Where do we go from here?

I was depressed.  I called Paul, to ask how Pam was. He sounded unconcerned when he told me Pam had been admitted to the mental health ward of the hospital. He gave me her room number. I could hear Heather crying, so he had a good excuse to hang up.

I hung up and called Judi. It was her turn to have our luncheon at her place. We decided on the following Wednesday. I called Linda to see if it was a good day for her. She said it was fine and suggested we call Pam so we could all talk to her.

Wednesday was a nice day weather wise. Melissa was mad at Sybil for snitching on her and getting them expelled from preschool. Sybil cried and apologized and they were friends again. Life is so hard at that age, yet can be so easy to resolve your problems. If only….

On the bright side, we had barbecue, coleslaw and the good buns and cake from our favorite bakery. Little Jenny ate so much she got sick. Coleslaw was her favorite food. She said this with it all over her face. She was a chubby little version of her mom. She is so cute!

After clean up, with the girls playing quietly in the bedroom, we gathered around the phone and I called the hospital and asked to speak with Pam.. I was put right through to Pam’s room. “Hello Pam! This is Patt! You remember we were in the same room at the hospital after we had our babies?” She didn’t say anything, so I thought I’d try another direction. ” we dream walked together, and you attended a luncheon at my house with Judi, Linda and their kids. Remember?”

She didn’t say anything and I was about to give up, when she said, ” Yes! Yes! I remember! You are as crazy as I am.” She started laughing and continued cackling with laughter until she dropped the receiver and someone hung it up. “Oh boy! That was strange. Hmm! Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned dream walking. Ya think?! I sighed.

“Well, that didn’t go well. She sounds really out of it now. The laughter was crazy.” Linda said, “There doesn’t seem to be anything we can do to help her. So sad. I really liked her.” “So did I, and Heather is losing big-time. Wasn’t Pam breastfeeding her?” This from Judi. “Yes, I wonder how Paul got her to take the bottle.” None of us had a answer for that. We cleaned up in silence, each of us lost in our own thoughts.

Melissa was happy and babbling to her dad over dinner that evening. Frank was in a good mood. He played with Michael and Melissa for a while. I gave Michael his bath in the sink. Melissa wanted a “bubba bath”. She was singing, “Rubba dub dub three men in a tub” over and over. I got her out and put her to bed still singing.

I fed Michael, and he fell asleep in my arms. I was exhausted. I fell asleep almost immediately. I was dreaming! I was sitting in a comfy chair in my field. I was always happy here, most of the time. I looked up to see Pam striding across the field towards me. She was wearing a white hospital gown. Barefoot, with huge glowing eyes and her hair was blonde, wild swirling around her head. She was smiling. Uh oh!!

“Pam!! What are you doing here in my dream? I didn’t invite you. You should be sleeping and getting better to go home to Heather and Paul.” Pam started to laughing again. She sat down next to me in an armchair that appeared just as she sat down. She looked at me and smiled. I was seeing the face of madness and I would never forget it.

“I will not be with Paul again. He has his whore living there now. My poor little Heather has to watch them fornificating. Yep, that’s what she said, fornificating. Oh boy! “I’m really sorry Pam, but you can’t be here in my dream uninvited.” “Why not? We dream about people all the time. I dream about Paul and his floozie every night.” Floozie?

“Pam, you know that’s different. This is a conscious dream. We are dream walkers, not just dreamers. Come to think about it, you shouldn’t be able to dream walk. Your gifts were removed because you were abusing them.” ” Hah!! I don’t accept the removal of my, so called, gifts.” This was said with a sneer in her voice. “I’m just going to stay here with you. This is all your fault, you know. You and your fancy luncheons. Do the crazy woman a favor. In the hospital, trying to get me lost and leave me. How convenient for Paul.”

Pam looked at me with those crazy eyes and smiled slowly. I have to admit, I was scared. I mean scared out of my drawers scared. Dare I call out loud for help? My mind went over all my options, which were what? “Pam. I don’t know why you are doing this. I really like you and I want to be your friend. Why don’t you go back to bed? I will come and visit you and so will Linda and Judi. We can talk about all the fun stuff we will do when you get home.”

“No, I don’t think so. I really like it here. Where is your white lion? I enjoyed that ride.” “She won’t come now. Look Pam, the trees back there are starting to get blurry. That means my dream is breaking up because it sees you as an intruder.” Pam looked around and then she said, “so what! We will just wake up.” “I don’t really know for sure, but I don’t think it works like that. This is not a normal dream.”

The field was starting to break up into pieces. My chair fell under me and disappeared. Pam’s also. Uh oh! Pam stood up and tried to walk out of the dream, but you can’t do that and it was too late. “Anu! Anu! Help me Anu!” I screamed as loud as I could like my life depended on it, and it was looking like it did.

EARTHQUAKE! Everything was shaking now and breaking up. I tried to back out but, it didn’t work. I felt myself lose my footing. Pam screamed! I was floating in a black void. I started to pray out loud and call Anu alternatively. Oh my babies!! Oh no, was I dead? Where was I? I kept on praying and then I lost consciousness.

The next thing I heard was a growly beautiful voice. ” For goodness sakes, when are you going to stop getting yourself into these situations where I have to get up out of my comfy bed and rescue you! Again!” I put my arms out and felt the soft fur of my wonderful irritable best friend. “Anu! I was so scared! Thank you for rescuing me again! You are the best! Do you see Pam?”

“Pam? No, I’m lucky I found you. You were almost lost forever.” Anu, where was I, it was so dark!” You were in the void, in between.” The next thing I knew I was awake and laying in my bed holding on to Anu’s soft fur. There were tears on my face and she licked them off.

Michael was crying and Melissa was making faces at him through the crib bars. ” I think he hungry mom, and stinky too.” She wrinkled her nose for emphasis. I got up and put my robe on. After I changed Michael and fed him, I made pancakes for Melissa. After all its not every day that I almost got lost in the void. I was so grateful and happy to be home with my family.

I was sitting at the table thinking about Pam. Wondering what happened to her, did she make it out? Tip appeared in front of me. “Aye, is that pancakes I smell?” I smiled at Tip and told him, “yes, banana pancakes and hot coffee too. Help yourself Tip!” I laughed as Tip put a large stack of pancakes on his plate. Melissa finished up, put her dishes in the sink and went skipping off to her room.

Michael was propped in the highchair, and I was feeding him rice cereal with mashed banana. He loved it and gave me a big grin when I put another spoonful up to his mouth. He was a good eater and liked almost everything, except he really, didn’t care for most vegetables. He especially didn’t like strained peas and spit them out. He loved mashed potatoes though. He was almost always cheerful. He didn’t cry a lot. He was a very good baby.

Tip ate his stack of pancakes slathered with butter and syrup and drank his coffee really sweet. I watched in amazement and envy. I was dieting again. Always. Sigh. “Tip, how is Pam? Is she back in the hospital?” Now, it was Tips turn to sigh. “Lassie, Ariel and I both searched the void, the in between, but there was no sign of Pam. Her body is still in bed in hospital, but it’s in a comatose state. No one knows if she will find her way back to her body or not.”

“Do you think her soul is gone, passed over?” ” No, if it was then her body would have ceased functioning.” “Tip, what is the in between, the void? Is it like a purgatory?’ “If you really have to put a name on it, I suppose you could call it that. It’s not punishment. A person who believes in it, and doesn’t think they are really good enough for their idea of heaven can put themselves there.”

“Tip, I never believed in purgatory or Hell, yet, there I was in the void. Pitch dark, and floating not knowing where I was or what I was going to do.” “That’s true Lassie, but you were also praying out loud to be saved, and you were calling for help. Pam accepted being there and until she realizes she’s in a place of her own making that is where she will stay. If her body ceases to function before she realizes this, then she will go to be with the creator.”

“Tip, I am so happy Anu found me and brought me back. Now I just need to know, where do we go from here?” “Lassie, I am very glad you are here because Ariel wants you to rest and enjoy your life.” “I want that too Tip, but trouble seems to have me on speed dial.” We were both laughing.

Trouble, go away! I’m on vacation!

The kitties korner… Hello! I am Tabitha Abigail. Mom calls me Tabby. I picked my own name out when I was a little bitty Tabby. I lived with a man with my sister Mandy. He was mean so we ran away to mom’s door. We picked her out. I’m under the bed. There is a lot of noise outside and lights in the sky. Water mom calls rain is pouring down. It makes me nervous. Mom said it won’t hurt me, but a girl can’t be too careful. I’m going to go sleep in my box, it’s mine even if I have to kick Toby Lee out. Mom said to be nice, but it’s my box. I forgot to mention that I have beautiful sleek black fur, with a few white whiskers. Bye for now.

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Who’s a witch? Not me.

I sighed and knew I needed a nap. I didn’t have time for it, but oh I was so tired of this very long day.  I thought about dinner, but my heart wasn’t in it.  I felt really bad for Pam.  It has to be crazy making finding out your husband is cheating on you. Especially right after you had a baby.

Pam was gorgeous.  Tall,with long blonde hair, and a beautiful body. She didn’t look at all like she gave birth a few short months ago. I had not met her husband, but I had to wonder, why would he cheat? It wasn’t my business, after all as the old cliche goes, you can’t tell a book by its cover. This was the truth, at least that’s the way I understood it

I sighed, and went to Melissa’s room. She was sitting on her bed looking at her zoo picture book. She loved that book. Pearl was cuddled up next to her. I sat on the bed and pulled her into my arms. “I’m sorry mama. I was trying to be good, I really was. Sybil started it.” She started to cry. I was a sucker for her tears, but I couldn’t let it get to me.

“It doesn’t matter who started it, you shouldn’t have been fighting or calling people names.” “You mean I shouldn’t have called Erica a weinie head.?” She said this solemnly, and I tried not to laugh. “No, you shouldn’t have called her any name at all, and you shouldn’t have repeated what Erica was thinking. None of us are witches.”

“Mom, if I was a witch, I could turn Erica into a toad and keep her to play with!” “Honey, witches do not turn people into toads or anything else. That’s just in the storey books you read. Real witches practice Wicca. That’s their religion. They worship nature. Do you understand?”

She looked confused so I dropped it. Maybe I could ask Judi to come over and explain it to her. Oh boy! I had forgotten about dinner. Frank was due home soon. I called our favorite pizza place and ordered pizza and chicken. I had Cole slaw fixings, so I made that.

The food was there when Frank came home. He looked at the food and then me. “Ok, what’s up?” “What do you mean?” I replied innocently. ( I hoped). Frank sighed. “This was Melissa’s first day at preschool. She hasn’t come running in to the room to tell me all about it. There is not only pizza, but chicken, Cole slaw and you are standing here with a cold beer in your hand.” He looked at me again. “Fess up, what happened today? Did anyone die? Go to jail? What?”

I looked at him in horror. “Of course not!” “Then what happened? Is the building still standing?” “Oh Frank, for heaven’s sake! She got into a fight with another little girl and got expelled.” “That’s it? A fight?” “Well no, she called her a name after the other girl called her a name.” “What was the name?” “She called her a wienie head.”

Frank started laughing and finally caught his breath enough to splutter, “A wienie head? That’s it?” ” well, no, not exactly, Melissa said Erica said that her mom called me a witch. Anyway, what’s the difference. They were fighting and got expelled.” We sat down to eat. Melissa ate in her room. She was being punished. Frank looked at me with a strange expression on his face.

“Well, you are, aren’t you? A witch, I mean.” I sighed, and said, “no, I’m not a witch. You know, don’t you that being a witch just means you practice Wicca. The worship of nature. No pointy hats or noses. No turning people into toads. I don’t know who made all that up, but the Halloween industry has made a fortune off of it.” “O.k if you say so, but being called a witch is better than being called a Wienie head.”

He was still laughing as he got up and helped me put the food away. He went to Melissa’s room to talk to her while I finished up the few dishes we used. I went to the bedroom to see if Michael was awake. He was and Anu was entertaining him by making faces at him and growling and snarling. For some reason he thought this was the funniest thing he ever saw. He laughed until his little face turned beet red. This tickled Anu no end.

“So, this is what you do for fun, my friend, try to scare little babies?” Anu snorted, “scare this kid? I don’t think so! The more I try to scare him, the more he likes it. Laughing and snorting. If I can’t scare him, he can’t be scared!” Michael stopped laughing and looked at Anu expectantly. “Sorry to spoil your fun, but it’s feeding and bath time.”

I was sitting in the rocking chair feeding Michael when I heard music. It sounded like an Irish lullaby. I knew what anything Irish meant! Tip was about to make an appearance and he was giving me warning. Breast feeding embarrassed him no end. Good thing I was finished. Michael was asleep so I laid him in his crib. “O.k, it’s safe now.”

“What do you mean, lassie? Safe from what?” Tip asked as he popped in next to the crib. “Aww! Your wee bairn is asleep. He’s a strapping young man. Going to grow up to be a giant of a man” “As long as he grows up to be healthy and a good person. Now since I haven’t seen you for a while, Tip and it’s always good to see you, may I ask, why are you here?”

“Aye, lassie can’t I pop in to see you because I miss you?” “Sure you can, but that’s not why you’re here. This little visit has to do with Pam. Right?” “Lassie, you know me too well. Yes. Pam is causing all sorts of trouble. Ariel is very upset and on the verge of taking Pam’s gifts away. The two of you have a lot in common and I would hate to see her lose her gifts. Do you think you or Judi or you and Judi could talk to her?”

“She’s really upset, Tip, because her husband is cheating on her. I can’t blame her. She’s not thinking clearly. I will call her, Judi and Linda. Time for a luncheon. Maybe she will think clearer if she has friends to talk it over with.” “I knew I was right coming to you. If anyone can get through to her, it’s you.” I sighed. ” I’ll try Tip, but I can’t make any promises”.

“Please try, lassie, if Ariel has to take her gifts away, it will be very hard on her mental health. Ariel tried talking to her, and so have I, you are our last hope. We don’t like to lose anyone”

I called Linda and Judi and explained it all to them. They were sympathetic. Next I called Pam and invited her for lunch at Judi’s apartment for the following Monday. She seemed excited and as we were talking she told me how much she enjoyed dream walking. I asked if I could visit her dream that night. She said, yes, of course.

Both children were asleep and all the cats were either asleep or watching over us. They were very sweet. Guarding their family and I had no doubt in my mind that they could protect against any intruder, especially Anu. Just because she was a spirit cat didn’t mean her claws and teeth wouldn’t hurt.

I walked into Pam’s room. It was a lovely room and very inviting. She was already there. Sitting in a rocking chair humming a tubeless song. “Hi Pam, I’m here!”. She looked up at me and smiled. I noticed a difference in her looks. She looked older and she had lines around her mouth. “Pam, are you feeling alright? You don’t look like you do.”

“I’m feeling about as well as anyone who’s husband is cheating. He’s a lying pole cat!” “I can imagine and I’m really sorry. Are you going to divorce him?” “No! I’m going to Kill him.” “What do you mean exactly by kill him?” “Just what I said! I’m going to kill him and since I can dream walk, it will be easy to kill him and say he just died in his sleep.”

Oh boy! Some part of me believed she was just blowing off steam, a fantasy, if you will. Didn’t I live in a kind of fantasy? Another part of me was afraid, she might really kill him. What was I going to do? I decided to take the high road and believe she was kidding. “Ha, ha, ha! That’s a good one. If only we could all do that when we have a fight with our men.” I was still laughing. My laughter trailed off when I saw her face.

“Why are you laughing at me?” She looked really angry now. Uh oh! What was I going to do? “Why don’t we call Tip, or better yet, Ariel to help resolve this without any blood shed” “Tip just tells me that I can lose my gifts. What good are gifts if they don’t help in times of trouble?”

“Paul dreams about his slut. I walked into his dream and there they were together in bed, going at it like bunnies!” For some reason going at it like bunnies struck me as funny and I burst into laughter. I couldn’t seem to help it. The more I laughed the angrier she became and I got up out of the chair I had plopped down in. I had to get out of here.

“Where do you think you are going, miss witch! You are not going anywhere until I do what I intend to do.” For some unexplainable reason, I was still laughing, although it was mostly giggles now. “Maybe he was just dreaming. That doesn’t mean he is seeing this woman when he’s awake. Don’t jump to conclusions. Paul loves you and Heather. Think of it this way, if you kill him, what happens to Heather?”

“I know he’s cheating. He works late night with miss slut, then comes home, doesn’t say a word to me and goes to bed and dreams of her.” Pam was crying now. I tried to put my arms around her to comfort her, but she stepped back out of her own dream. Uh oh! I’d better get out of here fast. I stepped back but nothing happened. I moved over and tried again.

I stepped back all around the room. I was trapped! Ahhh! Help! I called out for Tip, Ariel, and finally Anu! I was so relieved to hear her growly voice, ” it’s about time you called me. Get on my back and let’s go home.” Before I knew it we were in my bedroom. Michael was sound asleep, and the kitties were on my bed anxiously awaiting our return.

“What happened Anu? Why couldn’t I get out of Pam’s dream?” “She left her own dream, so anything could have happened. Her dream would probably have collapsed without her being there, and you would have collapsed with it. Hard to say where you would have ended up. In pieces probably!” This was said in her growly voice. Did I detect a sense of satisfaction? Probably because she came to my rescue once again.

I threw my arms around Anu and thanked her for coming to my rescue. I couldn’t thank her enough. I think I saw a little pink in her cheeks. Do Panthers blush? “I feel sorry for Pam.” “No need to feel sorry for Pam lassie. She has flipped her lid. Some people can not handle their gifts. It takes a strong minded person.”

“What’s happening to Pam, Tip?” “Pam went into her husband’s dream with the intention of killing him. Ariel intercepted her before she could do anything and took her back to her own bedroom. When she saw her husband sound asleep with a smile on his face, she took a gun off her night stand and was going to shoot him. Ariel grabbed her arm and her husband woke up.”

“He couldn’t see Ariel, but he saw the deranged look on her face. He called the police and took the gun out of her hand. She was laughing and crying and when the police arrived they took her to the hospital for evaluation.. Sad lassie, very sad!” Tip shook is head and disappeared. I lay down in my bed with a heavy heart. Petting my kitties lulled me into a dreamless sleep.

Where do we go from here?

The Kitties korner….. Hello, this is Toby Lee… mama said it’s my turn. Ok. What do you want to know? That’s not right? I don’t have a job or anything. I like to sleep in Tabby’s box. Mama gave her a big box to sleep in, but whenever I can get in it, I do. Mama won’t make me move. Tabby tries to bite me and push me out. She got in the box with me and tried to sleep on my head. I had to bite her tail to get her out. He, he. That was fun. O.k no it’s not. I got allergies. I asked mama if I’m allergic to Tabby, can we get rid of her and I could have her box. Mama said no. Not getting rid of anyone. I have to take pills instead. That’s not fair!! Oh shoot!

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Tykes of terror

Celeste landed in front of me and Pam jumped off. She was still laughing, so I couldn’t help but laugh too. When she caught her breath she managed to get a few words out, ” That was absolutely awesome! Breathtaking!”..

I was afraid she was going to fall over or down. I pulled a chair over and helped her sit down. Meanwhile, Celeste signaled that she was taking off. To borrow Pam’s words, Celeste soaring into the sky was breathtakingly awesome! I watched until she was out of sight, then I turned to Pam and said, “it’s a new day and we both need to wake up in our own beds.”

Pam sighed and rose from the chair. I told her how to think about her own bed in her own room and feel drowsy, and then take a step backward and wake up in her own bed. I could see a moment of fear on her face, then she was gone. I would call her later and make sure she was ok. Meanwhile, I took a step back and woke up in my bed.

Today was the day!! Oh boy! The day I registered Melissa for preschool. After breakfast and several changes of clothes later, we were ready to go. She started out with jeans and ended up in jeans, but I didn’t argue. We were both nervous, me a lot more than her. Even Frank was nervous. He asked me the night before if Melissa displayed any of my “special qualities”.

All I could say was no and say a prayer of gratitude that he hadn’t noticed Melissa’s special talent. If he had, I would have heard about it many times over. It was a nice day, so I got Michael dressed and put him in his stroller,and off we went. The Kitties watched us go with worried expressions on their little whiskered faces. I assured them every thing would be fine, then I said a prayer that I was right. Uh huh!

It wasn’t very far. It was a nice walk. Magic rode in the stroller with Michael, entertaining him with funny faces and tickling. By the time we got there, I was a nervous wreck. Melissa was so excited, she was skipping along and chattering to herself and me. Before we got there, I stopped and I asked her what very important thing did I tell her that she was not to do.

She looked at me solemnly, and said, ” Don’t poo or pee in Public.” “What!” I yelped! “Always wipe front to back?” For a moment, I really thought I would faint. Then I saw the smile on her face. “Don’t worry, mom, I know. Don’t listen to anyone’s thoughts or say them out loud!” “Melissa Diana Mosier this is serious, not funny at all!”

“Ok, mom, I know! I will see and poo in the bathroom and I won’t listen to anyone’s thoughts or say them out loud.” “Thank you honey, I want you to have fun and always listen to your teachers.” She just smiled. As we went inside, I was terrified, with good reason too. Sitting in a chair on the far side of the room, was Bill’s wife, Sherry.

She was watching her daughter Erica ride a tricycle all around and pretend like she was running into the other kids. I was praying for a miracle. I was praying she wouldn’t see me
I registered Melissa and learned that she would be here from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 every week day. Four fun filled hours. They got a healthy snacks 10:00 and lunch at 12:00.

I would be picking her up at 12:30, after clean up time. Fine with me. I would have some bonding time with Michael. I was hoping this experience would calm Melissa and get her ready for kindergarten. She was really excited and so was I.

I was trying to sneak out, when Sherry spotted me, “Well, hello there! I see you have brought your strange child to preschool.” “My strange child? At least my daughter isn’t trying to run over the other children with a tricycle.” Sherry laughed her trilling (and grating ) laugh.

“Oh, she’s just playing, making friends unlike your what’s her name again? Marcella?” “It’s Melissa, as you well know. How are Mr. and Mrs. Baker?” “They are fine for their age. You didn’t ask about Bill. You know my husband. Bill? He is really happy. Yes, happy, and satisfied for the first time in his life.” She had a smug expression on her face. It took every ounce of courage I had not to wipe that expression off her face.

I could imagine what Frank would say to me beating up a woman he thinks is my friend and who is the wife of my old boyfriend. Hmmm! It was a beautiful day and I felt like walking. I was “perturbed”. I had to laugh. One day Melissa told me she was “perturded”. When I realized what she said, I told her the word was perturbed. Then she put her hands on her hips and said, ” it is? Well that just pisses me off!”

I was shocked! “Where are you getting these words, not from Sesame Street?” “No, mom, from one of those shows daddy likes to watch.” It was then I realized that at 4 years old, my daughter’s vocabulary was bigger than mine. I looked down at Michael. He was laughing up at me. I laughed too even though I knew he would out distance me too, in every way. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I started to leave when I saw Linda getting out of her car with Sybil’s hand clutched in her own. She had that, oh no, my baby is growing up look on her face. I thought Sybil was too young for preschool, but the brochure said 2 up to 5. Sybil was 3. Linda said Sybil wanted to go because Melissa was going.

I waited for Linda. Sybil made a beeline for Melissa, who was thrilled to see her friend. Linda drove us over to Chicago avenue to look into the stores. We talked about Melissa’s “gift”. I could tell something was bothering her, but I didn’t ask. We chatted about other things, husbands, children, our friends.

She asked me how Pam did with dream walking on her own. We laughed about her reaction when she came out of a tree, and the joy she experienced riding on Celeste. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer and I said, “Ok, out with it lady! What’s bothering you? Don’t say nothing! I’m psychic, remember? I don’t pry, but I can feel somethings bothering you. ”

Linda laughed! “Alright, you got me. Sybil was jealous that Melissa can hear thoughts and she couldn’t. Well, she got up this morning and she can hear thoughts too.” My mouth must have been hanging open, because she went on to say, “you can close your mouth now. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. I tested her several times. Her dad tested her and he really is as puzzled as I am.”

“Is this one of those gifts that Ariel was talking about? You remember she said that Sybil will have yours and Jacks gifts, and possibly some gifts that we haven’t heard of?” “Oh no, you can’t possibly mean that she could have what ever gift she fancies just by wanting it? Lord give me strength! She’s not even 4 yet.” Linda didn’t look good, so I suggested we go to our favorite little diner for coffee. They knew us both there, so wouldn’t mind us tying up a booth for a while.

There were tiny jukeboxes on all the tables. 4 songs for a quarter. I played one of my favorites by Johnny Cash. “Fever” I was singing along with the song, “we got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout!” Linda was looking at me like she never saw me before. “Ok. You don’t have to ask, I’ll stop singing. Every time I hear that song, I forget I can’t sing.”

Linda laughed! “Your voice isn’t that bad. I was just imagining what that kind of gift would be like. Should be interesting.” “Interesting? In a three year old? How about terrifying? We can ask Ariel what she thinks and what you can do.”

No sooner had I mentioned Ariels name that we both heard music and smelled Jasmine. I really needed to ask Ariel what that enchanting scent was. Next thing I knew Ariel was sitting next to me, no wings in sight. I’m sure that I have mentioned Ariel was a beauty. Yes, there were several men in the diner and everyone of them had eyes on Ariel, who was completely unaware of the effect she was having.

She had creamy skin that glowed like she had a light tan. Her hair was glossy black and her eyes we’re as blue as the sky. Jealous! Who me? Darn right I was jealous, and so was every other woman that saw her. She was completely unaware of her beauty.

Ariel was asking Linda about the problem. “Yes, I remember telling you we didn’t really know what some of her gifts would be, but they would be advanced.” Ariel said this in her sultry voice. Of course she would have a sultry voice to go with all that beauty.

“She’s only 3 years old, she doesn’t understand what she’s doing” Linda said this with a pleading note in her voice. Ariel seemed to be listening to something else. She looked at Linda and said that if she had her car it would be a good idea to return to the preschool immediately. I was alarmed! “Oh my gosh! Don’t tell me those two girls started the school on fire?” Ariel gave me a look and said,. “If only it were that easy!” Then she was gone.

Linda paid the cashier for our coffee, explaining that we had lost track of time. I gathered Michael up and we ran out to the car. It took less than ten minutes to get there while both our fertile imaginations went wild. When we got there and ran into the school. The teacher looked at us strangely.

“I just called both your numbers and left messages not more than five minutes ago!” Linda said we were in the area so we thought maybe we could see how they were doing on their first day. Ms. Lawrence, sighed and said ” Melissa and Sybil both caused quite a disturbance. They are in time out in our quiet room. Mrs. Lopez is with them. She is our volunteer parent today and was supervising a group of children at play.”

Ms. Lawrence smiled a sweet smile and pointed the way to the quiet room. I had a lot of misgivings as I walked towards the room. My stomach tied up in knots. I opened the door and Linda went before me. She looked like I felt. Worried!

The quiet room was a nice room, painted a soothing shade of blue. There were three girls lying on colorful sleeping bags. Melissa looked up and my heart wrenched when I saw she had been crying. Mother bear was a heart beat from claws emerging extended. However, knowing my daughter, I knew her little blonde head could come up with some dastardly deeds. Sybil was trying to hide in her blanket. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me. Lol!

Mrs. Lopez looked stressed. I apologized to her for the problems my daughter caused her. ” we had a water color painting activity, everyone was getting along just fine. Your little one, she indicated Linda, jumped up and started to yell at Erica that her mother was not an evil witch. Not one of the children had said a word since they started painting. I asked Sybil why she would say such a thing.”

Mrs. Lopez sighed, “she said to me that she heard Erica thinking this terrible thing. Melissa piped up and said, yeah, our mommies are good witches, and Erica is always thinking bad things about our mothers, when it’s her mother who is the evil witch! I heard her think that, I really did.” “Then she said, my mother told me not to tell anyone I can hear their thoughts. I promised not to tell anyone, but Erica is a weinie head, then she jumped on Erica and they were fighting. I had to call Ms Lawrence to help me break it up.”

“Mrs. Lopez, you have my profuse apologies. Kids have such imaginations these days.” I took Melissa’s hand and Linda dug Sybil out of her blankets and we went back to see Ms Lawrence, who explained that they really could not accept unruly children, especially ones with a wild imagination who wanted to fight. So after not even a half day my daughter and Linda’s daughter were expelled from preschool. Oh Lord!

I told Melissa we would have a talk and sent her to her room. Linda said she would call me. She had her own “talk” to give. I really dreaded facing Frank. What on earth would I do with this child when she went to kindergarten? The phone was ringing when we walked in. I picked it up and sent Melissa to her room.

Pam was on the line. After exchanging pleasantries, she asked about Melissa. I explained the whole debacle to her. “Oh my gosh! Those two little girls, a four year old and a three year old got themselves expelled from preschool?” Pam was laughing now. I tried to explain to her why she couldn’t use this “gift” of hers at school. Ever! Pam finally stopped laughing and said she had called to talk to me about something. She sounded serious.

She explained that after being in my dream with me last night, she wanted to walk into her husband’s dream and she did. She had found him in this dream in bed with another woman. Uh oh! “Did you ask his permission to enter his dream? She looked at me like I was crazy. “Of course, I didn’t ask. I’ve been trying to find out if he was cheating, and I was right. He saw me too! He was shocked!”

” Ok, so how did you get out?” “I just stepped back like you showed me.” “Where did you wake up?” ” why are you asking me these questions? I woke up in my own bed my husband was already gone to work. Heather was crying and I attended to her.”

“Did you forget that you are supposed to ask permission of the person who’s dream you wish to enter?” “This is my husband. Why should I ask permission from him? Besides I’ve suspected him of cheating for a while now.”
“Pam, him being your husband doesn’t make it right. It’s a rule, if you want to dream walk you have to follow it. It’s meant for your safety as well as the safety of the dream you walked into.”

That doesn’t make sense to me, and now that I know who the little Jezzabell is, I’m going to pay her a little visit in her dream tonight.

Pam hung up. Did she really say Jezzebell? Uh oh, I’d better call Ariel. I’m pretty sure dream killing is frowned on. Ariel appeared as if she had been listening. ” Yes, my dear, this is most disturbing. I will call Tip and we will head Pam off before she gets into trouble. Thank you love. Take care of your little spunky girl.” Ariel laughed and was gone. I sat down for a cup of tea.

I went to Melissa’s room and she was fast asleep. Pearl was licking her tear stained face. My heart melted. I let her sleep.
Lectures could wait. I sighed.

Who’s a witch? Not me!

The Kitties korner.

Hi it’s Jason. I want to tell people about the terrible treatment I’m getting here from my own mom! Just because I’m smart and strong and she can’t keep me in this room, she gets mad!! She put a tall book case in front of the door. She thinks it will keep me in! Never!! It’s a challenge. In the words of my deceased brother feline, The great Salemn Saberhagen, No door can ever keep me in! I will keep you informed. As for those panty things she thinks I will wear!! I say, Bah! NEVER!!!!!!!

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Dream walking…Dream talking

Margie looked down at Melissa and sighed.  ” Honey, I have to go away.”    “How long will you be gone, Aunt Margie?”   “I have to go away for good honey.”    Melissa’s eyes filled with tears and she clutched Margie around the waist.  “Please don’t leave me Aunt Margie!  What did I do to make you leave? I promise I won’t do it again!”. Melissa was sobbing now.

“Oh sweetheart, you didn’t do anything.  I have to go help other people like I helped you. I will always love you and will visit you whenever I can.” “You’ll visit?” “I promise I will, but can’t tell you when. You be a good girl and listen to your mom and dad. They love you.”

Melissa jumped down and headed for her room. Margie and I said our tearful fare wells. She left and I sat down with Michael to feed him and then I went to Melissa’s room. She had cried herself to sleep with several kitties cuddled up with her. I sighed. I couldn’t protect her from all heartbreak. I wish I could.

I called Pam and we talked about the dream walk scheduled that night. She was nervous. I told her there was nothing to be nervous about, it was just dreaming, only with friends. She said her husband went to bed earlier than she did and Heather slept through the night. We set the time for 2 a.m, everyone should be sleeping. I asked for permission to enter her dreams for me and Linda and Judi.

I told her not to think about it, just do whatever makes you sleepy and relax. I told her it didn’t hurt and was actually fun. I called Linda and we synchronized yes, we did. Watches don’t work in dreams. Sounds strange, I know, but if you think about it,

time is all wonky in dreams. Judi called me and we all agreed to meet in Linda’s dream garden.

I watched T.V with Frank and made sure Melissa was settled in her bed sound asleep with her kitties sleeping near her. I knew they would take good care of her. I looked down at my sleeping blonde daughter and I was so grateful she was mine. My heart swelled with love. I fed and changed Michael one more time and then I went to bed.

Before I went to sleep I started thinking about Linda and her dream garden. I imagined it in as much detail as I could remember. Colors, landscape, fruits and veggies. Flowers, sights, sounds, touch. All very important. Finally I imagined Linda sitting on her swing, every detail of her appearance. Breeze fluttering her hair. I slipped into sleep and then I stepped into her garden and sat next to her to wait for Judi.

I loved the earthy smell of Linda’s garden, it was rich and soothing. We talked for a few minutes then Judi stepped into the garden and sat on the grass in front of us. Judi liked to stay connected to the earth. I told them about Margie leaving for the hospital and Linda reminded us that the job Margie would be doing was very important.

We decided it was time to go into Pam’s dream. We didn’t know what her safe place was. I had forgotten to ask her, so we were going to wing it, so to speak. We all thought about Pam, and the way she was at our last meeting. We joined hands and when we saw something colorful in front of us we stepped forward.

We were in a room full of paintings. Beautiful paintings of all types. children, landscapes, even nudes, and all very well done. We looked around and there were large floor pillows and some cushioned chairs. There were tables holding all kinds of paints, brushes, and cleaners. Pam was standing there looking astonished. “Wow! That was so cool! There was no one there then the three of you walked out of the wall holding hands.”

Judi said, “This room is awesome! I paint a little, but I’ve never seen anything like this.” Pam smiled and said it was her grandmother’s room. She spent a lot of time with her grandmother when she was a child. “This is where I feel safe and loved.” “Your grandmother was really talented.” I was in awe. I had always wanted to be artistically talented, but I couldn’t paint. I did enjoy collage.

Pam, seeing how interested we all were in her room, told us how she added things she loved. “I don’t understand this really, this room is where I come in my fantasies when I need a safe place to be and day dream about my grandmother. She was the best person in my life.” I asked Pam if her grandmother joined her here in her room to talk. “No, I didn’t know that was possible!” Pam looked hopeful.

“Of course, it is. The spirits of our passed over loved ones visit us in our dreams. Just call her. Doesn’t hurt to try, close your eyes and imagine her in as much detail as you can. Meanwhile we will talk to you tomorrow. Don’t want to do too much in one night.”

We all said good night. We could tell Pam was anxious to call her grandmother. We joined hands and stepped back out of Pam’s room and let go as we stepped backward. I woke up in my own bed with a good feeling. I could hardly wait to find out about Pam’s grandmother’s visit.

I had a good day. Melissa was happy and so was Michael. He was two months old and getting bigger. Frank was very proud of his son, and Melissa loved Michael too and she was still daddy’s little girl. She could almost always put him in a good mood.

I wasn’t happy with Frank’s friends coming over at night to drink and get high with him. There wasn’t anything I could do about it, but I did finally manage to convince Frank to limit their partying to the weekends. He did recognize that it wasn’t good to be partying so much with young children in the house. He started going to the kids house a couple times a week. They had an attic to party in. Trusting parents. (Sigh).

His drinking and smoking was getting worse, even when he was alone and I could feel we were growing apart. I was really sad about this realization. He wouldn’t talk to me about it either. I even stooped low enough to try to casually ask Melissa what her dad was thinking.

Oh yes, I know that’s wrong and bad to use your child that way. Melissa told me her daddy almost got caught smoking in the bathroom at work. He was worried about his job. Melissa asked me why he was worried about smoking. Even though she saw her dad smoking joints, I didn’t want her repeating it to anyone. I told her that daddy’s boss didn’t like cigarettes.. she nodded her head sagely and said “me either” while wrinkling her nose.

She could be so cute. (Sigh). I was considering enrolling Melissa in preschool. She was 4.years old and when she was 5, she would start kindergarten. I didn’t want her to be behind but I worried about her thought reading. What to do, what to do!..

I received a letter in the mail encouraging me to enroll Melissa in preschool. There was one a few blocks away. It would be an easy walk in nice weather. I talked to Frank, not mentioning the thought reading, and he agreed that it would be good for her. I decided to do it, but have a talk with her first.

I sat her down and explained preschool and how she would have other kids to play with. She was really excited about that. Then I explained how she couldn’t tell anyone not even her best friend about hearing their thoughts. She was confused. I explained that most people can’t hear other people’s thoughts and they got scared if you say you can hear them.

I hoped she understood. Pam called at that time and distracted me. She was really excited about the dream walk we shared the night before. She wanted to try with just me and her and she would come to my dream. Sounded good to me. I explained the process again and gave her permission to enter my dream.

I told her if she got stuck to scream for help in her head and think about me and imagine me and I would come and get her. Yes, I could do that but it was draining of my energy and I hoped I didn’t have to do that. Oh boy!

I went to bed and went to sleep kind of easily even though I was a little nervous. I was in my field with the lovely clear stream. The grass was a rich green, the sky blue with beautiful white wispy clouds. The flowers were bright and the breeze wafted through the tree branches causing a gentle fall of leaves.

I imagined two comfortable chairs and sat down to wait. I heard her before I saw her and there she was emerging from a tree quite unscathed, but still she startled me when she almost fell over when she realized she came out of a tree. I couldn’t help but laugh. I told her once I came out of a rock and like to have scared Linda to death. Pam laughed at the thought.

“That was awesome! What a feeling! So this is your safe place. It’s so beautiful! I can even smell the flowers and hear the bees buzzing around them.” “Yes, I like reality, especially outdoors. I love your room with all the artwork. Tell me did your grandmother visit?” “She did and she loved that I had her art in the room. We had a lovely chat. Thank you for telling me I could speak with her again” Pam said with a big smile on her face.

I whistled, funny, I could never whistle when I was awake and it sounded so pretty too. I forgot Pam startled easily, especially when a huge white lioness with wings circled around us and landed near where we were sitting. Celeste smiled at Pam. She introduced herself. I have to admit that if I didn’t know her it might have scared the heck out of me.

I can’t begin to say how long and tall she was. She had to be 8 feet long and taller. Her wingspan was enormous and her mane glinted with the sun shining on it like ice crystals. Her eyes were as blue as the sky. She was white as snow. She was a fierce sight, and yet I knew her to be as gentle as a lamb.

We talked about my ride through the universe on crystals back. It was something I would never forget as long as I lived. I asked Crystal to take Pam for a ride if she was willing. Pam looked nervous, but agreed after I assured her it was safe.

Pam climbed up on Celeste’s back and hanging on for dear life with an expression of terror on her face, managed to stay on when Celeste took off into the sky, climbing higher and higher until I couldn’t see them anymore. I sat in my chair waiting for them to return. I heard a voice. Melodious and deep. I looked over and the man sat in the other chair.

“My child, it has been a long time since we have talked.” He smiled and I couldn’t seem to say anything. He was a beautiful man. His hair was dark brown and his skin dark too. ” yes, my child I am everything. I am everyone, male and female. I am love. Do not worry about your daughter she is a delight and will do well in school.”

I still couldn’t seem to say anything. ” I will leave you now. No one is insignificant. You have faced many challenges and will face many more. All you do, you do from love and caring for my littlest angels.” After he said that he was gone I had never said a word, but he knew my thoughts and my heart.

I heard Pam before I saw her. “Wahoo, yippie! Whoa baby!” I laughed! It sounded like Pam enjoyed her ride! Whoot! Whoot! Yipee!

Tykes of terror…

The Kitties. Korner…

Mama wanted me to talk about diabetes. I am Leo and I’ll be 12 years old in July. I went to visit my doctor yesterday. I guess she’s pretty nice. She pulled some teeth and gives me medicine for diabetes. Before mama found out I had diabetes, I was feeling bad all the time. I slept most of the time. I was always hungry, no matter how much I ate. I lost a lot of weight. I was in the litter box peeing a lot. I was always thirsty. Mama took me to the doctor and she said I have diabetes and I have to have two shots a day, once in the morning and once at night. I don’t like those shots, but they make me feel better. I kind of like Jenine, the vet tech. She knows all my itchy spots. If your kitty or doggy sounds like me before I got to feeling better. Please take him to visit his doctor. This has been a public kitty announcement. Meow! He,he.

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Circle of friends….part two

Circle of friends….part two.

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Circle of friends….part two

I rushed over to Pam to be sure she didn’t faint and guided her over to a chair.  She didn’t resist when I gently sat her down.  Linda brought her a glass of water and Judi wiped her face with a cool, wet cloth.

“Oh dear! Too much information at one time” this from Judi! ” I agree! Maybe we should call Ariel. It was her idea and how were we supposed to know she has no clue?” I sighed.

The smell of Jasmine and tinkling bells preceeded Ariel. On cue, all the kiddies and kitties appeared and sorted themselves out around her. Pam was staring again and I thought for sure she would faint this time. Margie appeared with another cold wet cloth for her forehead.

Ariel looked at Pam and suddenly Pam was relaxed and smiling. Hmm! Wonder if she could teach me how to do that? Calm Frank when he was angry, calm Melissa when she was having a temper tantrum. Yes, temper tantrums were new and very unwelcome.

When she didn’t get what she wanted, Melissa would scream, throw herself on the floor and thrash around banging her fist and heels. I’d be standing there staring at her like, who is this child? My sister told me it’s best to ignore this behavior. I was trying, but it was hard when she was holding her breath and turning blue. She always let her breath out before she passed out.

She was then sent to her room in a time out while I recovered. If I wasn’t breastfeeding, I’d be taking a couple of stiff drinks. Melissa was her usual charming self today though. She adored Ariel. She loved Sybil and Jenny too. She was a tom boy, but she really enjoyed these luncheons and even put on a dress for them.

We told Ariel about Pam’s reaction to our revelations. Ariel tsk, tsked, and shook her head, “A little tact, ladies goes a long way” “We thought she knew you from her dreams.” “True, I have been in her dreams, but she is proving a little difficult, perhaps because of her dream visitor that’s been scaring her. My fault, I should have prepared you all better. ”

” What do we say to her now? We were only kidding?” “This is my fault, and I will take care of it. Pam! Pam dear! Do you know who I am?” Ariel asked this question very gently,
Pam smiled and replied, “Yes, you are the beautiful lady in my dreams.” Pam smiled sweetly at Ariel. “That’s right, but I told you who I am to you, do you remember?” Pam shook her head and said, “No, sorry!”.

Ariel looked surprised. “Remember dear, I am Ariel, your guardian angel!” Pam laughed and said, “don’t be silly! There are no real guardian angels. That’s just a myth. Are we almost ready to eat? I’m starving!” Pam went over to the oven to check on her reheating lasagna. I’d never seen Ariel at a loss for words before. It was kind of disconcerting.

I began talking to Pam. “Pam, tell Ariel what fascinating line of work your husband Paul is in.” Pam brightened considerably, ” Paul is a professor at the university. He teaches physical cosmology. Paul had a near death experience and met God. He is trying to prove to the scientific community that God is real and exists. ” Ariel smiled, “that is wonderful! Do you believe in your husband’s near death experience? “Yes, of course I do! If you heard him talk about it, you’d believe him too.” Pam looked really sincere.

Ariel smiled sweetly, ” Then why do you think Guardian angels are a myth? We are God’s creation and some of God’s first creations.” Pam was at a loss for words and Ariel called out, “Tip can you join us please? Joy? Please grace us with your presence.” There was a shimmer of iridescent light right next to Pam and Joy smiled at her. Tip popped in right in front of her and doffed his hat. I thought again that Pam was going to faint. Whoa! Maybe she wasn’t right for the job after all. Ariel gave me a stern look and I felt reprimanded, even though she didn’t say a word.

Joy smiled angelically at her, and in her lilting musical voice told Pam that she had some special gifts, one of which was to see and hear angels, and most humans were never graced with this gift. Tip told her about how awesome it was for her to be here with 3 ladies with special gifts and talents. Margie told her about how far beings of light and ladies with gifts could advance her husband’s studies.

Ariel spoke up then and asked her if she was afraid because of nurse Connie in her dreams and the haunted hospital. Ariel asked her if she ever knew what other people were thinking and did she meet others in hers or their dreams?

Ariel’s question startled Pam. She looked at Ariel and said, ” Yes. The nurse said I had to be careful or I could be hurt because of any gifts I had or worse, and not to trust you.”
“Hmm! Nurse Connie is being reassigned even as we speak.” Ariel smiled her sweet smile. Uh oh!

Ariel sighed and then she spoke, “Joy, Tip, on the count of three please.” Tip and Joy took places on either side of Ariel at a distance. I was puzzled when suddenly the huge gossamer wings of each angel unfurled starting with Joy, then Ariel, and finally Tip. It was a beautiful display and it brought me to tears and from what I could see, my three friends also. Our girls were looking with stars in their eyes.

To see an Angel unfurl their wings was the most beautiful and awesome sight that could ever be witnessed! It was akin to God’s angelic choir singing “Glorious”! Pam had tears in her eyes running down her cheeks. “Omg! You really are angels!  She turned to look at us and stammered, and you are, are, what you say you are?” Ariel folded her wings in and so did Tip and Joy.

“You see, my love, you have no reason to fear us. We love you with all the love God promised to humans. You are a special human. We will leave you with these lovely ladies so you can continue your luncheon. Remember if and when you need us, just call. ” All  three angels disappeared at once.  There was a deafening silence. In an attempt at normalcy! Ha! Ha!  I piped up with, ” I don’t know about all of you, but I am starving!

” I am dying to try this lasagna! It smells heavenly!” We all laughed at Judi’s quip. We hustled about setting the table for lunch and Pam’s lasagna was indeed heavenly. I had never tasted any pasta dish like it. It had a lot of cheese and veggies in it. The salad and French bread were perfect with it.

There was no need for hot dogs at the girls table. They loved it all. They were so cute sitting at their little table drinking their juice and eating their food. Melissa entertaining the others by reading their thoughts. Oh boy! I had to have a talk with this girl soon, and not about the birds and bees.

We cleaned the kitchen after lunch and retired to the living room for coffee and dessert. The girls had theirs in Melissa’s room. Pam and I had already fed and changed our littlest ones and they were asleep. We relaxed and the soon the conversation came around to the angels and our gifts.

Pam looked a little nervous when she asked what gifts she had. ” Ariel will let you know exactly what your gifts are. We all know you are a dream walker like we are.” I told her about Celeste, the white lioness that was my dream guide. Linda’s  was a white tiger. Judi told us her dream guide was a white wolf

“You have several of the gifts that we do. We are different and the same. Ariel wants us to teach you how to walk in dreams so you will be more comfortable with who you are.” I laughed and told her about my walk in Melissa’s dream and the elphants, raffs, and zebas. We all laughed about that.

Pam told us how she grew up Catholic and even went to a Catholic school. She met Paul in college and fell in love, but had yet to come completely to terms with his “beliefs”. “Paul is so certain he met God and talked with him. How can I doubt him?” I told her that I had met God in my dreams, and that Ariel told me God was both male and female and appeared to people as whichever sex they were most comfortable with.

We talked until I realized it would be time for Frank to come home in a couple of hours. Since I was the hostess I got to keep the lasagna. Yay me!! It really was delicious. Frank would love it. I asked her if she could give me the recipe. She agreed. We decided to have our luncheons every two weeks and rotate who’s house it would be at. Hostess provide the main dish and everyone one else bring a dish.

We were going to decide about walking in different dreams so Pam could get the hang of it and learn how to go about it. We would have our first dream walk the following night. I was happy after everyone went home. I cleaned up and saw Melissa asleep in her bed with Layla sleeping in her arms. Sweet babies. Michael was awake and playing quietly with his hands. I changed him and held him for a while. Thinking about how blessed I was.

I looked at the left overs and was not surprised to find a whole lasagna left. Ariel!  Thank you. There was a knock on the door and I answered it. A very serious looking Margie stood there. I invited her in and we sat on the couch while she told me she was leaving that night to take over Connies post at the hospital. I began to cry and so did she. I said, “Does this mean you have to die?” “Of course not! I will still be alive in sixty five years when Pam is ready to take over. Ariel will talk to her later on when she thinks she’s ready. Will you tell Melissa for me?”

Melissa barreled into the room and jumped in Margie’s lap. “Tell me what Aunt Margie?” Melissa turned her shining face up to Margie and I saw the love shining through. My heart ached, but I couldn’t protect her. (Sigh).

Dream walking, dream talking!

The Kitties korner…….   Hi! It’s me Bailey!  I’m back!!   Mama has been calling me Bailey Bear, because she says I look like a Bear.  She said I’m cute.  I can’t say anything because she’s typing this.  I’m really trying to ignore those crazy squirrels outside.  My brother Salemn who is a spirit cat told me he goes outside and pushes the squirrels nuts out of the tree. I don’t know how he does it but I like it. Mama said it’s not nice, but we think it’s funny!  He,he,he!   Salemn sleeps with me sometimes. He used to be a real cat like me, but then God called him and he had to go. Mama cries because she misses him. He comes to visit when he can. He says he has important business for  God.  He said he can’t tell me what it is.  Maybe it is secret spy business. Mama just said I watch too much t.v.   Bye. Got to go watch squirrels.   Bailey Bear.

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Circle of friends

Everyone went home from our luncheon after they helped me clean up.  Wonderful friends. I’m really lucky.  Tip managed to pop in to see if there were any leftovers. I asked him why with him being an angel and never having been human, how could he eat, and so much?

He said it was because he could appear as human when he wanted to or needed to and had the occasion to partake of human food and had acquired a taste for it.  Eye roll here!  Oh boy!   never a dull moment with Tip. I still missed him and our little “adventures.”  I told him I was saving some soup and sandwiches for Frank.

Tip asked if he could have some anyway. Of course, I’d never turn down a hungry angel, or anyone else. I’m always willing to share. Tip ate like a starving man! Seriously, if I hadn’t seen him eat like this before, my eyes would be wide and my mouth open. Margie was looking at him with a funny expression on her face. I had to laugh.

Melissa came in the room to greet Tip, then she turned to Margie and said, “Yes, Aunt Margie, he really is an angel even if he eats like a truck driver!” We all turned to stare at her with amazed expressions. She smiled a sweet smile, grabbed a cookie and ran out of the room. Tip looked at me, and said with a dead pan expression on his face, ” So, anything new happening around here?” “Oh no, not much! Melissa seems to have developed the gift of reading thoughts, at least sometimes.” Margie said, “Yep, she repeated exactly what I was thinking. Being 4 years old, she hasn’t had time to developers filters or tact” We all laughed.

Tip asked if he could hold Michael. “Aye, Lassie, this is a fine big boy you have here! Very handsome.” Michael laughed up at TIp, reaching for Tip’s hat. “He’s such a happy, easy baby. Very sweet and loving. I got really lucky. I love Melissa, but she was difficult with colic and allergic to formula. I wish I had breast fed her. I’m breast feeding Michael, so hopefully he won’t develop any of those problems.” Tips face turned a bright shade of red.

Always amazed me the way this angel could blush! I mean you just don’t think of angels blushing or eating grilled cheese sandwiches for that matter. I learned something new and sometimes more every day. Tip got flustered, handed Michael over to me and popped out. Margie and I got the giggles.

Margie went home and I found the paper with Pam’s phone number in my purse. I thought about what to say as I waited for her to answer the phone. How about Hi, it’s Patt your room mate in the haunted hospital. A lilting female voice answered with, “Hi, how are you? I’m so glad you called, can you hold on for a moment?” Uh oh! I didn’t remember her as a Pollyanna type. “Sure.” I said this in my best Pollyanna voice!

She came back on laughing. “I’m so sorry! I was in the middle of diaper changing!” My turn to laugh! “Oh boy, I sure understand that. This is Patt, your roommate from the haunted hospital. I found your phone number and was wondering how you are doing?” “That was pretty scary. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you are.”

“I’m fine. Next week I’m having a luncheon for my friends. We have a sort of young mother’s group. We get together and talk about our children and what ever else pops up. I was wondering if you can, would you like to join us?” “That would be awesome! None of my married friends have kids, and my single friends are career girls. I’ve been kind of lonely since the baby. I would love to come. Can I bring something? I make a great vegetable lasagna. I’m a vegetarian.”

“Sounds good! I haven’t had vegetable lasagna and I’m sure my friends would love it too. How’s your baby girl doing?”
“She’s really growing like a weed. Happy, healthy, and always hungry. Ouch!” We both laughed at that. We agreed on Wednesday at noon and chatted a few minutes about nursing and burps. Her daughter’s name was Heather. Pretty name.

I went to the kitchen to see what there was for dinner. The big pot that held soup and had been washed was back on the stove and full of soup. Tomato with bits of tomatoes and what looked like onion and green beans. There was also a big platter of grilled cheese sandwiches on the table. None of this food was there when I went to use the phone.

You would think I’d be use to this kind of thing by now.  Margie called it everyday magic and it was performed by angels and angels to be.  I couldn’t do it. Wish I could. Wave my hand and delicious food appears. Hmmm!  Maybe wave my hand and the house would be clean, kids would be clean and I could sit around eating Bon Bons in a spa.  Oh yeah!

I guess you think because I have angels popping in and out and can walk in other people’s dreams, and have a daughter than can hear thoughts that my life is pretty easy.  Not so, always a problem or two or more. Right  now I could hear one meowing at the door. I opened the door and there was a tiny scruffy little black kitty meowing. She sat on my foot and said, “please let me in. My mommy got runned over by a big monster and I am cold and so hungry.”

I bent down and picked her up. Phew! She stank! I brought her in and put her down by the food dishes. She was so light. Probably only weighed a couple of pounds. She started gulping food ravenously. I got some milk out of the fridge and warmed it up. I opened a can of wet food and put some in a dish. I picked her up and she frantically tried to get down. I set the food and milk on the table and watched her eat. I kept her from drowning in the milk. She ate most of it and then fell over asleep.

I looked down at the kitties watching. Clemmie who was mama to all the babies jumped up and anxiously looked her over. I told her the babies mama probably got hit by a car. Clemmies asked if we could keep her. “She looks like Layla. She lived with us in Salemn, but went outside and never came back.” Clemmie looked really sad. She licked the top of the kittens head. I picked the sleeping kitten up and took her to the bedroom and put her in a cat bed. Time for a bath later. Clemmie lay next to her. Poor little mite. She had picked the right house.

I gave Layla a bath when she woke up. Hissing and spitting a pound and a half of fury. I had weighed her before her bath. She took to Clemmie right away and seemed to like the name Layla. Frank came home in a good mood. His robotic arm was working on a line and doing great. Frank said his boss was so pleased that he was going to get a bonus. He looked at all the food in amazement.

“I thought you had a luncheon today? How did you have time to make all this food? It’s smells wonderful.” “This is leftover from the luncheon. We made too much.” Frank commented it was enough for an army. We sat down to eat and Melissa are two grilled cheese and a large bowl of soup. I had to admit it was delicious. Angel made food tasted different. Better, like it had a little sprinkle of magic seasoning.

The evening went well. Melissa fell asleep quickly and without any comments about stray thoughts floating around. Whew! I didn’t know how Frank was going to take this. We made it through the rest of the week and weekend without Frank noticing Melissa and her occasional comments about what one of us was thinking. He also didn’t seem to notice Layla.

Layla was a real beauty when she was clean. Her fur was sleek and glossy black. No white anywhere on her tiny body. Her eyes were a beautiful clear green. She gained weight quickly and was a sweet baby. Even Anu loved her. She fit right in and Pearl was delighted to have a playmate close to her age and size. They ran and played rough and tumble, which delighted Melissa no end.

Margie and I planned the luncheon. Since vegetarian lasagna was going to be the main dish, we decided to pair it up with a large salad. Linda was going to bring crusty French bread and Judi was bringing dessert this time. Coffee for the adults and juice for the kiddies along with hot dogs if needed.
Judi, Linda and Margie came early and we set the table for us and a table just for the girls. Pam knocked on the door at noon exactly. She brought Heather in all bundled up, and rushed back out to the car to bring the food in. Margie went out to help and brought back a diaper bag, large purse and assorted packages. We put Michael and Heather in the crib together and they started at each other. It was sweet.

Pam was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her figure was gorgeous, only a month after having a baby. I was still fat and felt every pound. I should mention here that Pam was a genuinely nice person. Happy and very sweet. She brought goodie bags for our 3 girls. Cute little hair bows and candy jewelry and lipsticks. The girls were in love with Pam.

Heather was Pam’s first. Her husband’s name was Paul and he was blonde too. He was a professor at a university. I asked what he taught and Pam said he taught physical cosmology. The study of the universe. Pam said Paul had a near death experience a few years back, and he met God. Ever since then he was working to prove the existence of God to the scientific community. Pam said they were a very stodgy close minded community and Paul was a scientist, but different.

To say we were all impressed would be an understatement. Pam also said she was taking time off from studying anthropology. She believed the cavemen were ancestors of Adam and Eve. Whoa! Three very speechless women stared at this intelligent woman, had to have been open mouthed. She laughed and said, ” you are all staring at me like I have three heads!”

“You are beautiful and intelligent and fascinating!” This from Linda. Pam cleared her throat and said, “I’m just an ordinary person. What do you all do?” She seemed genuinely interested. Linda said, ” I’m a stay at home mom, but I’m psychic and so is my husband. We know that our little Sybil will have gifts when she gets older. I’m also a dream walker.”
Pam’s eyes widened.

Judi spoke up next, “my husband and I are 7th generation wiccans from Salem Massachusetts. I’m a stay at home mom too, and Jenny will be wiccan also.” My turn, I’m a stay at home mom and I’m psychic, and an animal communicator. My daughter reads thoughts sometimes. I’m also a dream walker. We all have the same guardian angel, Ariel, and she wants us to help you develop your gifts!”

Pam’s mouth and eyes were equally wide. Then she gasped out, “you are all..I have…gifts?” Pam looked like she might faint! Oh boy!

Circle of friends…part two.

The Kitties korner…
Hi it’s Tabby.. mama said no more squirrel wars.. She forbids it. Then she said that means NO! It’s fun to argue with the squirrels outside the window. It gets boring here in this room. Toys don’t interest me anymore. I played with them all. I like to jump on mama, then she yells out and feels guilty and I get extra petting. Mama said I am the sneakiest cat she ever knew. I find paper and foil she thought she put up and chew it in front of her, then run and hide it. A girl’s got to have some fun. Uh oh, I don’t like the way she’s looking at me. Bye.

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Haven’t I been here before?

Michael was such a good baby. He slept through the night right away. I fed him before he went to sleep at night and he slept until about 5 a.m.   He was always smiling. I looked at him in amazement.  He was so different from Melissa.  No colic, no waking up all night crying.  It was lovely.

Melissa adored her baby brother.  She loved to “hold”  him.  She sat in a chair, usually the rocking chair and I placed him in her arms with me sitting very close. She rocked him and sang to him.  “Rock a bye Michael in the tree tops. I won’t let you fall on the ground.” she would go on singing, making up verses. Michael would gurgle and laugh.

When Michael was a month old, I called Linda and Judi and invited them both over for lunch. Melissa would be thrilled to play with their daughters. Margie said she would help me get ready and cook, then she wanted to talk to me about something. I told her if she was going to say she was leaving to forget it. Margie said to think of it as moving on to help others that needed her. I refused to think about it all.

I was really happy to be having my friends over for lunch and to not be pregnant. It was pretty cold outside even for March. Margie made a delicious home made tomato soup with pieces of tomatoes floating around. I made gooey grilled cheese sandwiches with mild and sharp cheddar cheese. I also substituted cream cheese for the cheddar in some of the sandwiches with cut up veggies on the side.

Linda brought a creme cake for lunch. We all loved them and none of us could duplicate them. We tried and failed. After lunch while the little girls were eating their cake and having a “tea” party, we all sat down with our coffee and cake and I told them about my experience in the hospital.

Judi said that all the hospital’s in Salem had a reputation for the supernatural. Margie said it was because so many people passed away in hospitals. If the person wasn’t ready to go because of unfinished business or they really are terrified of dying then the spirit lingers and some never move on. Judi said that there were stories of hospitals that were really old buildings and there was a sort of a time warp.

Margie said it was like being stuck in time and not being able to escape. Some people stay because they can not bear to leave their life. There are also vortexes in these old hospitals. People walk into them and out in another time or place. Lots of food for thought there. Scary to imagine.

Just then three little tornadoes blew into the room. Melissa crying and talking incoherently grabbed me around the legs. Sybil crying jumped into Linda’s lap. Little Jenny tried to hide behind Judi. She looked a little bit frightened. “Whoa! Whoa! Calm down and tell us what’s going on”. I picked Melissa up and wiped away her tears.

“Mama! She tried to stealed my toy! Melissa tripped over her own words, pointing to Sybil. “I didn’t! She tried to stealed my inside words” “What the heck are you two talking about?” “I didn’t stealed her toy! I just thought I want one too!” Sybil said this indignantly! “Did you say to Melissa that you want one too?” “No, mom I didn’t say it! I not stealed her toy.” ” I heard her mama!” “Did not!” Oh boy!

“Girls please! You are giving your mama’s headaches!” Everyone laughed including the girls. Jenny giggled and Said, “Melissa heard what Sybil thought!” I thought to myself this child talks like she’s twelve years old. Then it hit me, that Melissa heard what Sybil was thinking! OMG! Does this mean we will never have a private thought again?

Melissa grabbed Sybils hand and said, “come on let’s play with the ponies.” Well, my head was almost spinning. I needed to talk to Ariel. No sooner had I thought this than the smell of ambrosia was in the air. Was that Jasmine also? Hmmm! What a heady combination of scent. Almost left one light headed. Linda looked up from her coffee and said, “Oh my! That has to be Ariel!”.

Yes indeed it was Ariel! As soon as she appeared all 3 girls and all 6 kitties ran into the room, followed by Anu with Magic riding on Melissa’s shoulder. “we are happy to see our Ariel.” Girls and kitties threw themselves at her and somehow she was not over run. They sorted themselves out before they got to where she was sitting and they all found a place on her lap and next to her. I shook my head, amazing!!

“How lovely! A luncheon with friends” Ariel was guardian angel for all of us. We chatted for a few minutes and Judi mentioned the little fracas between the girls. “Hmmm! Seems like little miss Melissa here, may be showing a gift.”
“Oh boy! Does that mean little Missy will be reading our thoughts?” “Only time will tell! She may just get a smattering of thoughts here and there. It does run in your family on and off!” Ariel smiled.

“That’s not the reason I came today. Do you remember your room mate at the hospital? Her name is Pam. You had a little adventure together.” “Adventure? You mean in the haunted hospital? Scared both of us half to death, then Nurse Ratchet brought me the wrong baby.”

“Yes! I believe she was making a statement! She is an escort Angel and she is needed there until someone else comes along to do her job. Anyway, she has been invading Pam’s dreams. Maybe a bit of fun for her, and a scare for Pam. Pam has a gift that’s developing, and miss Connie is scaring her. Developing gifts are hard enough without a nightmare nurse invading your dreams.”

“Ariel, why is Connie trying to scare Pam?” This from a frowning Linda, no doubt remembering her own bout with the garden of Evil. “The person who will take Connies place in about fifty years or so must have the ability to walk between time and space, and escort the soul of the deceased person to wherever they belong in the hereafter.”

Judi gasped! ” You mean a grim reaper?” Ariel laughed a lovely tinkling sound. You couldn’t help but smile. “No, my dear, not a grim reaper. That is fiction. Makes a good chilling story, but not accurate.” The newly deceased person is escorted by this angel and their loved ones. The angel escorts them into God’s light and they are sorted out there.”

“These escort angels are legion. They are in every hospital, every walk of life. Every time a being passes, an angel is waiting. These angels have been human and understand the journey can be difficult, but the reward at the end is worth it. ” Ariel what is it you want us to do? What about Connie?”

“After a period of time, say a few hundred years, the escort angel may be feeling a bit tense and tired and get a little crabby, to put it in human terms. Nurse Connie will be removed and it’s off to get a good rest before her next assignment. A temporary replacement guardian will take her place. Margie has graciously volunteered.”

“Margie! I thought you were human with something extra! You can’t do this you are still alive!” “It’s ok, it’s only for about fifty or sixty years. The something “extra” includes a very long life span!” Margie smiled. “Don’t worry I will be popping in every once in a while to see my family.” I turned away to hide my tears and Margie put her arms around me.

Judi cleared her throat and said, “what is it you want us to do Ariel?” “I want you all to befriend Pam and help her with her developing gifts. Since you are all dream walkers you can show her how to walk properly. Not to worry, Miss Connie will be taken care of gently. Nurse Ratched!!” Ariel laughed and then she was gone.

We talked and decided I was to call Pam and then we would decide how best to go about this. Three women and their children descending on her at once might be a bit much. Never hurt to have friends with small children for support and encouragement.

Circle of friends..

The Kitties Korner…

Hi, this is Jessie. I’m helping my sisters with those squirrels outside. Mama said they won’t hurt us because they are outside and we are inside! I don’t believe it. You should hear the things they say. They tell us we have ugly ears, our tails are stringy and our fur smells. Then they say they are going to pull our noses off and eat them!!! I don’t like them and I’m the nice one! Jason struts around and says he could take care of them, but mama says no way! Then she sighs! I love my mama, but she’s too innocent. Sigh! That was me! Love you all. 🙂

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Snow Baby

I had never seen so much snow!  80″ of snow. Frank bought a snow blower. He was out most of the time trying to keep up.  It was useless until it stopped.  Finally it did stop, about the 3rd week of February.  My bag was packed.  I was ready!  Oh yeah!

Bed rest was getting old. I started laying in the recliner in the living room.  Melissa loved to sit with me and put her head on my belly. She would say,  “Baby, are you in there?  Come on out so we can play.”    She was so cute. She was really excited about having a baby brother. She chattered all the time. Talking to him.

The crib was up in my bedroom and Melissa’s bed was moved into the back bedroom. We fixed it up with some My little pony stuff. Pillows, sheets and blankets.  Frank Sr. Brought her a nice toy box.  She was excited. Some of the cats would sleep with her and protect her. Agnes adored Melissa and wouldn’t sleep anywhere else. 

We decided to name our son Michael Thomas.  Frank didn’t want him to be Frank. His dad was Frank and he was Frank. We decided on Frank’s middle name and conformation name. He would be Michael Thomas. Now he just needed to make an appearance. Please!!

Time dragged on. Raoul was wonderful. He checked on me every few days. I was having minor pains. Lisa, Raoul’s wife was very sweet and brought a delicious soup over. It was spicy and gave me heart burn, but then again, brushing my teeth gave me heart burn. Margie spent most of her time with us. She was an excellent cook and Melissa loved her and so did all the kitties. Me too. I thanked God and Ariel for her.

Just as I drifted off to sleep that night I saw Joy. She was watching over me and my family. On the 26th my pains got worse. I was pretty sure I was in labor. It kept starting and stopping. I woke up in the middle of the night on the 27th. My water broke. I was so happy! I woke Frank up and Margie came down so Melissa could sleep. I promised that Frank would call as soon as the baby was born.

The streets were plowed but it was still slow going. Frank had called my doctor right before we left. Same hospital as Melissa was born in. This time I would check my room mate out carefully. They put me in a room right away. My doctor was having trouble getting to the hospital. Where he lived the streets were still a mess.

The pains were getting harder. Finally I was wheeled into the delivery room. In those days the delivery room was sterile. It looked like an operating room. Laying on a padded metal table with my feet up in stirrups, I felt really exposed. The pains were coming faster and harder. My doctor wasn’t there.

A strange turn of events. The doctor delivering Michael was the same doctor that delivered Melissa. Hmmm! I was screaming and I looked up and there was Joy standing next to me. She smiled and took my hand. Her hand felt cool and very calming. I looked up at her and said “oh Joy, I’m so glad you’re here.” The nurse said, “I’m glad I’m here too honey, but my name is Joan, not Joy.”

I started laughing and then the doctor said, “I’m going to have to use forceps to pull him out. His head is just too big.” I was in so much pain I would have agreed to anything! Just kill me now. The doctor finally pulled Michael out. Oh my gosh!! What a relief!! He was huge! Looked like he was a month old already!

He was cleaned up and weighed and measured. He weighed 9 lbs and 14 oz. His head measured 13 ” around. He was 20″ long. The doctor laughed and said “That boys head is huge, but he is a beautiful baby”. That was true. He wasn’t red at all and had no marks on his head where the forceps grabbed him. They took me to my room and cleaned me up. I looked over at the next bed and said, “Do I have a real room mate?”

The nurse gave me a look like, are you crazy? She said, “Of course you have a real room mate, what do you think, you would have a ghost for a room mate?” She started to laugh, but stopped when she saw my expression. Probably went to tell the other nurses about the crazy woman looking for ghost.

Joy appeared next to me and I thanked her for being with me. It sucked that they wouldn’t let father’s in the delivery room. I was really happy she held my hand and kept me fairly calm. Just then Frank came in the room. I asked him if he saw Michael and he started smiling and said, “I sure did! He’s gorgeous! Looks just like his old man!” He was so proud!

I laughed said, “I think I saw a slight resemblance around the eyes, but he gets most of his good looks from his mom.” Frank leaned over and kissed me and said, “when you’re right, you’re right!” Just then the nurse brought Michael in wrapped in a blue blanket and placed him gently in my arms. He was beautiful. I was so happy, I cried.

The nurse came in to give me a breast feeding lesson and Frank left to go home to Melissa and try to get some sleep. The lesson went well. It was a strange sensation, but I knew it was right and we bonded quickly. The nurse who showed me how to breast feed left and my room mate came in. She had been walking and at the nursery looking at her daughter. A nurse brought her daughter in so she could be fed.

The mother’s that were breastfeeding were room mates and the bottle feeding mother’s were room mates. Michael was taken back to the nursery for bathing and changing. I called my sister to ask if she would go to the store and buy a few things for a baby 3 to 6 months old. She was going to visit later. I got up and took a shower and put on a clean night gown and robe and my room mate and I took a walk down the hallway.

Some of the lights were flickering from the recent storms. The hospital was short staffed, so the hallway was kind of spooky. I didn’t like this and neither did my room mate. ” I know these hallways. I gave birth to my daughter here. They haven’t changed anything. ” “How long ago did you give birth to your daughter here?” “She turned four in December.” ” That’s been awhile, maybe you forgot. I walked down this hallway yesterday. I’m sure the nursery is this way. ”

We kept walking. I finally said, ” I think we’re lost, let’s try a different way.” Pam looked around in confusion, “I’m sure it was this way, but this doesn’t look like the maternity floor. Where the heck are we?” “Do you see any signs? I don’t see a nurse’s station! Where are the nurses, the doctors, the maternity ward? Where is my baby?” I could feel panic rising in me. We’re we doomed to wander these halls forever?

Finally I saw a nurse’s station ahead. There was one nurse and her back was turned to us. I said, “excuse me, we seem to be lost. We were looking for our babies and we must have taken a wrong turn.” She turned around with a surprised look on her face. It was one of the nurses that came into our room to check on us. She wore a white uniform dress, white stockings and white shoes. Most unusual was the white cap on her head. No black stripe.

“no problem ladies. Follow me back to your ward. Happens all the time. ” She walked briskly down the hallway with the
two of us bringing up the rear at a slower pace. After all we had just given birth. We passed empty room after empty room. Finally we passed a room with an open door and I saw an older lady sitting in a chair. She smiled at me and motioned me to come in. Oh boy!.

I grabbed Pam’s arm and pulled her in with me. I walked over to the lady and she motioned for me to come closer. I leaned down and she whispered in my ear, ” You can see me honey, I’m so happy. I’ve been here a long time. My husband left yesterday. ” I whispered back, ” where did he go? Why are you still here, and why are we whispering?” “Oh no, look behind you!” I look around and there stood Nurse Ratchet, uh eh, The nurse with a disapproving look on her face. Oops! Busted!

“Ah, there you are mommies. I was worried when I didn’t see you. I see you have met Mrs. Connor. She just lost her husband yesterday and she’s doesn’t have all her faculties. Please follow me and we will get you back to your room. Almost feeding time.” “Wait a minute! Why is this floor deserted? Why did Mrs. Connor say she has been waiting for a long time?” “I just told you dear, Mrs. Connor has dementia, and her husband passed away yesterday. Very sad. This floor is not deserted.”

We walked down the corridor and the sounds and sights that were missing before were all there, including signs, nurses and doctors and patients in wheel chairs. Pam looked around and she had paled to the point where I was afraid she might pass out. Nurse Ratchet turned to smile at us and say quite cheerily, “Here we are mommies, should you venture out again, please call for an escort. We don’t like to lose our mommies.” like to? Hmm!

There was a black stripe across her starched white cap and a name tag, that I was certain wasn’t there before. It said Connie. I was kind of scared. I wanted to take my baby and get out of this place. Pam said she was ok. We were both being discharged the next day. Not soon enough for me.

That evening I was waiting for the nurse to bring Michael for his feeding. Connie brought him. She was all smiles and said she would be back later to get him. I tried to get my baby to feed, but he kept refusing the breast and started crying. The room was kind of dark. I bounced him on my shoulder and it felt like he lost weight. I finally looked at him closely and at the bracelet on his wrist with his name.

The bracelet said Matthews, girl. What!!! This wasn’t my baby and it was a girl! A girl wrapped in a blue blanket! I rang for the nurse. A different nurse came in. I was very angry!! She apologized and took baby girl Matthews back to the nursery. A few minutes later Michael was brought in to me. He was so hungry. Believe me I checked him over good.

The next day after the doctor examined me, he said I could go home. I checked Michael over and over again. The supervisor of nursing came in to apologize for the baby mix up. I told her Connie brought me the wrong baby. She asked Connie who? I thought “oh no.” She said there wasn’t a nurse on the maternity ward named Connie. Oh great! I am so out of here!

I asked Pam if she was ok. Her husband Jeremy came to pick her up. We exchanged phone numbers and she said she wanted to talk about what happened. Of course she did. Too easy just to forget it. I sighed. I was so happy to get home with my baby safe and sound. Melissa came running to greet us at the door. She was so happy she was dancing around us. I laughed as I showed her new baby brother to her. I was home.

Haven’t I been here before?

The Kitties korner….

this is Nina Rose. I asked mom if I could talk, because I have something very important to say. Mom has been reading to me from a blog about a kitty named Angel Eyes. She is beautiful and smart. She talks about watching her neighbors from her window. She sees things, important things. She saw a dog peeling on her mom’s rose bushes! I decided to watch out the window too. I didn’t see any dogs, but I saw a SQUIRREL!! Not one, but two! They sat in the tree and told me they were taking over the tree, then the yard! What’s next? The neighborhood? I’ll keep watching! Be careful of the squirrels…

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Baby, baby, are you coming?

Christmas was over. We left the tree up until New year’s day. New years was quiet. Frank stayed home with me and we fell asleep in front of the T.V watching Dick Clark ring in the New year in New York..  America’s oldest teenager. I loved him!

New year’s day Frank took the tree down and packed away the decorations. He handed me the Angel because he said it was spooky.  Uh huh!   I packed her in her box carefully and Frank put her on the top shelf behind other boxes. Trying to keep a nosy four year old out of the box!

After we cleaned up the living room with the help of Melissa and the kitties, I was ready for a nap.  Melissa was too wound up to sleep, so Frank offered to watch her. I wearily lay down in bed. Magic laid with me and so did Isis and Nikki.  I was so ready for this baby to be born. I felt like the Goodyear blimp.

I got up and saw that Melissa was playing quietly in her bed with a doll. She had a lot of dolls, but she didn’t really play with them. I looked to see which doll was holding her attention.  My mouth fell open in surprise. It was the angel tree top ornament.  Frank had put it high on a shelf. There was no way she could have got it down herself.  I sighed and sat in the rocker.

Tip popped in. “I wanted to see how my little mother-to-be lassie is doing!” I told Tip about the angel doll. He asked Melissa if he could see it. He examined it carefully. “Aye, lassie, this has Ariel’s signature all over it. Her way of adding a little Christmas magic.” ” Christmas magic? Oh boy! All that tinkling that some can hear and some can’t created a few problems.”

“To rid the angel of her magic you will need to talk with Ariel. I can not undo Ariels magic.” “Ok, thanks Tip, maybe I will.” “I’m needing to be elsewhere, Lassie. If you need me, just call.” Frank left me a note saying he was out with his father. I sat down in the recliner to read Melissa a story. She was cuddled next to me. She patted my stomach and laughed. “Mama fat! My baby.”

Just then I smelled a beautiful perfume in the air, like ambrosia. Next came tinkling bells and Ariel appeared. She smiled. “My dears, you make such a pretty picture!” Melissa said, “Mama read me about rafts and zebas.” “She loves animals and this is her favorite book. A Christmas present from Judi next door.”

Ariel said, ” I have a present for you too, sweetie!” Ariel produced an angel doll that looked just like her, out of thin air. When you moved her wings she tinkled. Melissa took the doll and put her arms around Ariel and hugged her. I was wondering absently to myself what it felt like to hug an angel. I felt myself enveloped in an embrace that reminded me of my mother’s loving embrace when I was a child.

It brought tears to my eyes and longing for my mother. Ariel smiled at me and I felt that comfort. “Thank you!” I smiled at Ariel as she vanished. She had never physically touched me. I was happy as I watched Melissa play with her Ariel doll. She was content and so was I.

It seemed like I was making a lot of sandwiches for dinners, but I was so tired I didn’t really feel like cooking. The phone rang and it was Judi from next door. My friendly neighborhood witch. Uh huh! No warts either. She was cute as a button and a whole lot nicer. She said she had made lasagna for dinner and since it was such a production she had made two.
Judi said she remembered what it was like to be in the last month of pregnancy and would I like to take one lasagna dish off her hands?

I laughed and said. “Judi, you are truly a lifesaver. My family is getting tired of sandwiches. My baby is due January 15th and I am praying he comes on time.” Judi brought the lasagna over and little Jenny too. Melissa was delighted to show her the Ariel angel doll. “Judi, this lasagna is huge. It will go for at least two nights. Thank you so much. I am in your debt”.

Judi looked at me and said, ” you sure do look like you will deliver soon. You’re really big, now I don’t meant that in a bad way. Are you having twins?” “No, I’m just having a big baby, can’t be too soon for me. Less than two weeks and prayers for an on time delivery.” “If I can do anything for you, don’t hesitate to ask.” ” I will, thank you. ”

I read Melissa another story before bed. She fell asleep right away. Playing hard for a few hours wore her out. Wore me out and I was just watching. Pearl and Clemmie slept with Melissa. Seemed like all the other kitties slept with me. Frank was kind enough to give me a foot and back massage. Bless his heart. Took me a while, but I finally fell asleep.

I was dreaming. I was sitting in a lovely comfortable chair that cushioned me just right. No idea where I was. The sky was azure and clear, not a cloud in sight. The grass was a deep green and it had that fresh cut smell. I breathed in deeply and I was in a very relaxed state. I saw a white horse trotting towards me.

A woman with white hair that matched her horse and eyes the same azure as the sky sat on the horse. She stopped in front of me and alit from the horse. Her dismount was so graceful and fluid that alit was the word that came to mind.
Then she was sitting beside me in a chair of her own. She smiled.

“I am Joy. I am a guardian angel for women and their children. I wanted to meet you. Ariel and Tip both speak highly of you.” “Its really nice to meet you also. Are you a new guardian angel for me? ” yes. I will be taking Tip’s place. He is moving up” “Oh no! I will miss him. He’s quite a character. I’d like to ask you a question.” “Of course, what ever you want to know, I am here for you. ”

“This may sound like a silly superficial question, but every angel and guide that I have met are beautiful, inside and out. I just wonder why at times.” Joy’s laugh was as lovely as Ariel’s ” I can answer that! We are all made in God’s image, angel, guide and human. We all have the God spark inside. Every being is beautiful as God made us. You look at me and see me one way, and someone else may look at me and see me completely differently. It’s all in perception. You are a beautiful woman.”

“Me? Oh boy! I’m fat, wear glasses and am about 12 months pregnant!” Joy laughed and I’ll be darned if she didn’t have a tinkly laugh too. Must be original equipment for all angels and guides. God issued. 🙂 I had to remember that one. “I’ll be with you when you give birth. To hold your hand.” “That’s great, because Frank can’t be in there with me. It’s a little scary!” She took my hand and smiled at me.

I was awake and very well rested. I had an appointment with my doctor. Margie drove me. It was really cold. The doctor told me he thought I wouldn’t deliver for at least two more weeks. I groaned! No!!!!! I felt like a walrus. I was so big and I wadled. My blood pressure was high too. We stopped for lunch. Melissa was hungry. I didn’t think I had room for food. A hot cup of chocolate and tomato soup went down ok. I told Margie, I didn’t know what I would do without her, and I meant it.

It had started snowing while we were in the Doctors office. It was really coming down now. It took longer, but we made it home safely. Frank had come home early from work and he was cooking a big pot of chili. His chili was almost as good as mine. We had chili and crackers for dinner. I made real hot chocolate with marshmallows. Melissa was happy and content.

It snowed all night. Frank couldn’t get his car out the next morning. He called into work and spent hours shoveling snow. I was worried about going into labor and not getting to the hospital on time. It kept snowing on and off. Mostly on. Two weeks passed. No baby. Two more visits to doctor. Told me I’d deliver in two more weeks. Uh huh! I was beginning to think I would be pregnant forever.

Judi called me every day. Linda called too. Anything yet? No, no nothing ,nada! Ariel popped in a few times and even Tip came to visit. January went out with a huge snowstorm
February not to be outdone, came in with a huge snow storm. I couldn’t get to the doctor because the streets were impassable in some areas, even though the snow plows were working day and night. It just kept snowing. I was getting a little scared.

I couldn’t see having my baby at home with me and Frank. Frank high and or drunk. I wondered if Angels and or guides could deliver babies. Oh no!!! I got a phone call from my doctor’s office giving me information and a phone number of a male nurse who lived on the next street. This nurse worked at my hospital in pediatrics. My doctor wanted him to examine me and told me if necessary he could deliver my baby. I called him.

His name was Raoul. He was very nice and came right over. It was the middle of February and we had 80 inches of snow on the ground and it kept snowing. I checked out ok, but my blood pressure was still high. It had been on and off, but now I needed to spend my time in the bed. Hard to do with a toddler. Every one was wonderful. Margie practically lived there. Judi brought meals. Linda came when she could get there. Frank made sandwiches and chili. It kept snowing, and snowing!!

Snow baby?

The kitties kroner….
It’s B..B..B. B. Cat! Bailey! Mama said I could talk again. I know what’s going on, I watch the T.V with mama. She still won’t give me a blog but I can talk some times here. I got friends out side. They are not all bugs either Mr. Toby Lee. I got a friend that is a black guy, just like Salemn was. His name is Dex and he tells me what’s going on with humans out there. He lives next door and has his own door. Mama said no, I can’t have one. Dex said his human puts stinky things in his mouth and burns them in his face. Mama said that’s called smoking. Good thing he still has a face. I got to go. Next time I’ll tell you what Dex said goes on out there at night. You won’t believe it!!!

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