I called her number. No answering machine. I was about to hang up when an out of breath voice spoke, ” Hi, I’m sorry, I just came in the door. What can I do for you?” She had a pleasant phone voice.

“Hello, I am looking for Lisa Morgan?” “That’s me.” “Great! Hi Lisa! I was a friend of your sister Pam’s. She asked me to look you up. We were in the hospital together as room mates when our babies were born. We were just getting to know each other when the tragedy happened.”
Lisa sounded like she was about to cry. “Is your name Patt? “Yes, that’s me.” “Pam told me about you. She really liked you and had a great time at the luncheon at your apartment.”

“I really liked Pam too. I visited her in the hospital, and I miss her. I was wondering if you would like to come to my place for a luncheon next week?” “That would be so nice. We just moved here about a month ago and I haven’t made any friends.” “Two other ladies will be there, and we will all be happy to be your friends. Oh yes, before I forget, are you a vegetarian like Pam?”

“What? Pam wasn’t a vegetarian. Where did you get that idea.” “Pam told me she was a vegetarian, and she was going to raise her daughter, Heather as a vegetarian.” “Ok, didn’t you know that Pam’s baby died at birth?” “Are you serious? I saw her baby, and she was alive.” “No, that’s not possible.. “It is possible because I saw her. Pam and I shared a room because we were both breast feeding our babies. When she passed Paul and his girlfriend took Heather and moved away, I’m pretty sure.”

“I know Paul has a girlfriend, but no baby.” Oh boy! My head hurt and I was confused to say the least. “Anyway, Lisa, I can’t wait to meet you!” “Same here! I’m not a vegetarian, and I don’t have children, although. we are trying.” We set a day and time for the following week and hung up. I sat there for a few minutes trying to wrap my mind around this new information. Was I hallucinating?

Surely not! Oh my gosh! Have I lost my mind? I called Linda and told her what Lisa told me about Pam. “What!? Are you serious? We all know Pam had a baby girl. We saw her and held her. She was beautiful and adorable. Pam brought a vegetarian dish and said she was a vegetarian.” “Oh thank God! I’m not crazy! I really was beginning to doubt my sanity.” “No way girl, you are as sane as I am.”

We agreed on the day the following week, and what we were going to have. I called Judi next and filled her in. “What the heck! Are you sure this is Pam’s sister?” “She looks just like Pam, except Lisa has dark hair. I thought she was Pam’s twin. Wait until you see her.” After I hung up I sat there and thought about what Lisa told me. I called Tip. No answer. Where was angel boy!?

I was hoping the 3 of us together could make sense out of the information Lisa gave. I called for Tip several more times. Still no answer. I was getting a little bit worried. Tip usually came as soon as I called him. Oh well, what could happen to an angel? I got up to prepare dinner and felt a bit dizzy, then I heard it again. That weird maniacal laughter!!

Are you who you are supposed to be?

The Kitties Korner… Mom said it’s my turn. This is Toby Lee. I’m going to be 16 in June. I get to sleep a lot because I have allergies and arthritis. Mom says I have purple bumps in my ears. They are what’s called benign tumors. I’m not sure what that is, just that they make my ears itchy, then mom puts stuff in my ears so they aren’t dry. Nina comes over and sniffs my ears and says I stink. She’s mean. Tabby grooms my head and ears and tells me they taste good. She’s nice. I have two sisters and 4 brothers. I’m going to wait until Nina is asleep and jump on her, hold her down and groom her ears until they’re soggy! Mom is shaking her head, but we’ll see. He,he,he


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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One Response to Old enemies, New friends?

  1. Carole Cameron says:

    Really enjoying this…it just gets better and better! Really looking forward to what happens next at the luncheon!

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