Is this Peace?

When we fell out of the dream and on to my bed, Lisa and I were both stunned.  I could hear Lisa sobbing and repeating over and over.  “She’s gone, she’s really gone. My sister.”  I was a bit out of it, because all I could do was sing, “she ain’t heavy, she’s my sister, la,la,la”   I started to laugh because Lisa’s weight on top of me was killing me.

Suddenly her weight was gone and I was asleep.
I was dreaming!  Here I was out in the desert. Geesh!  You’d think after what I went through I would rate a grassy knoll at least.  I realized the scenery had changed and I was indeed on a grassy knoll. I was sitting on it.  O.k so far this was good. Knowing from experience I just needed to wait, I sat and relaxed.

I was almost asleep. Ha,ha! Asleep in my own dream. I woke up when I became aware of a presence next to me. I look over and The “man” sat next to me smiling at me. He had kind brown eyes and a lovely smile. His long brown hair was shiny and smelled good, but I couldn’t quite name the scent.

I became aware I must have been staring at him. I could feel a blush rising on my cheeks and I cast my eyes downward to his feet. They were encased in worn sandals. They were brown as his handsome face. His garment was white. I tried not to look directly at him, but I couldn’t help it. Gently he put his hand over mine. I was fidgeting. His hand felt calloused.

“Dearest one. I am sorry you have been put through so much fear. I want to thank you for helping rid the world of evil. I am sorry that dearest Lisa had to experience the evil of possession, especially by her own sister. I want you to know that the soul named Pam will rest for eternity in peace. She was a troubled soul and the evil took advantage and possessed her.”

“It will take eternity to heal her. She is where she should be” During his speech I was tracing the calouses on his hand when I realized they weren’t calouses at all. They were round deep scars. Oh my gosh! These were scars of the nails hammered into his hands on the cross. I looked up at his beautiful worn face with surprise.

“Am I dead? Have you come for me? I don’t know how this works. I just realized who you are. Sorry, I am kind of nervous.” Now he looked surprised. “We have met in the wilderness and the desert before, my child. Do you just now know me? I value our conversations. You are not dead” with this statement, he laughed a long deep laugh that brought laughter from my throat!

I believe my face was red. He smiled his beautiful smile and the sun lit up in the sky! It was never over cast where he was. “I enjoy our talks, my child, you assist my angels and I wanted to reassure you that all is well. You will live to see your children grow, marry, and have children of their own.”

“Thank you father.” He smiled that beautiful smile that lit up his face and the universe. “I believe you have stated that you want peace to watch your children grow. Peace is yours for a time still to be determined. Go to your bed, my child, and rest.” He looked at me with those amazing eyes and I woke up in my bed.

I yawned and stretched and felt so well rested. Hmm, I was dreaming. Must have been a lovely dream. I remembered the beautiful deep brown eyes of “The man.” I smiled. The memory filled me with love and peace.  I got up to start my day.  

The years passed quickly and there were times when I thought about my angels. That is the way I always thought of them. I had to admit that I missed them at times. Tip with his put upon Irish brogue and Ariel with her beauty and sweetness, just don’t make her mad.

Melissa was in 8th grade and doing well in school. It wasn’t easy. She had to work hard to get good grades. She was like me. She studied hard and did her homework.

Michael was in 5th grade and was really smart.  He took after Frank. He enjoyed playing chess with his dad. Beat him most of the time. 

I was bored. Kids didn’t need me as much.  I was just hanging around with some friends. I thought a lot about Ariel and Tip. I laid down for a nap.  (Sigh)

I was dreaming!!  I was standing on a mountain top and the wind was blowing, more like gusting. The sky was filled with dark angry clouds. Thunder rumbled, and lightning flashed. Oh boy!  I was scared!  I was terrified!  Lightning struck the side of the mountain repeatedly and rain began to pour in buckets. Welcome to my nightmare!

I admit I was bored, but no way did I ask for this.  I thought that I had been here before. It was a horrible experience then and it was  worse now.  The wind was so strong it was blowing me off my precarious perch. I threw myself to the ground and grabbed some weeds growing out of the ground. I heard laughter. Deep, wild and all around me. Sounded like it was through me and trying to tear me apart. 

Aaaaaaaa!  I was screaming as the wind picked me  up effortlessly and I was flying through the air. The wind took my breath away!  I couldn’t breathe and I was paralyzed with fear. The man told me I would live to see my children grow up. I believed him then, but I was having trouble believing now. 

I closed my eyes and began to pray.  The wind was dying down and I was moving in slow spirals around and around.  I could breathe again but when I opened my eyes all I could see was space all around me.   Lord, please help me. 

I was floating.  The air was calm and breezy. I didn’t know what was happening to me.   “Lassie, is this what you’ve come to since we’ve been together last?”  “Tip! Tip!  Is that you?  “Aye Lassie, who were you expecting?”    “Tip, please help me get on solid ground.  Please!!”   I was still floating around lazily turning over and over. 

I was feeling a bit nauseous from turning circles in the air. “Are you saying you are ready to descend to solid ground now?”   “Yes!  Yes! Please help me!”  Tip looked  kind of puzzled. “Now lassie, be sure. It’s so relaxing here in the breeze.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”  I was screaming as loud and long as I could.  “Lassie!  Please stop making that noise!  Me poor old ears can’t stand it!”    “Tip, I’m ready to wake up now please!!” I woke with a start in my own bed.  I grabbed onto the mattress as hard as I could. I kept my  eyes closed until the world stopped spinning. 

I opened my eyes to find Tip sitting on the edge of the bed staring at me.  “Are you o.k now lassie?”   Tip was looking at me with concern. Anu was standing next to my bed looking at me with a question on her beautiful sweet face.  “I’m o.k  Anu. I don’t know what that whole dream was about.”

“I believe your vacation is over and it’s time to get back to work”  Tip smiled as he said this.  “What!!??  The man said I deserve a rest. As long as I need.”   “This is true lassie. Although I believe he said “until a time to be determined”   “what are you saying here Tip?  My vacation is over?”  “Yes, lassie, you are needed and our Father is asking for your help.”

“Our father.”  These two words gave me pause. I tended to think of him as a friend.  I know. I know. Whenever I see him and talk to him, it’s very obvious who he is, even to me.  I’m just going to say I don’t have the best view of a father.  “The man” was very special to me.

“O.k  Tip.  You got me. I will do whatever “Our Father, wants from me.”  Tip looked lost in thouht.  “Tip? Earth to Tip!  Come in Tip!”    Tip looked at me seriously. “Aye lassie, this is not a funning matter. It’s very serious.”  ” Well, why don’t you tell me what is the matter and why do you need my help?”

Tip sighed.  “Do you remember Lisa?  Evil Pam’s sister, who Pam possessed until  she was banished?”  ” How could I forget, she almost squashed me when we came down from that dream. Is she alright?  Is Pam loose?”  I felt a chill up and down my spine as I uttered those awful words.

“No lassie, Pam is not loose, but Lisa is exhibiting all the same symptoms and abilities as Pam did. Possibly because they were Twins.”  Ariel is very worried that evil worked it’s way into Lisa.”   “Oh no!  How is that possible?  The man said Pam is gone, for eternity.”     

“That’s true, lassie, but if a spot of evil was left in Lisa and has been growing these past few years, then Lisa wouldn’t know about it until it was too late.”     “Tip, how could lisa not know? Didn’t she feel different?”.    “No, lassie. Evil is insidious.  It grows slowly and takes people over quietly until before you know it,  it has a hold on you.”

I shivered.  How much worse could it be? Then I realized what a silly question that was. I had first hand knowledge of how bad it could get.  “Lassie?  Did you hear that?”   I heard it!  The same crazed laughter that I heard in my dream  while I was being buffeted about by the winds of change.  I shivered again.

The laughter grew louder and crazier by the minute. Then it started moaning.   “Noooooooo!   Help Me!  Help me!”

Oh boy!  Tip looked at me seriously and said..” vacations over lassie.”    I sighed and agreed while the laughter boomed around us.

Here we go again.

Kitties Korner………Hi this is Jason. Mom said I should be the kitty to say hi.  So Hi!!   My best friend and brother, Toby Lee left to go to the place where kitties dream and stay with the one that made us all.  Mom calls us angels and said God calls us because he needs us to help him be God.  Toby comes to visit me sometimes. Not often enough and I know mom misses him. I do too.  


About cattmysticwomon

I am an animal communicator. I talk to animals here and in spirit. I am a spiritualist minister and I am psychic and very intuitive. Animals are very much part of my spirit soul as well as my everyday life. I believe animals are Gods angels sent here to be our guides and helpers through out our lives.
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2 Responses to Is this Peace?

  1. I am apologizing to my readers for taking 7 months to begin publishing again. I do love this blog and will keep up with it. I had physical issues and now i am feeling strong and healthy again. Thank you for reading my blog.

  2. Carole Cameron says:

    DEFINITELY time for you to come back from vacation to help our Lord fight the evil in this world Patt! This is a very noble cause that you have been “hand picked” to carry out in this lifetime and I am proud to call you one of my best friends!❤

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